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As they say: Jack of all trades, a master of none. We don’t want to be that jack. That’s why we’ve built a dedicated SEO SEM company full of SEO-savvy wizards ready to skyrocket your website ranks. Together we bring over 100 years of combined SEO expertise to your table, eager to work as your active business partner and an extension of your marketing team.

Whatever your current obstacle is, whether it’s technical SEO, link-building, keyword research, or literally any other element comprising search engine optimization – you can get it all handled here, at Delante. Using the wide range of the latest tech stack, we will detect, localize and eliminate any SEO or SEM-related issues that drag your website ranks down.

  • 80% of the people working at Delante are SEOs
  • Extensive & collective SEO expertise

Delante promised me converting Google traffic. That is exactly what I am getting right now. Simple as that!

Jutta Kamp

Jutta Kamp

Marketing Manager

Hands-on SEO

We’re far from being just another team of SEO SEM consultants whose only job is to give their clients a long list of “bugs” on the website that need fixing. We do far more than that. At Delante, we take over the implementation of the complete SEO process: on-site, link building and content creation. By partnering with Delante, you will be relieved of the complexity of SEO, yet see the positive outcomes of the process.

Working in 25+ countries globally in over 30 industries, we have gained the know-how to grow your website locally, nationally, or even globally – if that’s your goal. We get our hands dirty with SEO & SEM so you can focus on other business-related issues as we keep nurturing and growing your online presence.

  • We will think & execute for you
  • Extension of your marketing team

Good communication and great value for money ratio.
They understand and address the business goals in their SEO process and it shows in results.

Nikos - EDUopinions

Nikos Filippakis


Predictable Results

The most common phrase you can hear from an SEO is “It depends.” Truth be told, this statement is pretty accurate, yet we know it doesn’t add any value to your business strategy. We’re also aware that SEO may be of no interest to you, but you want to know where you stand with your online business, and what is feasibly achievable for you.

For search engine optimization to be successful, reaching for your KPI targets must take priority over satisfying both users and Google bots. Having been proved that only this approach delivers desired results, we focus on your business objectives, no matter the marketing funnel stage your brand’s goal is set at.

We wanted a company with a great SEO strategy and attention to detail and that’s what we got with Delante! We’re getting the results our new company wanted when we first started!

Sandra Mercado


SEO is our forte

  • Global SEO strategy

    International SEO Services

    Need workable solutions to promote your brand abroad in search engines? Expand your international presence with comprehensive multilingual SEO services.

  • Ecommerce services doing by seo sem company

    E-commerce SEO Services

    Trying to attract more customers to your online store? Have a go at our customized e-commerce SEO services and increase sales for your business.

  • technical seo services by seo sem agency

    Technical SEO Services

    Pulling your hair out over another technical issue on your website? Let us take over! Our team of savvy experts will handle all technical SEO areas for you and improve your website’s performance.

  • ads audit

    Website Indexing Services

    Do you have issues with indexing your website? We have developed our own tool that speeds up indexing.

  • Online marketing consulting by SEO SEM company

    SEO Consulting

    Have a feeling that your strenuous efforts to improve the website ranking are futile? Stop guessing, just consult your strategy with one of the experienced SEOs.

  • Local seo services by seo sem agency

    Local SEO Services

    Wishing your brand gained more visibility so it’s found by your ideal prospects? Enhance web traffic and bypass your closest rivals at reduced advertising costs due to Local SEO.

  • Quality link building services by seo sem agency

    Link Building Services

    Struggling to win more SEO scores to improve the site metrics? Use a customized link building strategy to establish brand authority for better search rankings.

  • local seo targeted strategy by seo sem company

    Long Tail SEO Services

    Striving to reach more decisive buyers? Get a long-tail SEO plan and speak the language of those customers who are already prepared to take an action on your product or service.

  • keyword research for link building services

    SEO Audit

    Not sure whether your SEO strategy is on-point? Use an SEO audit to identify and later fix all unresolved web performance issues for better positioning in the search engines.

  • Content for wordpress seo

    SEO Copywriting

    Lack a natural ability to write compelling copies that would bring more prospects to your website? Hand it over to SEO copywriters and get your web content optimized properly.

  • technical seo services by seo sem agency

    SEO Setup

    Not sure how to start making your all-new website likable by search engines? Request the SEO Setup and learn the crux of search engine optimization.

  • Link Building Audit

    Want to verify whether your link building process is actually improving your domain authority? Order Link Building Audit and learn how to make the most of the off-site process.

  • strategy link building services

    SEO Migration Services

    Considering transferring your website to a new domain but you fret about losing traffic? Leave this task to an SEO developer team and avoid harming your website.

Delante is responsible for SEO for 4 of our European domains (DE, ES, IT, FR). It’s convenient to have one point of contact for all those processes. We definitely see a steady growth in our online visibility.

Agata Jasinska

Agata Jasińska

General Manager

Our values

Quote Managing partners at SEO / SEM Agency Delante

We got into SEO in 2014, and impressively quickly made Delante one of the fastest-growing SEO & SEM agencies worldwide. At that time, there were no companies that would have offered both: tangible results and honest communication. We wanted to fill that void.

If we were to list two main values we hold to at Delante, these would be the can-do attitude and taking full responsibility for the outcomes. Undoubtedly, we have a great dedication to work, thus perfectly able to deliver high-quality results for your company.

Jacek Blaut Managing Partner
Mateusz Calik CEO
Managing partners at SEO / SEM Agency Delante


Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Awards 2023 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Award - IPMA Award - US Search Awards 2021 Award - Global Digital Excellence Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Award 2022

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