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Client Goals


Prevent further loss of visibility

The client came to us when they started seeing their website’s visibility go down. This problem started after they switched from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0, and the migration didn’t go well. Because of this, the visibility of their website fell by about 30% compared to before the drop. Martes Sport’s main goal was to stop this downward trend and get back to how things were before, as well as to steadily increase traffic and earnings from organic search.


Reduce content duplication

Martes Sport struggled to climb to the top search positions because, among other things, the same content was published on and two other websites the client owns, and The duplication was caused by the PIM (Product Information Management) system that automatically copied content between the websites. We aimed to make sure each store had unique content adapted to the target audiences.


Bring more organic traffic to the website

The idea of attracting more organic traffic to the website appeared after we improved the visibility of the online store. The client wanted to get more organic visits to their website, which is no easy task in such a competitive industry.

About Martes Sport

We started working with Martes Sport in April 2022. They are great at communication, and always quick to respond to any changes we suggest, new ideas, or our monthly reports. This really helps our work together since making decisions can take a while in big companies.

Martes Sport knows a lot about SEO and understands the challenges that come with their PIM and CMS systems, the industry’s specifics, and how things change in the sports industry with the seasons. Apart from SEO, they also do a lot of other brand-promoting activities like ads and social media. Their marketing isn’t just online; Martes Sport has stores all over Poland. Combining online and offline marketing has proved to work well, making the brand well-recognizable and trusted by sports enthusiasts.

Martes Sport offers products for every season. Our plan was to work in short intervals, focusing on what’s going to be popular in the coming months. We also make sure their all-year products are easy to find on Google, regardless of the time of the year.

Zespół SEO

Helping Martes Sport improve its ranking is one of the most developmental projects I’ve worked on. We deal with a lot of tech problems because of how big the store is. Plus, we also have to be smart about managing our crawl budget and fixing unexpected errors that keep popping up as we go more advanced with the SEO strategy.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager

On-Site Process

We started the SEO process by running a thorough SEO analysis of the client’s website. This way we could come up with suggestions for improvements. The client’s web development team is responsible for introducing the technical changes because their online store is built with custom solutions and has a complex structure.

When we audited the website, we found several technical and structural issues. The development team and the client are fixing these problems bit by bit, based on what we recommended. We know there’s still a lot to do and that not everything can be fixed overnight.

We also discovered an issue with how the website’s content was being indexed. It turned out that content loaded via a JavaScript pre-loader wasn’t showing up in Google searches. To solve this, we switched to adding content in a static way, which made it immediately visible, even on a website as complex as this one.

I’ve got to say, working with Martes is a pretty exciting challenge for me. Being a shopper there myself, I do enjoy helping well-known brands get noticed. Plus, the client’s website is huge – they manage three stores all under one PIM system, so we had to develop a well-rounded SEO approach. When we first started working together, our main goal wasn’t just about getting good results; it was about stopping the sudden visibility drop, and later improving it, which is no small feat for a big-name brand like Martes Sport.

Kuba Mądrzywołek
Kuba Mądrzywołek SEO Specialist

Creating Unique Content for Each Page

Since automatic content duplication was a major problem across all three domains, we decided to focus on creating unique texts for each website.

Why we did it

External duplication happens when the exact same content appears on different websites. Even though all these stores are part of Martes Sport, each has its separate domain. Google bots can spot external duplication, which often results in lower ranks.

Every website owner should aim to have unique and never-published-before product and category descriptions. There are some exceptions, though. For example, algorithms have come to understand that in certain industries, like online bookstores, content tends to be similar across different sites, and they’re okay with that. However, whenever possible, it’s advised to keep web content unique and appealing to both users and search engine bots.

We put a lot of effort into creating content for, ensuring it’s well-optimized, keyword-rich, internally linked, and reader-friendly.

For the other two stores, we also created web content, focusing mainly on category descriptions that appeared to be the same due to automatic duplication. We wanted each store to have its unique set of texts. A few months back, we worked on a bigger project with the client to sort out the content across the websites, removing any duplicates and consistently adding new pieces of content.

Fixing Headings on the Homepage

The headings within the Martes Store website, both on the homepage and on other pages, were often duplicated. Their structure wasn’t built properly either. Therefore, sorting out the heading issue was one of the first things we handled.

Why we did it

When properly created, headings help with a website’s Google optimization. However, if identical headings are used on a few web pages, lack keywords, or have a messy structure, they can actually hurt a website’s SEO.

We rearranged the homepage’s heading structure. First, we optimized H1 by adding important keywords and the name of the client’s online store. This way we helped to increase brand awareness.

H1 w Sklepie Martes Sport po zmianach

Later, we improved the remaining parts of the homepage’s heading structure.

This is how the before and after screenshots:

nagłówki w Martes Sport przed zmianami

The screenshot above shows that phrases like: “Your cart is empty” or “Cookie Policy” were used as H1s. Not only do these phrases not use keywords, but they also shouldn’t be marked as headers at all.

Here’s what the header structure on the homepage looks like after the changes we made:

nagłówki w Martes Sport po zmianach

Now, the H1 says “Sports store Martes Sport”. The remaining headers are now optimized for search engines.

Optimizing Category Pages

We added keywords to categories in the menu so that they do two things: reflect the main topic of each page better and reduce the risk of duplication among the other websites the client owns.

Why we did it

Category page names contribute to the overall SEO performance of a website, strengthening the position of keywords. In this particular case, we wanted to optimize each of the client’s websites for other keywords to avoid them competing against each other.

Below is an example of optimized category names for women’s products:

drzewo kategorii w Martes Sport

Once that was handled, we also optimized page titles and headings for category pages. We made sure that each of these elements contains the right keywords, like in the example below:

Page title before:

REEBOK – Online Sports Store Martes Sport

Page title after:

Przykładowy title w Martes Sport po zmianach

[EN] Reebok shoes, sportswear – women’s and men’s –  Online Sports Store Martes Sport

Next, we rebuilt the heading structure so that it looks similar to the heading structure we came up with for the homepage.

Heading structure before:

nagłówki kategorie w Sklepie Martes Sport

Heading structure after:

nagłówki kategorii po zmianach w Martes Sport

Now the heading structure is well-organized and optimized for the most important keywords.

Moving Content from Product Cards to the Top of the Page

On, the content used to be located in a small block that mixed in with the products and was loaded with JavaScript. This made it invisible to Google, so it wasn’t indexed.

treść na kategoriach przed

While this detail might not seem important for SEO, we had to move the content under the product listings for Martes Sport. Why?

When there were fewer than 4 products in a category, the content wouldn’t appear on the website, even though it was there in the PIM system. As a result, pages with fewer products ended up having a lot less content and keywords, making them invisible to Google.

Here’s how the category pages look now:

treści na kategoriach w Martes Sport po

In category descriptions, it’s always a good idea to naturally weave in keywords and use internal linking (highlighted in red above).

A smart strategy is to go beyond just emboldening keywords. They should include words related to the keyword’s context for even better results.

For example, rather than just emboldening a product name, such as “women’s sports shirt,” it’s better to also point out a few of its qualities like “breathable” and “good at absorbing sweat…” This method pairs the product with its unique features, making the description and the keyword itself more informative.

Removing Errors on the Website

Our audit helped us discover a few errors on the Martes Sport Store website that had to be fixed.

Why we did it

Some of these errors made it hard for users to navigate the website, and others were hurting the website’s ranking on Google.

500 Errors

500 errors are issues that show up on websites when something goes wrong with the server. They’re frustrating for the visitors and can make them leave the website, increasing the bounce rate.

404 Errors

404 errors occur when a user tries to access a web page that the server can’t find. This tells the user that the page they’re looking for doesn’t exist or can’t be currently accessed.

An old version of the website indexed

Having an old version of the website indexed can lead to content duplication (ie. bots can find the same pieces of content on the old and the new website). We made tackling this issue one of our first steps in the SEO process

Helping out with Blogging

As the SEO team was hanging on technical aspects of search engine optimization, the content team was preparing some recommendations for the Martes blog.

Why we did it

A properly optimized blog helps attract customers, especially those from the top of the sales funnel. A user who is convinced that a given website is filled with valuable content and finds answers to their questions may be more willing to place an order.

Martes Store has a blog on a separate subdomain. The client writes the content and posts it regularly. We offer advice on how to make blog posts more SEO-friendly. Now and then, the content team also steps in to do some of the optimizing for the client.

Product Optimization

This is yet another factor that affects website ranking, which is often overlooked by website owners.

Why we did it

Properly optimized product cards not only positively impact their visibility on Google but also provide users with all the necessary details about the assortment.


Product cards didn’t feature keywords. To improve visibility in search results, we added H2 headings to the reviews section on all product pages, making sure relevant keywords are present (eg. the product name):

nagłówki na produktach Martes

Product titles

In the product titles (within the <title> tag), only partial product names were showing up. They included the product category and its brand, but the specific details of the product were missing:

Title na produktach w Martes Sport przed

We also introduced automatically generated titles. This way the product category and brand appear together with the model:

automatycznie generowane title

Creating Descriptions for the Most Important Brands

This is another way the content team contributed to improving the website’s rankings.

Why we did it

Good SEO practices allow for making brand-specific web pages more prominent in search results. had no brand descriptions. We aimed to get product pages for different brands to show up higher in Google search results. To achieve this, we created content for brand categories, using chosen keywords to improve discoverability. Our goal was to present the strengths of each brand and give more details concerning their products.

Below is an example of a brand description published on the website:

opis marki adidas na stronie Martes

Apart from providing descriptions of big brands, we also spent some time creating descriptions for brands that are sold exclusively by Martes, such as Martes Essentials:

opis Martes Essentials

Fixing Hreflang Tags

Technical SEO turned out to be a major piece of the puzzle in Martens’ recovery process. Sorting out the hreflang tags was one of those technical details we just had to get right.

Why we did it

A correctly implemented hreflang attribute is used to inform search engines about the available language versions of a given website. When a user makes a query, Google first identifies the relevant URL to display in the search results, and then it checks if there are other language versions for that URL to select the most suitable one for the user.

Our SEO audit revealed that Google was mistakenly showing the wrong language version to users in other countries. For instance, people in Romania saw the website in Polish. To tackle this significant issue, we corrected the hreflangs that were set up incorrectly. By doing this, we made sure that Google now shows the right language version of the website to users from different countries.

This fix helped clear up any confusion, made the website easier to use, and positively affected its ranking in search engines.

Adding Breadcrumbs to Schema

Next step, we created the breadcrumbs to help the users and bots navigate through the online store easily.

Why we did it

By incorporating breadcrumbs into a website’s structure, we offer search engines extra insights into how the website is organized and how its pages are linked together. This makes it easier for search engines to grasp the connections between the web content, potentially improving how the website is indexed and how it appears in Google search results.

The SEO audit also showed the website didn’t have breadcrumb navigation, so we chose to include it in’s structural data. Adding breadcrumbs helps search engines grasp the website’s layout and how pages relate to each other. This way we promoted better indexing which also contributed to search visibility.

Excluding Web Push Addresses from the Index

The last step? Dealing with duplicate content once again.

Why we did it

If web push addresses are present on many pages of a website or are generated dynamically, they can lead to issues with indexing multiple copies of the same content. Excluding them from indexing can help avoid content duplication on the website.

Lastly, the content from web push notifications was indexed and hence duplicated. To tackle this, we chose to stop indexing these web push addresses.

Search engines, especially Google, prefer each page to have unique content. If they detect too much repetition, the website could drop in rankings. By choosing not to index web push addresses, we made sure the content on the Martes’ website stayed unique. This step contributed to improving the client’s website ranking in search results.

What I really like about working with Martes Sport is how we communicate and handle various issues together. A lot of times, clients are like, “Just get it done” or “What do you mean you can’t do it without us helping you out?” But Martes gets that we can’t tackle every technical bit, especially because their Magento system is tailored specifically to their needs. We both know there’s plenty more to do, so we’re in this together, aiming for those next milestones.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager
I would like to work on my SEO strategy!
Off-Site Strategy

Link Building Process

The link building strategy created for the client began in a rather standard way. First off, we checked if the website was on any business listings, social media, marketplaces, business directories, or bookmarking websites.

Next, we focused on getting high-quality links from trustworthy and authoritative websites. We made sure they were related to our client business because this way we make the backlink profile stronger.

Sponsored Articles

We also created sponsored articles for These articles help improve the website’s metrics and strengthen keyword positions. While publishing sponsored articles, we pick only reputable websites.

Off-Site Strategy Results

The link building strategy developed for Martes Sport proved to be effective as it helped us strengthen the website’s backlink profile:

profil linków Martes Sport

The number of referring domains and organic keywords increased visibly:

domeny odsyłające Martes Sport


Result #1: Higher visibility

When we started working with Martes Sport, their website’s visibility was dropping down. But together, we managed to turn that negative trend around.

The client wanted to see better website performance, and we were able to make that happen in just around 3 months.

Results for Martes Sport

In the below close-up, you can see how quickly we managed to achieve results and increase the website’s visibility. Before the Helpful Content algorithm update at the end of 2022, the growth was very significant.

Martes Sport algorithm

After experiencing some drops due to the algorithm update, we successfully rebuilt the website’s visibility by adjusting to the latest search results trends. Right now, we’re facing some declines again after Google’s most recent algorithm update, but the outlook for growth looks very promising!

Result #2: More revenue generated by organic traffic

Seeing organic revenue go up is what makes us the happiest because it’s not just hitting our SEO targets; it’s helping our client’s business goals too.

At the Martes Sport online store, we managed to get a 25% increase in organic sales compared to last year.

It’s important to highlight that achieving this kind of growth in an online store, which makes tens of millions in net profit each year*, is a big deal.

wzrost wyników organicznych Martes Sport

*source: Financial report of Martes Store for the year 2022

We spent a long time looking for an SEO partner, and luckily Delante turned out to be a perfect fit for us. They shaped the SEO process to live up to our expectations, gave countless pieces of advice to our dev team, and most importantly, delivered the kind of results we expected.

Piotr Szalasny

E-Commerce Manager

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