Delante Co-founder Jacek Blaut Speaks at Length About His Singular Focus on Offering Best-in-class SEO Service: GoodFirms

Delante Co-founder Jacek Blaut Speaks at Length About His Singular Focus on Offering Best-in-class SEO Service: GoodFirms
21 September 2021
Recently Jacek, Delante's co-founder and head of Growth was interviewed by GoodFirms, and shared some info about our strategy and focus. Check the interview out! Here you can find a short summary made by GoodFirms. We are happy to share it with you!
Delante is a professional SEO firm based in Poland with multiple offices in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The company was established in 2014 to provide services to various industrial areas and expand its commercial reach. By leveraging their knowledge and technology in SEO, Delante has delighted clients with result-oriented services for five years. The firm has grown to become one of the reliable SEO firms that deliver the best services to rank the website in the SERP pages. Additionally, the firm provides other services like digital marketing, SEM, SEO consulting, SEO copywriting, content plan, and a lot more. Due to its strategy and services, Delante has been awarded various awards. Delante’s solutions and services are all tailored to the needs of its clients and the objectives they wish to achieve. As a professional SEO firm, they have grown their clientele base and offered them correct services. The expeditious growth of Delante made the GoodFirms team interview Head of Growth and Co-Founder Jacek Blaut., During the interview, Jacek shared with the GoodFirms team the idea behind starting this firm, and he briefed about the firm and the services offered by them. Jacek initially shared that Delante is an international SEO/SEM agency specializing in creating customized SEO services by adhering to clients’ business requirements. The right approach and standard services have made Delante get listed among the top eight global SEO agencies. Jacek, in his interview, also shared about his role in the company. Jacek is in charge of overseeing the work in his firm and ensuring that it is completed as quickly as possible. Delante was named one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times. Further in the interview, Delante shared his idea behind starting this firm. Jacek began this firm with Michal Burkiewicz, and Matt Calik, who is also the Head of SEO. All three had experience in areas like IT e-commerce, growth hacking, and managing various businesses. The idea for starting Delante popped up because they all realized that there were no firms in the market that can offer exceptional marketing services. This is how they decided to come up with a business idea for Delante. Initially, Delante was incorporated to offer only different kinds of marketing services, but then they tried to narrow down the services and only offer SEO services. Today, the company has grown to become the best and reliable SEO firm. Elaborating more about the SEO services Jacek mentioned, his team manages all the SEO services. In SEO, they offer services like e-commerce SEO, international SEO, long-tail SEO, SEO pricing, and link building. In addition to delivering services, the firm also keeps transparency between them and clients by providing periodic reports and monitoring the metrics. The dedicated team of SEO experts offers a competitive price and highly effective SEO services by aligning with clients’ individual needs and goals. To make the SEO process smooth, specialist SEO experts are assigned to clients. This SEO expert remains in constant touch with the client to manage their process with cooperation. This is one-of-its-kind industry practice followed by Delante to ensure clients’ satisfaction and proper delivery of services. Delante has significant experience in catering to clients from e-commerce and service-based websites. With their growing years of expertise, they have achieved excellence in offering services to industries like casinos, adult products, CBD, and medical services. At the same time, these industries are the difficult ones to work for. Thus, working with passion for setting up SEO processes to increase traffic gets Delante ranked among the best SEO companies in the UK at GoodFirms. With efforts and passion, Delante offers digital marketing services to address clients’ needs and requirements. Each service by Delante is optimized according to the clients’ business needs. To ensure a flexible approach, the firm studies the trends and develops compelling solutions. Due to the technique applied in work, Delante has always achieved clients’ appreciation. Plus, their satisfaction rate is also very high due to the transparent approach adopted by them. Adrian Urbanski is a satisfied customer and his review speaks a lot about the digital services of Delante. Delante's review Delante believes in communication, and for this, they sit with clients and offer them solutions to their problems. Apart from all these, the flexible payment system makes it easy for clients to approach Delante for any services. This approach, efforts, and professionalism by Delante make them acquire a position as one of the top digital marketing companies in Poland at GoodFIrms. Therefore, after reading an excerpt of Jacek Blaut, click on this link to read the detailed interview. About GoodFirms Washington, D.C.-based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find top SEO and Digital Marketing Services firms that offer the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research processes help rank the companies, boost their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

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