3 Reasons Why Schema Markup is Important for SEO

3 Reasons Why Schema Markup is Important for SEO

Schema markup is one of the newest advancements in SEO. Understand its concept & utilize it properly to boost your website in search engines. Learn what are benefits fo using Schema and how you can implement it to your website.

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What is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup or Schema.org is one of the newest advancements in SEO. It represents the semantic vocabulary also known as microdata of the content on your website.

The microdata is added to your web page HTML so search engines can better read your content and improve the way your web page is represented to search users.

After all, this search engine structured data was invented for users — Schema.org is a collaboration between the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Yandex. They all wanted to provide a more convenient way for users to instantaneously understand what a website is all about. Today, you will learn how schema markup SEO can improve the way your users, or target audience, perceive your website.

Is Schema Markup Important for SEO?

Yes, it is… but is it a definite ranking factor? Not quite. You see, schema markup exists because search engines want to provide you more avenues to supply definite information about your content on your website pages.

In doing so, the search engines will be able to use the information you provide to know what your data means (not just some random keywords or what it says), and match it up to a user’s search query or intent.

In return, this will improve a user’s experience on search engines — UX (user experience), along with other best search engine optimization practices that pertain to UX, can be a great ranking factor.

structured data markup

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Schema Markup is Important for SEO:

  1. It provides Extensive Rich Snippets
  2. It Drives Organic Click-Through Rates</1>
  3. It Boosts Your Website SEO

Schema.org offers data markup for all kinds of content. So, your website can rank better. The most common content types are the following:

  • Articles
  • Creative Works
  • Local Businesses
  • Organization
  • Restaurants
  • Persons
  • TV Episodes & Ratings
  • Places
  • Book Reviews
  • Products
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events

There are still hundreds of other data markup types—from entertainment to medical and legal schedules. Any type of data on your website can have a corresponding itemscope and itemtype in Schema.org.

Schema Markup Provides Extensive Rich Snippets

Basically, schema markup will make your web page look better in search engine results pages (SERPs) because it enhances the rich snippets displayed under the page title of your content.

Take a look at the example below:

structured data for rich snippets

Notice how the first result contains almost all the information that a user might need—this only shows how a rich snippet looks way better than the second result which only contains the metadata that Google chooses.

A structured data markup helps you display the exact information that you want your users to see on the rich snippets of your web pages.

Schema Markup Drives Organic Click-Through Rates

Based on the sample image of search engine results above about inbound marketing, which result would you click? I bet it’s the first one that has an extensive rich snippet—the result of a structured data markup in a web page.

An increase in click-through rates is often the result of an extensive rich snippet well-represented in search engine results pages to users.

Also, remember that schema markup for rich snippets can provide an indirect SEO benefit because it makes your web pages easily indexable by providing targeted metadata that is more accurate than mere keywords.

Most importantly, SEO behavioral data such as click-through rate, time on site, bounce rate, and the like are believed to be significant ranking factors.

Schema Markup Boosts Your Website SEO

Yes, we said that Schema Markup is not a direct ranking factor but it is one of the best SEO practices that can put your website ranking on top of search engine results pages.

We’ve mentioned how a structured data markup can help enhance your rich snippets which eventually drives higher click-through rates. Plus, a data markup can help search engines understand your web page content and make it more indexable than websites without schemas.

In fact, one case study determined that web pages with a structured data markup can rank up to four positions higher than those that do not utilize a data markup.

Therefore, we can say that a better schema markup means better SEO.

Using Schema Markup

The world of SEO and schema markup is huge. However, this should not stop you from getting started so your website will appear trustworthy with a sense of authority on search engine results pages.

So, ensure to find and use the common schema types that best suit your niche or business—this will allow you to get richer results.

commonly used schema markup types

Also, do not forget to find all schema types that you can use—there is plenty of markup types. Even though some are not commonly used, if they are relevant to your website, go ahead and use them. Remember, the more you do schema markup, the better your SEO will be.

Do you want to properly apply schema markup and start boosting your website SEO? Consult experienced and effective SEO specialists today and get a FREE quote.

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