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Damian Hliwa - Senior SEO Specialist

Damian Hliwa

Senior SEO Specialist

Why Is UX Analysis

Even a well-optimized, fast, and seemingly problem-free online store can lose customers. We often overlook certain factors that can lead to customer resentment and dissatisfaction. Even though we know our store inside out, we might not realize what’s causing these issues.

Identifying and improving these elements can significantly boost your customer satisfaction and thus your website’s conversion rate!

It’s not just about SEO or paid ads anymore when it comes to promoting your business online. We know the importance of understanding potential customers and catering to their preferences. To make their shopping experience smoother, we need to think about ways to eliminate any potential annoyances during the buying process.

Through our comprehensive CX audit, we will delve into these crucial elements and create a user-friendly online shop.

Who Is the UX/CX/CR Audit for?

For online stores … but not exclusively

While the conversion path audit primarily focuses on online stores, businesses that interact with potential customers through various touchpoints (such as forms, service registrations, or event sign-ups) can also benefit from conducting it. This audit ensures a thorough examination of the user’s cognitive path and identifies any aspects that might divert them from completing a conversion.

It’s a great choice for your business if you’re seeking to optimize customer interactions with your website!

For new and already established websites

Regardless of whether you’re an established business with years of operation or a newcomer venturing into the world of online stores, this audit is tailored to meet your needs! We will help you analyze your target audience and their browsing patterns, identify potential causes of shopping cart abandonment, and truly make a difference in reducing that number.

What Will UX/CX/CR Analysis

During UX analysis, CX analysis, and analysis for conversion rate improvement, there is a great number of factors taken into account.

We will look closely into:

Cognitive walkthrough
We will thoroughly assess the initial experience of new users when they first encounter the site, evaluating aspects such as user perception, ease of navigation, and the overall intuitiveness of its structure.

Natural link-building process

5-second test
We will conduct tests to check what draws users’ attention first.

Website’s security
We will check for the presence of TLS/SSL security protocols.

Audit Google Ads conversions

Problems on the website
We will check for any errors that may be detrimental to your site, including CSS errors, server errors, element display errors, etc.

A thorough analysis of “critical” subpages
We will examine the Home Page, Category and Product Listing Page, Product Page, Checkout, and Payment Page, among others.

Product card analysis
We will examine, among other factors, product naming, and meta tags, the presentation of prices, the correctness of cost and delivery date information, as well as the accuracy of product descriptions.

Product/category listing analysis
As part of our evaluation we will assess the availability of filtering and sorting options, the presence of breadcrumbs, and the ease of accessing subcategories.

Shopping cart analysis
We will focus on reviewing the product summary in the shopping cart, ensuring clarity of delivery cost information, and evaluating the functionality of the discount code field.

link profile

Website’s usability
Among the factors we will assess are the accuracy of your communication, the visual appeal, and functionality of the website’s navigation, search engine, buttons, contrast, contact elements, and more.

Path to purchase
We will evaluate the typical user’s test order and go through the entire purchase finalization process to gain insights into the user experience and identify any potential areas for improvement.

Among other things, we will check how customers’ reviews are displayed on product pages.

Product delivery
We will check how you communicate to users about delivery and free delivery options.

website speed up services

Page speed
We will analyze the loading time and results of CWV and PageSpeed tool.

Site responsiveness and adaptation to mobile devices
We will check how your site adapts to the search engine window and mobile devices.

Content for wordpress seo

We will analyze if your content is clear and understandable to users.

Consistency and aesthetics of the site
We will evaluate font consistency throughout the site, the aesthetic quality of graphics and banners, and the tone of voice.

We will check not only the structure of the blog but also focus on trust signals.

We will conduct an analysis of the footer to ensure its correct implementation and the accuracy of provided contact information.

Our Awards

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What Does the Price of the Analysis
Depend on?

  • The size of a website

    The larger your site is, the more resources we need to use when analyzing it.

  • The scope of work

    You don’t have to pay for the whole analysis if you only care about the shopping cart analysis. We will adjust the price according to your needs.

  • Using additional tools

    If the audit scope requires supplementary tools like heat maps that provide insights into user behavior and viewing patterns on your site, the cost of such tools will be included in the overall service package.

  • Website’s type

    The approach to the UX audit will vary based on the nature of your business, whether it is an ecommerce store, a service-oriented website, or an app. Similarly, our pricing will be customized to cater to the specific needs of your business.

Who Performs the UX Audit?

Website positioning reminds me of building a house – I start with a solid foundation (SEO audit and optimization), and then move on to the finishing touches (content and link building).

I’ve worked in a number of positions in the SEO industry, starting as an intern all the way up to the head of SEO. Through my experience, I realized that website usability and user experience(UX) are crucial for customers, so I’d love to show you what you can introduce on your site to change potential clients into real customers 😉

Damian Hliwa
Damian Hliwa Senior SEO Specialist

Damian prepared a conversion rate optimization checklist where he included tips on improving the user experience of an online store! Download for free!

Boost your conversion rate with our conversion rate optimization checklist!

How Long Does a UX/CX/CR Audit

The timeframe for conducting the UX audit, similar to the cost, depends on the scope and size of the website.

For a standard analysis of the user journey, the baseline timeframe is approximately 7 business days.

However, for more comprehensive analyses involving the utilization of heat maps and studying user behavior, additional time is required to gather a sufficient amount of data. In such cases, the analysis may extend beyond the initial 7-day period. This extension accounts for the installation and configuration of the necessary tools, followed by a data aggregation phase that typically spans several weeks to ensure the collection of the most representative sample possible.

What Our Clients Say

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What Will You Receive
as Part of the Analysis?

  • facebook ads kraków - raportowanie

    Text document

    The end result of the audit is a comprehensive text document that includes the vital information obtained from the analysis. This document serves as a valuable reference, presenting the key findings and recommendations derived from the audit process.

  • Consultations

    During a 1-hour consultation, we will delve into the most significant pain points and obstacles hindering the purchasing process on your website or store. This session will provide a valuable opportunity to discuss and address these challenges in order to improve the overall buying experience.

The implementation of specific recommendations, given the wide range of systems and store engines, is subject to individual pricing and further consultation with our developers. This ensures that the implementation process is tailored to your specific requirements and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.

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