11 SEO Conferences in 2024 That Are Definitely Worth Attending



11 SEO Conferences in 2024 That Are Definitely Worth Attending
09 November 2023
From providing a networking platform to granting access to the latest SEO trends and insights, SEO conferences serve as almost an all-in-one hub for professional growth. What are the other benefits of attending SEO events in 2024? And most importantly, which SEO conferences planned for 2024 are truly worth buying tickets for? You’re going to find that out in just a moment.



Whether you have already taken part in some marketing and SEO conferences in the past, or are planning to go to an SEO event in 2024 only now, the wealth of insights and opportunities awaiting you is bound to make it a worthwhile experience. No doubt about that, that’s for sure!

Let’s see which SEO events in 2024 are worth getting a ticket for.

The Top 11 SEO Conferences in 2024

Here are our handpicked selection of the coolest SEO Conferences and events coming your way in 2024 – according to our Marketing and SEO Specialists. And just so you know, these SEO conferences aren’t arranged in any particular order.

#1: Brighton SEO

Date #1: 25 & 26 April, 2024
Date #2: 03 & 04 October, 2024
Place: Brighton, the United Kingdom

Date #3: 19 & 20 November, 2024
Place: San Diego, USA

Website: BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO is the place to be if you want to hear from the industry pioneers in Search, Content, and Influencer Marketing. It’s the go-to event for anyone in the digital marketing business who wants to stay in the loop. With down-to-earth talks and a lively vibe, BrightonSEO is all about getting the lowdown on the latest strategies and being in the same place with the people making things happen in the industry.

delante team at BrightonSEO

Delante team at BrightonSEO in 2023

We attend BrightonSEO regularly because we genuinely enjoy the event, the speakers, and the overall atmosphere it creates. If you’re curious to experience Brighton SEO from our perspective, check out the highlights in our article: Brighton SEO 2023 Highlights – 10 Talks That Left Us in Awe

delante team at BrightonSEO

Delante team at BrightonSEO in 2023

#2: SEO Vibes DubAI

Date: 22 & 24 February, 2024
Place: Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
Website: SEO Vibes DubAI

SEO Vibes DubAI 2024 is going to bring a relaxed vibe to the world of search engine optimization. Over three days, you’ll have the chance to hear from six speakers sharing their insights. The agenda includes a casual mastermind session and an exclusive VIP gathering. With just 102 available slots, it’s an intimate setting where industry professionals can discuss the future of SEO against the backdrop of Dubai’s unique atmosphere. Expect a laid-back yet insightful experience that goes beyond the usual SEO conference.

#3: MozCon

Date: 3 & 4 June, 2024
Place: Seattle, USA
Website: MozCon

Delante at MozCon in 2022

Delante at MozCon in Seattle, 2022

MozCon is where experienced speakers share practical insights for dealing with modern marketing challenges. They cover topics like improving your search ranking, making data-driven marketing choices, and future-proofing your business. The conference is a chance to connect with a diverse community, whether you’re into SEO, marketing, or you run a business. Unlike typical conferences, MozCon doesn’t have expo halls. Instead, it brings together some cool partners, agencies, and brands.

Delante at MozCon 2022

Delante at MozCon in 2022

#4: SMX Munich

Date: 12 & 13 March, 2024
Place: Munich, Germany
Website: SMX Munich

This European SEO conference is designed to provide practical insights and growth opportunities, particularly in the age of AI. It covers the essentials, tools, and strategies for success in both the present and the future. Interestingly, SMX Munich is distinct from typical conferences – it’s a neutral space, not affiliated with any agency or tool provider. You can anticipate over 60 sessions and insights from 80+ speakers.

#5: Friends of Search

Date: 21 March, 2024
Place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Website: Friends of Search

The 11th edition of Friends of Search is happening at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. Even though they’re still finalizing the lineup, this SEO conference is going to host some big names from international industry leaders. It’s a mix of consultants, marketers, and businesses who come to stay updated on the latest SEO and SEA developments. Besides getting the latest info, the SEO event is a chance to network with international industry leaders and get answers to your questions.

#6: Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Date: TBA
Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Website: Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Delante at Chiang Mai SEO Conference in 2023

Delante at Chiang Mai SEO Conference in 2023

CMSEO is said to be a key event for leaders in the industry. The yearly gathering unites 800 of the most influential SEO entrepreneurs, agency leaders, and super affiliates. These individuals make an impact, achieving top rankings in the most challenging niches worldwide. Chiang Mai SEO Conference revolves around sharing effective ideas, irrespective of whether your SEO tactics are ethical, unconventional, or a mix of both. The emphasis is on connecting with top industry professionals and staying informed about the latest developments in Google algorithms.

#7: The Next Web Conference

Date: 20 & 21 June, 2024
Place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Website: TNW Conference

TNW Conference is designed to show you the latest in tech trends. It gives you the possibility of networking, learning, and exploring new tech in a truly unique setting. Go there to learn from industry leaders about growing professionally in easy-to-follow sessions. It also gives you the chance to connect with clients and peers face-to-face, with AI helping you meet like-minded folks. In Amsterdam, TNW is a chance to learn about markets, meet industry friends, and chat about business ideas.

#8: The International Search Summit

Date: 14 November, 2024
Place: Barcelona, Spain
Website: The International Search Summit

The International Search Summit is a unique event solely dedicated to unraveling the complexities of international search marketing. This full-day experience features three tracks with talks offering practical tips and insights, focusing on improving online visibility in global markets and effectively engaging diverse audiences worldwide. It’s important to note that the event is conducted entirely in English, despite being held in Spain.

delante at the International Search Summit in 2022

Delante at the International Search Summit in 2022

#9: The Women in Tech SEO Festival

Date #1: 8 March, 2024
Place: London, United Kingdom

Date #2: 7 June, 2024
Place: Berling, Germany

Date #3: 19 September, 2024
Place: Philadelphia, USA
Website: The Women in Tech SEO Festival

WTS Fest is a global event for women and non-binary individuals in the tech field. No matter which country it’s held in, it’s always a day filled with learning and connecting, divided into four parts – Analyse, Advance, Innovate, and Empower. This SEO event is part of the Women in Tech SEO community, supporting women in thriving in SEO and marketing. The full access ticket includes entry to the full-day conference, food all day, the after-party, and post-event recordings. Although there’s no Q&A during sessions due to a packed schedule, speakers are often available for questions during breaks.

#10: Web Summit

Date: 11, 12, 13 & 14 November, 2024
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
Website: Web Summit

Web Summit is an international SEO Conference gathering 70,000+ individuals and companies who shape the tech industry. This SEO event focuses on networking, lead generation, and learning. Described as a meeting point for those reshaping the global tech landscape, it offers a unique space for experts to share ideas and build connections. Tracks cover diverse topics, from deep tech to sustainability, addressing current industry challenges.

#11: SEO Vibes on Tour

Date: TBA
Place: Bucharest, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Budapest,
Milan, Istanbul, Bratislava, Utrecht, Copenhagen,
Prague, Stockholm, Paris, Athens
Website: SEO Vibes on Tour

Delante at SEO Vibes Budapest in 2023

Delante at SEO Vibes Budapest in 2023

Take part in the SEO Vibes on Tour throughout Europe by selecting your preferred location to engage with industry professionals, gain insights from specialists, and connect with both local and international speakers. Expect a local perspective on global industry trends, unique networking opportunities, and events tailored to local preferences, like a Turkish breakfast or a Romanian afternoon meetup. The series focuses on the growth of local SEO markets, providing a condensed pack of knowledge.

Delante at SEO Vibes on Tour, Budapest in 2023

Delante at SEO Vibes on Tour, Budapest in 2023

7 Reasons Why Attending SEO Conferences in 2024 Is Something You Should Do

If you’re thinking about grabbing your bags and going to a place (often a beautiful one) to learn new things about SEO from the best in the business, yet being still on the fence if that’s a good idea, then here’s a list of reasons you need to right now. Joining an SEO event in 2024 will be a smart move – full of perks and useful stuff – you won’t regret taking.

🧠You will learn more than just technical SEO🚀

SEO events and conferences aren’t just about technical stuff like SEO or copywriting. They offer a mix of talks on business tricks, motivation tips, and even some deep dives into how the human brain works when browsing the internet or interacting with a website. Also, there are talks on balancing work and life and getting better at those soft skills everyone’s talking about.

🤓You don’t have to be an SEO professional to understand what is going on🔍

These talks aren’t just for SEO pros; they’re literally for everyone interested in digital marketing, technology and online business. This means that whether you’re

  • a marketer seeking new ideas,
  • an online store owner figuring out how to attract more customers,
  • a designer adding flair to their projects,
  • a tech person keeping up with the latest trends,
  • or a boss running an e-commerce website,

these SEO conferences have something for everyone. It’s a mix that guarantees everyone walks away with something useful in their heads.

🛠️You will get your hands on the latest tools and business solutions💼

SEO conferences aren’t just about talks – they’re bustling spaces with a diverse range of exhibitors: rows of booths presenting one-of-a-kind tools and agencies eager to partner with you.

This means that if you’re in the market for the latest SEO gadgets or considering a new business partnership, an SEO event is where you can find this.

Imagine strolling through the exhibition hall, chatting with representatives from cutting-edge SEO tools, exploring the offerings of agencies specializing in your niche, and even stumbling upon exclusive discounts!

Hands down, most SEO conferences are like a tech bazaar for digital marketers. Your interactions will go beyond just gathering business cards – you will learn about the latest practical solutions, wrapping your head around emerging trends, and perhaps stumbling upon that hidden gem that can revolutionize your workflow.

So, when you attend an SEO conference, don’t forget to explore the booths – you never know what valuable tools or partnerships you might uncover.

🌐You will gain fresh insights from the industry peers🤝

SEO conferences aren’t just about acquiring the latest tips and tricks, especially for seasoned professionals. Networking and the exchange of inspiration and ideas are indispensable elements of the best SEO events. Even for the most experienced experts, the value extends beyond acquiring 100% novel information.

Just think about rubbing shoulders with industry peers, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, and absorbing the occasional nugget of wisdom that resonates profoundly with you. Sometimes, a single sentence uttered by a speaker can be incredibly inspiring.

So, whether you’re a pro or just dipping your feet in SEO or online marketing, attending SEO conferences in 2024 is your big chance to not only stay informed but also to take something for yourself from the collective knowledge of the community, gaining fresh insights that can shape your approach in unexpected ways.

🌊You will ride the wave of SEO and digital marketing trends🚀

Staying in the SEO loop means keeping up with trends, right? At SEO conferences, you get the real deal – insights from industry experts living in all corners of the world! Whether you’re into international SEO or just curious to pick up some global tricks, these events are like a big exchange of ideas.

Wouldn’t it be great to listen to brainiacs from different corners of the world sharing their experiences and proven strategies?

You’d probably agree that being a professional it’s not just about being in the know; it’s about being a step ahead, armed with practical tips that work everywhere. So, if you’re keen on boosting your SEO know-how on a local or global scale, SEO events are your backstage pass to a world of SEO wisdom.

🤝You will strengthen team bonds🔗

Hitting up an SEO conference is also like a team-building gig on the side. Wouldn’t it be great to put together a crew of your favorite colleagues to get your heads around the latest SEO buzz during the day and kick back together after hours, sharing laughs and experiences?

SEO events create a vibe where your colleagues and you learn and grow together, building connections along the way.

If you run an agency and wonder about sending a couple of your employees to SEO conferences in 2024, think about the massive bonus of team unity.

Moreover, SEO conference attendees often receive videos or summaries of the speeches delivered during the event. These recordings can be shared later with colleagues who couldn’t attend, ensuring that all the valuable insights and information are accessible to everyone from your team.

📚You can mix learning with tourism✈️

Going to SEO conferences isn’t just about work and learning – it’s like a two-for-one deal with tourism. You learn SEO tricks by day and then explore cool cities like Brighton, Seattle, or Munich after hours. Whether it’s strolling along the scenic waterfront, exploring cultural landmarks, or savoring local cuisine, these locations add an extra layer of richness to your SEO conference experience.

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