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We will write unique posts for your company blog. Let us infuse your website with content that reaches your potential customers from all stages of their buyer’s journey, raise your brand awareness, and step up your SEO efforts!

Why Choose Us for Blog Writing Service?

Increase web visibility

Generate more traffic to the site

Attracting customers to your site with engaging content

We will identify your goals and develop strategies based on keywords

Ania Bitner - Content Specialist

Ania Bitner

Content Specialist

Who Is the
Blog Writing Service for?

Our blog writing service is designed for those who know that creating valuable and unique content is absolutely essential to climb to the top of Search results.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for someone to help you:

  • increase your brand visibility
  • drive more traffic to your website
  • attract more prospective customers
  • create content that present your offer in an attractive way, and is tailored for all stages of the buyer’s journey

this means our blog writing service is ideal for you. Not sure where to start? Haven’t enough time for writing blog posts on a regular basis? Perhaps you don’t know how to find the right keywords for your content strategy, or simply you’re looking for some guidance on this process? Read on to learn the benefits of blogging, and get the idea on how we can help you run a company blog.

What Does the
Blogging Process Look Like?

Blogging is more than writing posts. This process also includes good layout design, feature configuration, search engine optimization and internal linking building.

What do we focus on while running your company blog?

International SEO services target group
Defining your KPIs
The blogging process begins with defining your business goals, brand voice and communication strategy. After painting a clear picture of your expectations, we create content to help you achieve the desired outcomes. Do you want to become a leader in your niche, increase your web ranking, or maybe stand out from your competition? We can help you achieve that!
keywords selection
Doing keyword analysis
During this stage we define your target audience’s current interests, to later learn how they formulate their queries. The keywords we discover during this process get included in your blog posts. This helps optimize your website for a higher number of keywords.
Doing competition analysis
Are your competition blogs the source of information and inspiration? How long is their regular post? Is their content diversified? How many headings are typically used in their posts? Answering those questions helps us create content that not only answers the needs of your target audience but also is likable by Google bots.
Creating a brand
Blog readers want to know what you and other professionals working with you think about prevailing trends, products or services from the industry you work in. If you run a property business, your readers would probably love to learn your opinion on buying and selling houses in the area you operate in. Using a unique brand voice in those pieces of writing increases your credibility.
Quality link building services by seo sem agency
Being helpful
Offering useful tips and providing links to valuable resources is a way of encouraging your readers to share your blog content with others. The more websites link back to yours, the higher the chance of your brand being displayed at the top of SERP.
long tail keyword services
Optimizing blog posts
We make sure your blog posts include relevant keywords, headings and alternative descriptions. Other elements like meta descriptions and title tags will be also taken care of. Content published on your company blog will be an interesting and enjoyable reading.
Updating outdated post
Users expect blogs to cover trending topics, thus containing regularly updated content. If you have never been adding the most recent information to your posts, we will eagerly take this process over. Keeping your content up to date gives a signal to Google that your website is a valuable and trustworthy source of information.

When I took all the practical tips that Milena had given me, I saw my website position shooting up on Google. The number of keywords that made it to the top 10 in organic search doubled within approx. 5 months. On top of that, during just one meeting, Delante gave me detailed but clear instructions on what I should do next, and which tools I should use to achieve the best results. Even a layperson like me didn’t have any problems to fully comprehend the guidelines. It felt that their SEO plan was tailored perfectly to my website and the size of my business.

The investment I made in working with Delante returned a long time ago, and therefore I wholeheartedly recommend this agency to everyone who wants to hand their blog over to the professionals.

Marta Lazar

Owner & Managing Partner

What Is Included in the
Blog Writing Service

Are you wondering if the Denalte’s blog writing service is right for you? See what we are ready to handle for you.

Keywords selection

Keyword analysis

The process of keyword analysis depends on finding the right keywords that are relevant for a given page. The very first step is to determine the keywords that show the highest potential to grow your business and help you achieve your goals. On a regular basis we also continue searching for new key phrases that revolve around your niche, minding factors like: seasonality, industry trends, and crucial product/services for your business. We also make sure that the selected post topics won’t contribute to keyword cannibalization. At our disposal there are numerous keyword research tools, including: SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, to name just a few. Using such a wide range of advanced tools, we determine the keywords your blog posts should include. Such a list of regularly updated key phrases also facilitates adapting the style of writing to the target audience.

seo copywriting services icon

Topic idea suggestions

At that stage we use the selected keywords of high-volume to create a list of blog post topics that answer your prospects’ search queries. This way we increase the chances of reaching more customers, giving them the exact content they look for. The moment we pick the topics that bring you closer to achieving your business goals, we proceed with creating the right content for you. We consult the topics and adopt them according to the web content strategy you’ve been following until partnering with Delante.

Writing blog posts

Indeed, you got that right 🙂 If you don’t want to take an active part in this process, you can just take the back seat. We will take the matter in our hands. We will create content that isn’t only valuable for your audience but also likable by Google bots. The blog posts are primarily written in English but if you run a multi-language website, we can also provide you with the content translated into chosen languages – we work with trusted translation offices. Getting blog content written at Delante gives you the desired outcomes and helps your brand stand out from its competition. Is your niche demanding? Do you want to be involved in the blogging process to share your expertise and tips with your audience? That’s great! We would be more than happy to receive some reports, agenda, materials and other documents that would contribute to creating even more insightful content.

Content optimization

Content optimization is the process of writing blog posts to reach the largest number of prospects as only possible. To achieve that, we build unique and interesting content around the selected keywords, at the same time following the rules of Google to make sure those pieces of writing perform well in Search. We take care of the following elements:

  • headings,
  • internal linking,
  • meta tags (meta description and title),
  • infusing blog posts with keywords,
  • alternative texts for images,
  • correct URL address.

seo migration website launch stage

Publishing the posts on the company blog

When a text is written and optimized for the most relevant keywords, it’s time to publish it on your blog. If you give us access, we can do this for you.

core web vitals audit services icon

Result evaluation

It’s time for the last step – evaluation of the achieved results. To monitor the performance of your keyword-rich and SEO-optimized content, we use tools such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console and SEMrush. Keeping an eye on the metrics, we make sure the content delivers the promised results. Furthermore, regular monitoring of the content performance allows us to make necessary changes to the blog posts whenever required.

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Our Awards

Award - Global Search Awards 2023 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - Global Digital Excellence Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Award 2022 Award - IPMA Award - US Search Awards 2021
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What Are the Benefits of
Running a Company Blog?

There are a number of reasons why having a company blog is advantageous, hence beneficial for your business. Here are the most important ones:

seo migration staging environment

Brand promotion & image building

If you’re searching for ways to increase your brand awareness, running a company blog will surely help you with that. Through blogging you reach the customers at various stages of the buyer’s journey, who will appreciate your valuable insights, and therefore help your brand get printed in their memory. When they are finally ready to use your product or service, they will choose your website to make the purchase.

SEO analytics and reporting

Driving more traffic to your website

Blog is a free web traffic generating tool. It also increases your brand visibility in Search. Your chances of reaching new prospects grow with each well-optimized blog post published on your website.

Work directly with SEO specialist

Reaching prospects from all stages of the buyer’s journey

Company blog is where you can get your creative juices flowing. That’s the place where you can discuss various topics and focus on creating content that answers the needs of all your prospects. Using your blog wisely, you will be able to grab the attention of those who do just a basic research on the products you offer as well as those who have already decided they want to buy from brands like yours.

Customer acquisition

This benefit of running a company blog is connected with the previous one. Creating content for potential customers that are at various stages of the buyer’s journey facilitates reaching the target group. It also helps them build trust in your brand.

Building lasting & meaningful connections with your customers

Building good long-term relationships with your customers is extremely important. This is how you increase the chances of them returning to you in the near future in order to choose your products or service. Engaging blog posts as well as comment and rating sections allow you to establish lasting connections with your prospects.

Infusing website with unique & value-adding content

Are you looking for an effective method of infusing your website with interesting content, yet you have run out of unexplored blog post topics? Company blog is a marvelous tool to help you spark new ideas for content that attracts more eyeballs to your website.

Becoming an expert in your industry

Being seen as an expert is crucial not only for the internet users but also for Google bots. Writing unique articles on topics relevant to your business helps you position yourself as an expert in your niche. Through topic clusters you build trust in the prospects and keep them on the website for longer. At the same time you convince Google bots that your site provides a reliable source of information.

Keywords selection

Getting your website rank for multiple keywords

The more content published on your blog, the higher the number of keywords that call out your website in the Search. If you plan to utilize more key phrases on your site, publishing new posts regularly allows you to do so without being accused of keyword stuffing. Additionally, using long-tail keywords in your blog posts improve the position of the keywords connected with your service or products.

Last but not least, a company blog makes a perfect place to promote your products and services. Creating adequate content, you advertise your offer, showcase your products, publish conversion-enticing photos, and encourage people to add those items to the cart.

Do you want to increase your brand’s visibility in Google and attract more prospects to your website? Contact us! We will be happy to create a blogging strategy tailored to your business needs and objectives.


The Content Plan we received was a solid piece of support to our strategy. Full analysis of our communication, clear strategy on the content, schedule and recommendations. They have a hollistic approach to the content matters and it pays off.

Magdalena Gaweda


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Effects of Running the Blogging Process with Delante

Example of one of our client

Increase in seasonal traffic thanks to well-chosen blog topics (75% of website traffic comes from the blog)

graph showing visibility increase

A blogpost about drying mushrooms generated a big increase in website traffic in the fall of 2019:

graph showing traffic increase on vitamoc website

graph showing peak of traffic and visibility after publishing article on vitamoc's blog

As you can see, a properly managed blogging process can help increase your website traffic!

Our customer’s success

Check out how we increased traffic by 220% thanks to content optimization!

Delante’s SEO Specialist has actually become a part of our content marketing team. Regular meetings and good cooperation flow bring results – we observe a significant increase in website visibility and organic traffic on the UK market.

Adam Pogorzelski

CMO, Co-founder

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Our Tools

Ahrefs MOZ Google Analytics Google PageSpeed Google Trends Clusteric GTmetrix LiteSpeed Cache Majestic Screaming Frog Search Console Semrush Semstorm SEO SpyGlass SEOprofiler Tag Manager Woblink WP Rocket

What Makes Delante an Ideal
Go-To Blogging Partner

Let us present to you 15 arguments justifying that making Delante your blogging partner is the right choice and a smart business move.

We work for various industries
Do you run an IT blog or are you more into health-related issues? Don’t worry, we will create the right content for you, no matter the niche you work in.

wdrożenia ga4 przez specjalistów

We know how to write for humans and bots
A well-optimized article isn’t the same as an over-optimized article. We will make sure your blog posts are a pleasant read for your visitors and appear high in SERP.

We write all types of content: from lifestyle to highly specialized articles
No matter what type of post you need us to write – we handle all topics professionally. We always put extra effort in our research to ensure superb results and adjust the content to your business needs.

We have long experience on the market
Even though some of our team members are pretty young, our agency has been delivering quality content for their clients since 2014.

We keep track on trends in various industries
With our help, your content will be always up-to-date and relevant to your audience.

We not only optimize content but also increase conversion rates
While making sure that your content is well-optimized for search engines, we also ensure it reads well and brims with interesting information for higher conversion and engagement.

SEO copywriting

We work with copywriters proficient in various industries
Writers that work with Delante specialize in different niches. They are responsible for delivering high-quality content.

language analysis in content plan

We write multi-language blog posts
No matter what language your audience speaks, we’ve established connections with many copywriters of different nationalities.

user intent research content plan services

We create content satisfying search intents
We know that running a blog isn’t a breeze, that’s why we keep our hands on the pulse to be aware of what your audience may need and search for at a given moment.

We personalize each project
We approach each project individually. If you need to change the blogging process so that it is exactly what your business needs, just let us know.

We ensure each piece of content is unique and never published before
We don’t purchase content from other vendors. Instead, we create the pieces of writing ourselves. This is why all blog posts are entirely unique, from the introduction to the closing remarks.

We keep a close eye on the punctuation, spelling and grammar
Error-free texts are not only easier to read but also influence the way your audience perceives you. You’re a professional, so should be the content published on your blog.

We promote readability and usability
Tips, life hacks and how-tos are just three examples of content we help you get written for your blog. We also make sure everything is formatted according to the latest UX standards.

We produce highly-informative content
We are far from bloviating. Instead, we do our best to write insightful pieces of content that are interesting to read. !

We do competition analysis
Before we write a set of blog posts, we check what the closest competition of yours posts are on their blogs. This way we can prepare even better content!

See What Others Think About the
Web Content Created at Delante

A thank-you email sent to one of our SEO Specialists – the client appreciates the content creation tips:

comment from satisfied client about content tips from delante specialist

Below two comments on the web content written for a company working in the demanding healthcare industry:

comment from satisfied client about created content

Comment from a satisfied client

comment from a satisfiedclient

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