International SEO

Are you expanding abroad? Do you want to optimize your website in a foreign language? Learn in which countries we will help you shine.

International SEO for webpages and e-commerce

Every country has its own SEO

In the era of omnipresent development and foreign markets expansion, it becomes common to create websites in several language versions or separate websites in foreign languages. Online stores with success stories in their domestic market want to offer their services also outside of their motherland. Delante optimizes foreign websites taking into account specificities of a given local market. We know that understanding of all the cultural differences and characteristics of a given nation, in the SEO process for websites targeting international markets, could not only shape reception of your website, but also influence consumer choices. Therefore, you don’t have to look for SEO agencies abroad in order for your website to be much more visible in the search engine.

A few words about international SEO

To get the best international SEO effects, one has to know the local market well. This is the only way to understand the target group, foresee their queries and their needs. Some of the characteristics of citizens of various countries can significantly influence their purchase decisions. They can also formulate their searches differently. Culture, which we are brought up in has great impact on our actions and it has to be taken into account by anybody who starts optimizing their website abroad.

You have to realize that Google is not the primary search engine in every country. One of the first steps in successful, international SEO strategy then, is to find out which search engine is most frequently used by citizens of a country we want to optimize ourselves in. Then, it is time to learn about its specifics and get to know e.g., Bing, Baidu, Seznam, Yandex, Yahoo!, and many other search engines. Each of them is different and it may turn out that SEO principles suited for Google may not be effective for them at all.

Language of your website also has great impact on international SEO and, consequently, selecting keywords and ability to create relevant content. These can differ from those we know and we have to keep it in mind. Different types of content will be considered valuable as well, e.g. a German will look closely to technical specification of a product and conciseness of its description. You may think it’s a little stereotypical approach, but it can have huge impact on SEO strategy. Therefore, you should pay special attention to specific characteristics of language in the country where you want to introduce your website.

Another matter you should consider is that different SEO activities give a variety of results in different countries. In some countries you will observe greatest results using external links redirecting to your website from valuable sources and in others you will get desired effects by optimizing activities directly on your website. In order to successfully optimize your website abroad, you have to understand these differences and possess necessary knowledge.

Benefits of doing International SEO with Delante

  • Our firm has a lot of experience (and it’s constantly growing) with websites in foreign languages. We usually work with Polish, German and English websites, but we also worked with Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, French and Italian websites. These experiences allowed us to develop certain methodology, which gives best results in a given country. We are also constantly enhancing our knowledge about foreign markets and we are open to cooperation with other countries.
  • We are able to create relevant content and select keywords that will work best for your business and the market you operate on, because our team knows foreign languages and we cooperate with native speakers and copywriters who work in various languages.
  • Communication with us will be smoother than with any other SEO agency operating on international markets. You will have direct contact with experts optimizing your website.
  • We will select SEO strategies suitable for a given country’s market. To give you a high level example – we know that optimizing an English website has to be based on link building from English sources. Other sources will not give you desired results and the search engine may assign an English website to our country and view it in Polish search results.
  • We use efficient tools, which will help us monitor our work and its effects also in case of foreign websites.
  • International SEO with our company shows observable effects, because we remain true to the principles listed above.

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We know SEO principles and we know how to apply them to a given country to get the best results for your website.



We have a strong record of successful optimizations in different countries. What you get is our expertise in international SEO.


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