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Did you know that Google is not only a good place to display your online store’s website (either by ranking high, or by using ads in search results)? It is also a convenient and shorter way of reaching potential customers with precise offer. How do you do that? Turn on Google Shopping from AdWords! Every single online store should use this option to get better sales.

Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center tool will display information about products available in your store (link, picture, price, etc.) directly on Google after typing certain phrase. In some cases this feature works similarly to well-known price comparison engines.

This is another, very effective way to increase awareness of your products or services among users and to make them choose your store from many others.

Delante offers comprehensive product campaigns for you, that will quickly show desired sales effects.

How Does This Work?

Google AdWords product campaigns most frequently display at the top of the search results or to their right as a picture of the product with a brief description and price. If you want to use such advertising, you have to link your online store with Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords (which is serviced by literally any of the most popular online store platforms and software). It is essential to properly display ads of your products.

If you set up and maintain your product campaigns wisely, you can quickly observe increased conversion in your online store. Moreover, it is a relatively inexpensive way to reach potential customers and to increase sales. You can achieve great effects by combining this type of advertising with dynamic remarketing, which will be described in detail below.

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I’m truly impressed with the results we saw after such a short period of time. Specialists working at Delante are real experts in the field who know what to do.

Bart Bober

Bartłomiej Bober


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Why Is It Worth To
Launch Product Campaigns

woocomerce wordpress seo

It is a perfect solution to promote your online store and its offer effectively

The reach of the ad in search results will increase significantly

International SEO strategy

Product campaigns will increase efficiency indices and consequently conversion indices

Your ads will be displayed on Google and among its partners like YouTube

Technical SEO

Advanced configuration capabilities enable more effective conversion optimization.

What Our Clients Say

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Benefits Of Doing It
With Delante

We have experts, who have been doing this before, have experience and necessary knowledge

Audit your Google Ads account

We will walk you through the entire process. We will set up AdWords and Google Merchant Center accounts for you. We will optimize them and get ready, so they run smoothly and exploit full capabilities of the tools

Targeted SEO content

We will analyze your needs and your business and we will tailor the most suitable and efficient advertising strategy for you

Content for wordpress seo

We will help you prepare the product file: content, keywords, etc

content plan competitor analysis

We will monitor and optimize the product file if necessary (e.g. when the price changes we will update it)

We will create non-standard tags (Google Shopping has several standard tags, but they might not be suitable for your business – non-standard tags make monitoring of a given product easier as they let us e.g. show, that a given product is on sale, is popular or seasonal)

We will optimize the campaign based on non-standard product display data on Google Shopping, YouTube and Google partner network

We conduct our product campaign activities based on the above-mentioned principles – we know them and understand them and we will help you create efficient ads of superb quality

Good communication is important and Delante knows it. Professionals in every bit. We’ve just started few months ago and I am already impressed.

Walker Wilkerson


Technology Stack

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