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Expanding abroad? Our international SEO services will help you shine in whichever market you choose! As an experienced international SEO agency, we bring extensive experience and expertise in navigating the complexities of international SEO to ensure your success across borders.

Why Choose Us as Your International SEO Agency?

We optimize for popular local search engines

We are expereinced with specifics of different markets

We focus on the most converting keywords in a given country

We create valuable content

We acquire links from valuable country domains

Bartek Kubala - SEO Specialist

Bartek Kubala

SEO Specialist

Let’s talk about how to improve your international visibility!

Importance of
International SEO

In the era of global culture, companies are reaching out to new, foreign markets. Successful stores, after winning their domestic market want to offer their services outside of their motherland. At this point, many forget about the proper optimization of their international websites, and it’s here where an international SEO ensures their success in new markets by making it easier for search engines to detect what country the target audience is, along with the native business language! Emphasizing the importance of international search engine optimization is crucial for targeting specific international markets, tailoring SEO strategy to the most relevant search engines in each country, and utilizing signals like hreflang tags and website geo-targeting to improve content targeting for global consumers.

Each country has its own specifics and its own SEO. Delante optimizes foreign websites taking into account the specificities of a given local market. We know that understanding all the cultural differences and characteristics of a given nation, in the SEO process for websites targeting international markets, not only shapes the reception of your website but also influences consumer choices. Therefore, you don’t have to look for SEO agencies abroad in order for your website to be more visible in the same search engine results.

As a international SEO company, we are experienced with the specifics of different markets, including reaching out to an international audience, supporting business expansion, offering multilingual SEO services, and tailoring SEO strategies for different target locations and languages.

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Table of Contents

Why Do You Need
International SEO Services?

The best international SEO effects come in pair with good knowledge of the local market. The main challenges that you will encounter when optimizing your website for the global market in search of specific countries and languages are: An international SEO campaign leverages this local market understanding to attract a broader audience, contrasting with local SEO by employing more complex strategies to engage customers across multiple countries.

International SEO services target group

Different Target Group Specifics

Understanding the target group is the first step to foresee its needs and queries. It is the unique characteristics of each market that will significantly influence their purchase decision and will have a say in the way they compose their searches.
Cultural knowledge is crucial to start optimizing your website abroad.

content analysis

Recognition Of The Search Engine

When considering international SEO strategies, it’s crucial to recognize the role of international search engines, which are designed to find companies globally, unlike local search engines optimized for local searches. Google remains a dominant force among global search engines in many markets, but it’s not the only player on the international stage. The first step to a successful international SEO strategy is to identify the specific search engine you’ll be targeting, as each international search engine varies and will require adjustments to meet its unique requirements.

Website language in international SEO services

The Language Of Your Website

The language of your website also has a great impact on international SEO and, consequently, selecting keywords and the ability to create relevant content. Keep in mind that there are a couple of countries that are multilingual – that’s also important to address when entering such a market.

Technical SEO optimization for global SEO services

Technical SEO Matters

A well-designed international SEO strategy needs to be based on solid technical grounds. You need to define whether the website will be language or country targeted, what type will be the new language version of your site – a domain, subdomain, or catalog, even rethinking the CMS choice will be good before entering a new market. Then comes a matter of URLs structure, implementation of hreflangs, and international management to help Google see your website properly. To navigate these complexities effectively, seeking advice from international SEO consultants can be invaluable in ensuring your website’s global success.

Global SEO strategy

International Content

That goes without saying that entering a new country you need to also adjust the way you publish and create your content. While international content strategies focus on adapting to the cultural and linguistic preferences of a global audience, local SEO emphasizes optimizing content for a specific geographic area, highlighting the differences in approach and objectives. Keep in mind what type of content is considered valuable by specific readers, e.g. a German will look closely at the technical specification of a product and conciseness of its description. You may think it’s a little stereotypical approach, but it can have a huge impact not only on SEO strategy but also on sales.

International SEO strategy

The Same Strategy & Different Effects

SEO activities that work in one country may give a variety of results in different countries. While in some places the greatest SEO results will come from using external links to redirect to your e-commerce, in others, you will achieve your determined goals by working directly on your website with technical SEO. What works depends directly on the market specificities and the competitors’ activity – that’s why it’s crucial to analyze that first!

The process of International SEO is complex & there’s a beauty of a challenge in it! In order to successfully optimize your website abroad, you will need to possess the necessary knowledge and face new challenges. Or, you can count on our experience!

Delante has been a trusted SEO partner. They’ve helped us clean up and optimize our site so we can begin getting the traffic we deserve.

Grant Adams

Managing Partner

International SEO Service
With Delante

We’re spreading our international SEO strategies in many corners of the world & support various industries. Having our clients in over 20 countries, we’re conducting the process, and communicating online with great results. They already know you don’t need to be close with your SEO team to make wonders. What matters the most in international SEO is the experience!

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International SEO agency


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What Our Clients Say
about Our Global SEO Services

International SEO is often considered an impossible task, or at least something very hard to do properly. However, if we learn all its secret dos and don’ts, working with foreign clients becomes a pleasure and – what’s most important – we can achieve great results together.

The key is to acknowledge that every market has its own rules. Different techniques will work for the Netherlands while others for Spain. In the case of international SEO, along with the industry we also need to get to know the new market and its customers. For example, we need to know how these people search online – you’d be surprised at how many differences with other countries will appear when it comes to the keyword choice, ways to compose a query, and the key factors users will pay attention to when looking for service or product. Similarly, the same will apply to the link-building process – it varies for each country.

Gosia Kwiecień
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO

What You Get
When Choosing Delante’s International SEO Service

Keyword research

Keyword Research
The first step is the traffic analysis. Based on that, your strategy is created. Then, we choose relevantly and the most converting keywords for a given market considering cultural differences.

SEO audit

SEO Audit
Our comprehensive SEO audit encompasses all aspects of search engine optimization, including an in-depth look at your site’s ability to target various countries and languages. This includes evaluating localization signals, website geo-targeting, and the correct use of hreflang tags to ensure your content is perfectly tailored for each target country, location and/or language, significantly impacting your site’s SERP position internationally.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO
Implementing technical changes to help Google crawlers better understand your website’s content & correctly detect your target audience.

SEO copywriting

SEO Copywriting
High-quality content including relevant keywords is created by native speakers or translated by experienced translators. This is the next step to increase your online visibility on a new market.

seo migration website launch stage

SEO Content Optimization
Properly optimized content on your website will significantly influence your website’s position in Google abroad.

Link-building services

Quality Link-building
In the link-building process, the key is to create valuable links that have various, high-quality sources. We create linking profiles adjusted to the specific market by using proven link sources in local domains.

SEO analytics and reporting

Analytics & Reporting
Web traffic analysis, measuring the SEO impact on your sales, and the summary of all activities are just a part of our reports. Each month, you’re provided with an extensive set of data as proof or results.

SEO consultation link building audit

SEO Consulting
Communication with our clients is extremely important for us – we’re there for you to get you through the audit, monthly report, or catch up with current issues. All this done in English to always keep you well-informed.

We Can Predict Your
Organic Traffic Growth

At Delante, we can predict your organic traffic growth with a 70-80% accuracy!

By leveraging real-time data from Google Analytics, analyzing trends from the past few months, and utilizing external tools, we can provide accurate estimations of your site’s organic traffic growth.

Our estimations are based on the extensive experience of our international SEO experts and a deep understanding of the most influential ranking factors.

Curious about the potential SEO outcomes for your business? Reach out to us and find out!

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Delante’s SEO Specialist has actually become a part of our content marketing team. Regular meetings and good cooperation flow bring results – we observe a significant increase in website visibility and organic traffic on the UK market.

Adam Pogorzelski

CMO, Co-founder

Benefits Of International SEO
With Delante

Dedicated team of international SEO experts

Dedicated team of SEO experts working on your website

Targeted SEO content

Market-oriented & high-quality content with relevant local keywords

Global SEO strategy

International SEO strategy tailored to market specifics and your business needs

Monthly SEO reporting

Transparent monthly reporting with visible effects

SEO consulting in English

Easy and constant communication in English

Technical seo for wordpress

Advanced technology stack – only the best SEO tools

Quality link building services by seo sem agency

A solid base of linking sources in different countries and industries

Work directly with SEO specialist

No account managers. Work directly with the SEO specialist assigned to your project.

Learn More About International SEO
In Different Countries

Explore the differences of some of the most popular markets in the world. Based on our experience of introducing our clients’ brands and products to foreign countries we not only obtained the precious knowledge of local traditions but also created a base of resources that helps us with everyday International SEO. Which market are you choosing?

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Most Frequently Asked Questions
About International SEO

I already have an SEO strategy for my native market. Can’t I just use it for another market?

Every market is different, so the SEO strategy built for your website in one country probably won’t work (or will be less effective) for another location. It’s because every country has its own specifics, both demographic, legal, and behavioral, which need to be considered when creating an SEO strategy. All SEO actions must correspond with the specificities of a target group they aim for – that’s why we highly recommend recreating your SEO plan and adjust it to every new market your want to enter.

After what time will I notice the SEO is working?

The first results of a well-conducted implementation of an international SEO strategy can be noticed in the increase of your website’s online visibility – usually, it takes 2-3 months to see a real increase. After that time, you will also start seeing an increase in traffic to your site, and eventually, it’ll contribute to better sales. Note that it all depends on your website’s condition and the amount of work it requires. You can see the average timeline of SEO effects below:

seo reulst timeline

How do I know if your SEO really work?

We deeply care about the transparency of our processes. We don’t have anything to hide, and we are proud of our cooperation – jump to Case Studies to see a real results of our previous interrnational SEO strategies.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that in Delante, we’re operating on hard data, not guesses. Each month we give our clients visible proof of our strategies working – they are provided with clear, data-based reports on the current website performance compared to previous months. We deeply care about the transparency of our processes. That’s why you can check how our International SEO services worked for clients on the Case Study page on our website.

Is it worth entrusting an SEO agency from Poland with International SEO?

Of course – if the company is already experienced in International SEO! In the case of international SEO service, the key to success is understanding the client’s business, market specificities, and target group – based on that, you can create a successful global SEO strategy for a foreign country. Therefore, the international SEO company doesn’t need to be native to the market you want to enter.

What is more, to make the cooperation even more convenient for you, in Delante, all communication is carried out in English. From the very beginning, we assign one SEO specialist to coordinate the project, so our client can be in constant touch with a person directly responsible for working on the website.

What is International SEO?

International SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy used to optimize websites for search engines to target and appeal to users in various countries and languages. It involves creating, customizing, and organizing content in a way that resonates with people from different regions, ensuring that the website is accessible, relevant, and appealing to a global audience.

Key Components of International SEO:

  1. Language and Localization
  2. Geo-Targeting
  3. Hreflang Tags
  4. URL Structure.
  5. Local Link Building.
  6. Technical SEO.

How do you develop an international SEO strategy?

Developing an international SEO strategy involves optimizing your website to reach a global audience. To create an effective international SEO strategy, you can follow these steps:

1. Market Research:

  • Language and Locale: Identify the languages spoken by your target audience.
  • Buying Behavior: Understand the buying behavior of the users in different countries.

2. Domain Structure:

  • ccTLDs: Country code top-level domains (e.g., .uk , .ca ) for country-specific websites.
  • Subdirectories or Subdomains: Use subdirectories or subdomains for different languages or countries under a generic TLD (e.g., .com ).

3. Hreflang Tags:

  • Implement hreflang tags to tell Google which language you are using on a specific page.

4. Localized Content:

  • Translate and localize the content, considering the cultural nuances.
  • Use native speakers or professional translation services.

5. Keyword Research:

  • Conduct keyword research for each target market to understand local search trends.
  • Optimize for local search terms and phrases.

6. Link Building:

  • Build backlinks from local domains and websites to improve authority in each region.
  • Participate in local online communities and forums.

7. Local SEO:

  • Optimize Google My Business for each location.
  • Obtain local reviews and manage local citations.


  • Technical Aspects: Focus on domain structure, hreflang tags, site speed, and mobile optimization.
  • Content: Emphasize localization, keyword optimization, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Promotion: Work on link building, social media engagement, and local SEO.
  • Analysis: Regularly analyze performance and optimize strategies.

Implementing these strategies and constantly optimizing them based on data and performance will help in establishing a successful international SEO strategy. Remember, understanding and respecting each market’s cultural, legal, and linguistic nuances is key to international SEO success.

Check out our International SEO Checklist


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