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SEO Audit

Are you dissatisfied with the results of your current SEO activities? Audit will allow you to verify what is the reason for that and find the right solutions.

SEO audit

All you need to know about your website

SEO Audit service aims at creating a reader-friendly document, which will include findings, advice and recommendations for the analyzed website. The information presented in the document will allow administrators of the website, its programmers, IT staff and other people involved in building the website to implement recommendations step by step and to improve the website from the SEO perspective.
SEO audit will give you a detailed analysis of all the elements on a given website that are important for SEO purposes. We will supplement it with tips on how to optimize specific faults. Moreover, the audit aims to assess the level of optimization of the website. A well-written document will facilitate discovering faults on the website (bugs on the website, prior Google filters, bad SEO practices, duplicate content, UX mistakes, etc.). It should be a reader-friendly set of recommendations for webmasters and a good introduction to optimization process.
High quality audit includes analysis of the website from different angles: it researches the site’s search engine ranking situation, its visibility and analyzes it from the inside. It is impartial and reliable.

Benefits of audit

SEO audit will be beneficial for every website you have. We can review those that have been in operation for years (most frequent case), but also mock-ups yet to be launched. It is a very good practice that will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes in the beginning of its life cycle and will make it search engine-friendly from its first days of operation.

Audit is also recommended when a website undergoes significant changes, e.g. when its design or domain changes or when several URLs are being combined into one. It is often conducted when changing your SEO agency or specialist.

SEO audit also aims at showing you problems with your website that you had no idea about. Often, people buy a domain that was already registered, without knowing what was on it before. It may turn out that it was filtered by Google or that it was hacked before – which will make it more difficult to optimize. Correct diagnosis can have a positive impact on the future of the website.

Elements of audit and reasons to conduct it

We pay special attention to audit preparation. We conduct it for all of our new Clients, which allows us to verify the condition of the website we will be working on and prepare an efficient SEO strategy.

You can also order SEO audit alone with us – it doesn’t have to include future optimization process.

Delante’s audit includes:

  • Analysis of the website from the perspective of a variety of rankings, e.g. Alexa Traffic Rank, MozRank, MozTrust, Page Authority, Domain Authority, etc.
  • Complete website information: CMS details, age, design updates, scripts, language versions, responsiveness, speed, etc.
  • Observations on the outlook of your website in search engine results (Meta Title, Meta Description).
  • Main page and sub-sites analysis (including titles, descriptions, URLs, pictures, content, etc.)
  • Multiple charts (including sources) – which will precisely show you what is going on with your website.
  • Bugs on the website and ways to handle them and how to avoid them in the future.
  • Analysis of keywords important to your business.
  • Observations on your competition and comparison of its websites to yours.
  • Information about the number and quality of inbound links (i.e. hyperlinks from external sites to yours).
  • Information about your website’s presence in Social Media.
  • Upon request, we will give you some UX tips.
  • Final conclusions.

If audit is the first step of our cooperation, we are also extending the information on how we are going to proceed with SEO activities on your website.

Tools used

We use a number of specialized tools to conduct the audit, including:

Here's what you get



SEO audit we will perform for you will give you answers to the most bothering questions regarding your website.



We will provide you with many valuable tips that could help you improve your ranking on Google and general condition of your website.



We will offer our assistance in many aspects related to your website. This is what we are good at and we know how to implement many of the tips quickly.



If you decide to implement the changes and optimizations we suggest – you and your website will definitely feel the difference. And it’s going to be for the better.