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Link-Building Audit

Find out how to boost the effectiveness of your off-site activities and therefore increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

Link-building Audit

External linking, also called an off-site SEO process, is an important element of SEO. If it’s run on its own, it may not give too many results. However, if it is correlated with the activities on the website, and based on a well-thought-out strategy, it can take your website to the next level and make it rank higher in search engines.

Would you like to check if your linking process is carried out correctly of if they are low quality? Do you want to know whether the links leading to your website really add value and contribute to the strengthening of the position of your website on Google?

We’ll help you check links quality what you can do better to make your backlinks support your SEO. Contact us and find out more!

What do you gain?



Our SEO specialist will comprehensively analyze your website in terms of linking and will point out some elements for improvement.


Action plan

We’ll give you a clear action plan with recommendations and concrete tips that you can implement right away.



After the audit, we will be happy to discuss the outcome with you, as well as to answer your questions.


Visibility and traffic

After implementing the recommendations from your linking audit, you will find out that off-site activities run in the right way, will result in increased visibility and organic traffic.


To ensure the highest quality of the audit, we use various tools that monitor the links (and all of their parameters) leading to the website.