Google Ads Audit Service

Optimize your Google Ads for maximum effectiveness! Unsure if your current campaign is fully optimized? Opt for a thorough Google AdWords audit service to evaluate your account and ads.

Why Choose Our Google Ads Audit Service?

Account set-up analysis

Account settings analysis

Ongoing campaigns analysis

2h of consultations

Actionable recommendations

Tomek Gniecki - SEM & Analytics Specialist

Tomek Gniecki

SEM & Analytics Specialist

During the audit. our specialist will dive deep into your Google Ads account to find what can be improved, to help you make the utmost out of your advertising budget.

Google Ads Audit Service

Do you run a campaign on Google Ads but you’re not 100% sure whether your ads are well optimized? Would you like to check whether your account and ads are well set up, and also find out what should be improved? Great news, because we can and know how to help you. Let us prepare a comprehensive Google Ads audit for you and identify some areas for further improvement, so you can generate better results.

Delante has gone above and beyond throughout our journey together, bringing a team of specialists who know what they’re doing. If you need a team of experts with skin in the game, I couldn’t recommend any other option.

Eduardo Oliveira

Co-Founder & CEO

What Is the Google Ads Audit Service

The Google Ads, or Google AdWords audit service takes 2 weeks (on average). It’s conducted manually by one of our SEM specialists. The Google Ads audit that we conduct always consists of three steps:

Checking your Google Ads account set-up

At this stage, we check whether your Google Ads account has been properly configured and if it allows you to set a campaign accordingly. We’re checking elements such as:

  • connecting Google Ads account to other tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, YouTube, Google Merchant Center),
  • import goals and transactions from Google Analytics,
  • import of Google Analytics recipients,
  • access to the account,
  • access to payment settings.

Checking your Google Ads account settings

After checking the configuration of your advertising account, we check the settings of the account itself, without entering detailed campaigns yet. We’re checking elements such as:

  • exclusion lists,
  • drafts and “experiments” on your account,
  • campaigns’ groups,
  • smart bid strategies and budgets in the account,

Analysing ongoing campaigns

The last step is a detailed check of your Google Ads campaigns. The items that we audit are different for each type of ad. We’re checking elements such as:

  • settings for each type of advertising (Search, Remarketing, Display, PLA, YouTube, application ads and others),
  • ad extensions,
  • optimizations via individual factors (e.g. schedule, devices, days, location),
  • account bugs and notifications,
  • optimization results and implementation of Google standards,
  • attribution modeling.
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Google Ads Audit Results
What You Receive


Document with detailed analysis

As part of the Google Ads audit service, you receive 2 documents: descriptive analysis of the account and a table with the elements to improve.


Google Ads audit overview

As a part of the audit, you also receive 2 hours of consultations. We are happy to discuss the analysis with you.



During the consultation, we will happily answer your potential questions on how you can further optimize your Google Ads account, and what strategy you should implement to achieve better results.

Good communication is important and Delante knows it. Professionals in every bit. We’ve just started few months ago and I am already impressed.

Walker Wilkerson


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