How Google Ads Investment Pays Off



How Google Ads Investment Pays Off
08 October 2018
Are you considering allocating some of your marketing budget funds to Google Ads? Perhaps you heard this and that, and you see some potential there, but you are still having second thoughts - 'are Ads going to work for my business'? Keep reading this entry - here we'll highlight the most important benefits of running Google Ads campaigns.



Google Ads - a crucial online marketing strategy

Google Ads makes an effective tool for any entrepreneur planning running online advertising campaigns to actively reach every single of many potential customers out there. When it comes to Google, size doesn't matter anymore - either a small hairdresser in the neighbourhood, or a globally recognized online retail brand - Ads do pay off. If there are customers googling us - and there surely are - we need to make sure our offer is displayed appropriately; especially when users are already after certain products or services, that we offer. With Google Ads, you can establish a strong, visible brand and secure your position on the market. Regardless of your business model, whether it's sales, lead generation or building brand awareness or customer loyalty, Google Ads make a suitable tool. For instance, prior to a new product/service launch, Google Ads may help you spread a pre-release interest in the new drop among the potential customers. With Google Ads, you can promote the products and/or services whenever a need arises. Therefore, Google Ads campaigns work perfectly for promoting seasonal products or specials sales, as well as when you're trying to enter into the business-running world. Google Ads' marketing effectiveness is basically guaranteed by Google's penetration. Over 90% of users globally use Google search engine for you-name-it, and that includes searching for products, services and information. On top of that, there are over 2 million pages in the Google Display Network, as well as mobile apps and video content, also consumed by over 90% of internet users. Google Ads knows, therefore, no limits. Wherever there's a potential customer, your ad may be, displayed in Google network. In as much as few seconds after the campaign's customized and launched, your business can be included in the search results and Google partner websites all around the world.

Google Ads for your quick online presence

One of the Google Ads upsides are the immediate results. After the campaign is created, it takes about 12 minutes for the system to check and enable it. Undoubtedly, in this field Google Ads excel SEO - since search engine positioning is a long-term process that allows you to achieve stable results only after a long period of iterating SEO processes. With Google Ads, on the other hand, we can have the single most widespread search engine display our pages among its results. In this way, Google Ads level the playing field, allowing newborn businesses to compete with the big shots on the 1st pages of search results. Large companies, on the other hand, can consolidate and strengthen their market position even more. For an e-business, building online search engine visibility is a must, that allows them to actively increase internet traffic, considered as main lead generation source.

Full marketing time & budget control with Google Ads

Google Ads features allow us to take full control over advertisement displaying frequency and spendings. It's up to us, how long the campaign will last; Ads allow us to turn it off and on again, on a whim! With ad scheduling feature, we can advertise only on specific days or at specific times. To cap monthly advertising spendings, we can set an average daily budget. For example, by setting a daily budget of, say, €30, we make sure that our monthly Ads spendings will not exceed €30 * 30.4 (average number of days in a month), and that's €912. There are several bidding strategies available. The most common, however, is CPC (cost-per-click), where each ad click is charged. If our focus are sales, CPA (cost-per-action) billing works particularly well - we are charged only if a user converts. For brand-building and awareness-boosting, pick the CPM model (cost-per-mille) as fitting best - in that model, you pay for every 1,000 ad impressions.

Precise ad targeting with Google Ads

To succeed in marketing, use correct targeting techniques. Even the best tailored ad will have no impact if not shown to right people, in right time and place. Folders, TV, radio or press ads reach loads of people, diverse gender- and age-wise; as to their personal pursuits, as well as place of residence. Google Ads allows precise targeting - so only the most of potentially valuable users, most willing to take up focus actions, will be shown the advertising content. For example, instead of reaching out passionate travellers in general, we can pick those potentially interested in, say, Bulgaria all-inclusive tours - and that's before the campaign is launched! Customizing ad campaigns this precisely saves your time and money. Available audience targeting settings are:
  • behavioral targeting: focuses on interests, behavior patterns, search keywords, websites visited, categories of similarities, remarketing
  • contextual targeting: pages by main topic, keywords
  • automatic placements: uses Google machine learning
For further details, read Google official manual:

Wide range of ad formats supported by Google Ads

Google Ads allows placing your ads in all kinds of internet sites, which in turn requires a several tailored ad formats support. Each of those has its own possibilities and advantages. The available formats are:
  • Text - ad is displayed to users as text. Text ads allow reaching active Google searchers.
  • Image - visual product/service presentation, placed on websites cooperating with Google, i.e. within its GDN advertising network.
  • Responsive - automatically adjusts to the available advertising space in terms of size, appearance and format. Can be either a text or an image.
  • Product Shopping ad - displays product image, model ID, its price, offering shop info, and other details in Google Shopping, Google search engine, and the Google Display Network, including YouTube. PLA
  • App promotion ad - refers users to the app store (e.g. Google Play) suggesting a download, or directly to a specific in-app window. This format boosts application downloads stats or focus in-app interactions. Display places include Google search engine, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.
  • Video - displayed either as a standalone video ad or a streaming embed. With this format you can reach the users of sites cooperating with Google.
  • Call-only ads - displayed in Google search engine only on devices allowing to make phone calls. A direct call is only a click away for the user. Displaying only during our office's opening hours is obviously available. Call only
  • Google Maps ad - displayed in the Maps, help users potentially interested in locals companies of this kind to easily get directions. Map Google
For Google Ads formats , see the official manual:

Google Ads analytics tools

With Google Ads dashboard, managing and result-tracking of all our campaigns is executed in a single panel; its features allow tracking the effects of the campaign (number of impressions and clicks generated by the ad, number of page visits, conversion rate, ROAS, etc.). Ads customization features allow for clear and precise data segregation and customizing assessment factors for a quick effectiveness evaluation of whole campaigns, specific groups or individual ads. Based on the available data, the customization can be perfected on a continuous basis. While the campaign run, we can still optimize specific activities, bidding strategies, add new ads and remove old ones. For more user-friendly and accurate analysis, Google Ads supports external files and databases import and export, and account integrations, i.e. with Google Analytics and YouTube.


With Google Ads, you face an opportunity of increase reachout, improve your brand recognition, boost sales and profits - all of these indicate one thing - business success! Campaign effectiveness depends on the right customization, followed by monitoring and optimization on a continuous basis. So, if you want to have an effective campaign, but you lack Google Ads proficiency, and have no resources to teach yourself, start looking for an experienced and professional marketing partner.

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