Google Ads

Advertising in paid search results is a great way to get customers fast.

How to run an effective search engine marketing?

Efficient advertising on Google

Google Ads (former Google AdWords) is an advertising service launched by Google in 2000. To make the long story short, it allows you to display ads as sponsored links in paid search results on Google, but also as text-based ads, graphic display ads or video ads on Gmail, YouTube and on websites cooperating with Google AdSense. It has a large-scale reach and influence. Google Ads offers services in several models: CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille) and CPV (cost per view). It is a great idea if you want to reach many people in a simple and relatively inexpensive way. Depending on business goals it can be treated as a separate service, but the best results are achieved when combining it within a complex campaign along with SEO.

Some background on Google Ads

Nowadays, online advertising gives you greatest conversions, especially among young people. More and more people stop using TV, radio or press in favor of the Internet. Instead of reading the news in papers, we are scrolling news portals. Online shopping is becoming every-day reality. Therefore, it is only logical that companies want to advertise their services and products online.

Google Ads can place you exactly where somebody is looking for services you offer – in Google search results.

Google Ads offers two basic methods of advertising:

  • We are targeting our advertising in Google search network by selecting specific keywords,
  • We are targeting our advertising in Google advertising network by selecting the targeting strategy.

The first method shows higher conversion for a simple reason – we are viewed as a response to users’ specific search terms, we become their problem solver. The second method is about displaying graphic ads in the advertising network. We reach those, who may be interested in purchasing our products in near future. This way, despite lower conversion, we are building awareness and recognition of our brand. Contrary to other forms of advertising like radio or TV we target our campaign accurately, we don’t have to view it to everybody.

Define your target group

It is essential to define your target group to make your ads more efficient. Your campaign can then be displayed on websites most frequently visited by your potential customers, e.g. if you run an online store with diet supplements for athletes, you can display ads on body-building forums or other places related to the interests of your target group.

You can base targeting on socio-demographic factors like gender, age, residence and others.

Ads sponsored link can, of course, rank on different positions, which depends on:

  • Its Quality Score (influenced by many factors, e.g. quality of the website, ad content, keyword relevance, etc.)
  • Maximum CPC rate set by the advertiser.

To make the most out of Google Ads, you need to prepare individually tailored strategy for a given campaign, research target group and adjust advertising to these factors. For better results, you may want to consider combining it with SEO process.

Delante can run a full Ads campaign for you – from scratch. You don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

Dynamic search Ads

Except for ads based on selected keywords there are also Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). They are automatically displayed in the search engine based on the content of the entire website. Your website will pop up as a results to many more key search phrases, e.g. you don’t have to manually add all the product names as keywords – if someone asks Google about a specific item, that you have in your offer, DSA will show your site with exactly this item as a result.  

Since number of Google searches increases everyday (people formulate their questions in a variety of ways), dynamic ads are a very efficient way to respond to as many of them as possible. It is also a great method to strengthen Long Tail SEO.

We recommend this solution especially to online stores with a wide range of products and multiple sites, and to content publishers. Bear in mind that the content on your website has to be understandable for Google (descriptions of products, headlines, etc.) for best results.

Delante will create dynamic search ads for you that will help you respond to very specific questions from customers. It is a highly effective advertising method.

Who is Google Ads suitable for?

  • Owners of online stores – it shows information about your products and efficiently convinces people to choose them.
  • Service providers – people often search for information about different services online. Ranking high in search results will definitely increase popularity of your website.
  • Content publishers – when you create valuable advertising content, you should also run your campaigns wisely.
  • Classified advertisement websites – with better visibility, more people visit your website and consequently more of them post ads.
  • Manufacturing companies –manufacturers, especially smaller enterprises, have to run efficient advertising if they want to increase sales of their products.
  • Anybody, who wants to increase traffic and conversion on their website.

Here's why you should advertise yourself with Delante

  • We will run your campaign diligently (starting with creating and optimizing your account and linking it to tools like Search Console, we will select relevant keywords, adjust ads to computers and mobile devices, we will take into account location, demographic and remarketing data and pay attention to days, hours and frequency of displaying your ads).
  • We are strictly monitoring all costs,
  • We are tracking effects of campaigns in every detail.
  • We will formulate clear goals for each ad.
  • We will test your campaign.
  • We also use DoubleClick, which gives additional possibilities.
  • You will receive detailed reports on your campaign on a monthly basis.
  • We are at your service in any situation – just give us a call or write an email.
  • We will give you advice when you will be creating other ads.
  • We will help you adjust your advertising budget to your needs and capabilities.
  • And all this will lead to high conversions. With us, your goals are within reach sooner than you think.