5 Advantages of Google Ads Brand Awareness Campaigns



5 Advantages of Google Ads Brand Awareness Campaigns
11 May 2022
Are you wondering how to increase your brand recognition and visibility? For this purpose, you may use Google Ads brand awareness campaigns that will help you achieve the results you have been dreaming about. In today’s entry, we’ll explore five main advantages of Google brand campaigns.



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What Is a Brand Campaign in Google Ads?

The market is becoming increasingly competitive, so it's vital to build brand awareness, visibility and customer loyalty. A brand campaign supports these goals. In addition, branded ads help to reach new recipients, increase sales, and website traffic. A brand awarness campaign is a type of search network campaign (i.e. search engine text ads) that leverages your company name as a keyword. When a user types your company name into the search engine, your website is displayed among the paid search results as the effect of the campaign. Below you can see an example of a brand campaign of the Shein company. As you can observe, the paid brand ad is displayed in the top positions, while the organic brand results are lower. brand awareness campaign shein example

Branded Keywords

Branded keywords are phrases directly connected to your brand/company. For example - for Delante these will be keywords such as Delante, Delante agency, Delante SEO agency, Delante SEO/SEM Agency. Note that services such as local SEO, international SEO, link building, or Google Ads account should belong to separate campaigns. They aren’t included in the list of branded keywords of our company Branded keywords are effective because they are used by people who are already familiar with your company. Some of these people are potential customers who have heard about you from their friends, others are loyal or returning buyers.
You don't know much about Google Ads? Let us do the hard work! You can just enjoy the benefits - increased visibility, traffic, and revenue.
Branded keywords have a high click-through rate. Why? Because users who enter a given query into the search engine usually have a strong and clear intent. They are interested in reaching the brand's website. Nike can be a perfect example here. A user typing Nike shoes in the search engine is more likely to enter the official site. They probably won't choose a less recognizable site, which includes this brand in its offer. Why? Because the official website can boast greater recognition and trustworthiness. Moreover, it's a guarantee that users will find the results they're interested in.
Note: if your brand name happens to be a popular generic word (for example a city name), think twice about whether it’s worth going for a brand awareness campaign.
For example, an internet user looking for hair curling iron types the keyword curling iron into the search engine. She selects the first search result and it turns out that it's a hairdressing salon named Curling Iron. This salon has a website www.curling-iron.com. The user leaves the site immediately because it doesn't meet her expectations. In such a situation, the campaign may generate a large number of impressions, but it may be much less effective. There is a high probability that it'll be shown to people who aren't interested in your brand but are looking for: electric curling irons, specific products, or locations. In this scenario, the campaign costs will be high, but it won't bring you any benefits. Your bounce rate may even increase. Nevertheless, we encourage you to test the solution on your own to verify its effectiveness.

Advantages of Brand Awareness Campaigns - Why Should You Choose Them?

Considerably Low Costs

Branded ads have a significantly lower cost per click than non-branded campaigns. The cost of the whole campaign in most cases constitutes only several percent of the whole monthly budget. The average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is from several to a dozen or so cents. Some companies incur costs that amount to a few USD per day. This usually results from high brand recognition, industry competitiveness, or a common brand name. brand awareness ad campaign costs

Brand Protection Against Competition

Sometimes ads can be displayed for keywords related to your competitor's brand. This may result either from Google's algorithms (based on keyword matching) or the black hat SEO practices of your competitors. When users enter a given phrase in the search engine, Google tries to select the most relevant ads matching the query. The algorithm checks numerous elements such as the query, the quality, and relevance of specific websites, users' characteristics, or their current location. Based on this, it selects ads matching specific queries. automated bidding in google ads Using competitors' names in the descriptions in ads or headlines is a dishonest practice - even if the phrase was chosen by algorithms. In such a situation, you should list the competitor's name among your excluded keywords. It's worth keeping in mind that branded ads don’t remove your competitors. Their offers may be displayed simultaneously with your branded ad. This is because each campaign takes part in the so-called bidding during the user's search. The ads that win are displayed in the search results. In the bidding process, Google takes into account the quality score of the ad, the optimization of the landing page, rates, and settings of the campaign.

Directing Users to Specific Pages

Apart from the advertisement itself, Google may also display extensions. They redirect the user to a particular subpage. This may be, for example, the contact page, information about the company, blog, or product categories. Ads with the extensions are selected more frequently than ads without such extensions. Why? Because they visually occupy a larger area, and the user sees what to expect from the website (links extension). Moreover, you can also encourage people to enter the page with your brand's USP (explanations, information, prices, or promotions extension). A perfect example is Lush cosmetics company - the ad has extensions that direct users to specific pages where they can find different products like bath products, candles, etc. importance of brand campaign


With Google Ads brand campaigns you can often achieve a high return on investment (ROAS) with little financial effort. This is especially true in the case of recognizable brands and a stable base of loyal customers. You don't have to take our word for this. These are results of the brand awareness campaign of one of our clients. Our goal was to increase the reach and display the ads as frequently as possible to the same audience with a specific monthly budget. brand campaign results We managed to decrease (2x) Cost Per Mille (CPM) with more specific ads and narrower targeting. It resulted in more page views within the same budget.
Would you like to know more? Check the Codete Case Study.

Increased Visibility

Brand campaigns help you increase your visibility. How? When you optimize the campaign properly, your page can be displayed in the top positions. If you combine these efforts with SEO (your page is optimized and user-friendly), your brand can truly dominate the SERPs - both paid and organic search results. This will allow you to inspire trust among potential customers. Let's look at the Lush example again, their results take a big portion of SERPs and cannot be missed: what is a brand campaign lush example To sum up, Google Ads brand campaigns have a lot of advantages that make them a noteworthy solution. Thanks to an awareness campaign, you can:
  • Boost customer loyalty,
  • Attract user attention,
  • Increase product sales,
  • Increase the number of interactions with the brand,
  • Build a positive brand image without huge financial efforts.
Google Ads brand campaigns can also remind your former customers about your offer and inspire trust among new potential buyers. Moreover, they’re a great place for providing pieces of information that can’t be otherwise found in the organic search results. These include phone numbers, discounts, special offers, or locations. Are you convinced that it’s worth investing in Google Ads brand campaigns? Get down to a job and create your own one! Or you can leave that to us - we'll create and manage your brand campaigns!
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