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Facebook advertising services, also known as Meta Ads, integrate advertising across





Karolina Pyznar - SEM Specialist

Karolina Pyznar

SEM Specialist

allowing you to connect with your target audience across their preferred platforms at any given time.

Let’s discuss the best Meta Ads strategy for your business!

We’ve been working with Delante since 2020. They handle our Meta Ads, Google Ads, and SEO. Thanks to the Delante team, our company has grown, and we’re more visible and accessible to our customers. The communication is great, and their professionalism is something I really value. I recommend them!

Klaudia Woźniak

Marketing Manager

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Facebook Ad services

The Benefits of Facebook Ads for Your Business

  • A wide range of ad formats to choose from
  • The ability to schedule ads for specific times and dates
  • Access to a vast user base across multiple platforms 
  • Opportunities for community building and direct engagement with your target audience
  • The option to reach unique and niche target audience groups
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You’ve Just Found a Facebook Ads Company that Offers You Fully Customized Facebook Marketing Services

Yep, that’s right – you’ve hit the jackpot! Here, at Delante, you will get Facebook advertising services that fit your business perfectly. How’s that? Well, that’s simple:

No cookie-cutter strategies here.
The below FB Ads Specialists will listen to what you need
to create FB ads that are uniquely yours.

Together we will walk through 4 steps of our Facebook Ads management services, all focusing on understanding your goals and giving you the Facebook Ads help you’re currently after.


Meeting with you & initial set up

Getting to chat directly with you is super important for coming up with a great Facebook Ads strategy. We need that to really understand your business, your goals, and your needs. Then, our Facebook Ads Specialists are here for you to make sure everything – from your Pixel setup to conversion goals, audience targeting, and payment settings – is on point.


Organizing your account & launching your ads

After our first chat, we’ll get your account organized and your Facebook Ads campaigns off the ground. We’ll try to comprehend your current online marketing strategy fully – after all, there is no such thing as two identical brands, right?


Optimizing for superb results

Delante’s Facebook Ads Specialists aim when creating your ads is to give you the best return on what you spend, ensuring you see real benefits from your ad investments. This means adjusting your budget, switching up ads images, formats, and texts to keep things fresh, and exploring different campaign targets.


Keeping you updated

Every month, you’ll get a detailed report from us. But it’s not just about numbers; we’ll fill you in on the improvements we’ve made and our strategy to keep improving your ad performance.

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Starting to work with Delante was the jackpot for us! I really appreciate the fact that in the whole process I cooperate with only two specialists – one who deals with SEO process and the other with SEM. Together we discuss any changes and plan next steps. We also react on an ongoing basis to what is happening on the website. Such a combination of SEO, SEM and our internal activities is great for HomeKONCEPT results.

Izabela - homekoncept

Izabela Jozwik

Marketing Manager

Reach 62.3%* of the World’s Total Population
with Ads composed by a Leading Facebook Ads Company

Facebook and Instagram have billions of users globally. In Europe alone, Facebook has around 408 million users, and in the USA, there are over 250.2 million users as of March 2024. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is also growing fast, with more than 2 billion active accounts worldwide – that’s more than six times the population of the United States!

With such a huge audience, it’s clear why brands like yours use Facebook to reach out to both potential and current customers. Ads on this platform are a popular way to promote products or services. But it’s worth noting that Facebook isn’t just a single website; it includes a family of apps like

  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Audience Network

Moreover, Meta Ads is a tool that supports brand and product awareness, potentially boosting sales across other marketing channels. This opens up many opportunities for your promotion.

*This is the percentage of people using social media worldwide in 2024; source: DataReportal

Good communication is important and Delante knows it. Professionals in every bit. We’ve just started few months ago and I am already impressed.

Walker Wilkerson


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4-Step Guide to Start Advertising on Facebook
Like a Pro

To make your Facebook Ads lure your target audience to your website, we need to do the following:

#1: Pick a goal for your ad

Deciding on a goal helps us know what we’re aiming for, making it easier to match your Facebook Ads strategy to what you want to achieve for your business. This can be:

  • Awareness – to get more people to know about your brand. Ads will reach the buyers who are most likely to remember your ads.
  • Traffic – to spark interest and get people to visit your website, app, or Facebook event.
  • Engagement – to get more likes, comments, shares, or messages, aiming to boost how many people are interacting with your business.
  • Leads – to collect info from potential customers through forms, chats, and calls, and lead them through buying from you.
  • App promotion – to get more downloads and use of your app.
  • Sales – to target people who are probably going to buy your products.

#2: Figure out who you want to reach

Knowing who your Facebook ads should target is a crucial element of effective Facebook marketing services. It makes it easier to get your offer in front of people who’ll genuinely be interested. Adding target audience groups when setting up your ad can make it work better right from the start.

#3: Set how much you want to spend

How much you’re willing to spend on Facebook Ads management services can depend on what you want your ad to do. Plus, where your ad shows up can change how much you need to spend. For example, if you’re aiming at markets outside the United States, you might need a bigger budget.

#4: Pick the type of ad you want to run

  • Video – quick and engaging, video ads grab attention right away. The thing is to start with something that’ll make people want to watch.
  • Collection – these ads show a main picture or video and three smaller images. Clicking the ad takes people straight to a page where they can check out your offer without leaving Facebook or Instagram.
  • Carousel – this lets you put several pictures or videos in one ad, each with its own link. People can swipe or click through to see more.
  • Single image – simple and direct, focusing on one good photo to catch people’s eye.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
About Facebook Marketing Services

How much do I need to budget for a Meta Ads campaign?

The amount you spend mainly depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your ad. We’ve shared the minimum amount Facebook recommends spending in this post.

Is my Meta Ads account really mine?

Yep, the Meta Ads account is all yours, 100%. The agency delivering your Facebook Ads Services is managing it on your behalf but you remain the main owner of the resources and account!

Do I need to create a fan page in the local language for international ads?

It’s not a must, but having a fanpage in the same language as your website is a good idea. It helps keep things consistent and makes people more interested in your posting. Plus, it helps when you’re setting up target groups with features related to your fanpage.

Should I have the Facebook pixel installed on my website?

Without a pixel, tracking what people do on your website and figuring out how to make your ads better gets a lot harder. The Facebook pixel tracks metrics like visits to your website, clicks, purchases, and more. So, not using it could mean your ads won’t do as well and you’ll miss out on chances to make them better based on how people are acting on your website.

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