Daily SEO Checklist. 9 To-Do Tasks to Perform on a Daily Basis

Daily SEO Checklist. 9 To-Do Tasks to Perform on a Daily Basis

Many people tend to forget that some SEO activities should be performed regularly, preferably on a daily basis. It really takes a huge amount of time and effort for a website to succeed in the search results, that’s why all SEO activities should be well-planned in advance.

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I recommend you to create a checklist of daily tasks. Here is the list of my SEO tactics that I carry out on a regular basis.

1. Monitor Google Search Console

If you don’t even know Google Search Console, it’s high time to change it! Without this free webmaster tool, created by Google, you lose a lot of valuable metrics. Thanks to the proper analysis, you can significantly improve the functioning of your website and optimize it correctly.

You should visit your account practically every day and keep an eye on especially on:

1. The number of visitors to your website (total clicks)  and number of times it appeared in Google search results (total impressions). With daily traffic analysis, you will be able to constantly monitor whether there is a growing number of visitors to your site recently. And if so, what had an impact on it: is the increased traffic on your website the result of your on-site optimization? Or is it due to a recent update of the Google algorithm?

daily seo checklist - monitor Search Control

TIP: You can easily compare total clicks and total impressions with the previous period. This will make it easier for you to conclude whether your website’s visibility in Google is increasing.

2. The most popular pages and keywords. Google Search Console is also a great place to see which keywords have the greatest potential for conversion. Keywords on which your website appears in the search results are constantly changing, so it is worth checking which of them are currently the most frequently searched, it will allow you to react quickly to these changes.

Furthermore, you can verify which subpages are currently the most frequently visited by users from organic traffic. Do you often post articles on your company blog? Or maybe you have just introduced a new product range to your offer? Check at least a few times a week whether your new article or products are successful.

  1. Index coverage report – the number of all pages crawled by Google.
  2. Website errors. Below I will tell you more about the importance of checking website errors.

2. Monitor Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another great tool offered by Google. Thanks to it, you will be able to monitor, above all, registered traffic on the website and your audience. The data provided by Google Analytics will be useful for planning all marketing campaigns and then evaluating their effectiveness.

What should you monitor on a daily basis?

  • number of sessions recorded
  • number of visitors to your website
  • amount of time spent on a particular page
  • traffic channels (direct, social, organic, referral, paid search, etc.)
  • bounce rate
  • user traffic:
    • where users come from (location)
    • from which devices they visit your website (desktop, tablet or mobile devices)
  • Conversions

3. Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Well, when it comes to SEO, a constant analysis of competition is absolutely necessary. Try to always be ahead of them! With daily analysis, it will be possible.

What elements you must observe?


  • Do they introduce a brand new product range?
  • Do they change prices or offer discounts?
  • Do they launch any seasonal marketing campaigns?

From SEO point of view:

  • Is the number of their backlinks increasing?
  • Do they post new content on their blog?
  • Are they active in social media?
  • Is their visibility in the search results increasing?
  • For which keywords do they rank higher than you?
  • Is your competitors’ brand mentioned anywhere?

Naturally, to effectively track your competitors, you need some tools. Recently, on our blog, I posted a list of the best, in my opinion, SEO tools for competitor analysis.  Check them out!

4. Check Website Errors

Speaking of Google Search Console, I mentioned that you can check the website errors there. However, I would like to devote a separate section to this issue, as I personally consider error analysis on the website to be one of the most important daily SEO tasks that you shouldn’t neglect. But let’s get to the point.

Errors affect negatively the proper functioning of the website and if too many errors occur, it may result in reduced website traffic and lower ranking in the search results. It is therefore essential that you monitor website errors on an ongoing basis and, when they occur, remove them as a priority.

With Google Search Console, you can check daily if and what errors appear on your website. That’s the perfect situation:

Daily SEO Checklist - check errors

Which errors should you pay attention to in particular?

  • 404 – this error occurs when a server can’t find a particular page (404 page not found)
  • 500 – it appears when there are internal server issues (500 internal server error)
  • bad redirects – every page on your website should have a correct 301 redirect to the main version of the page (e.g. from HTTP to HTTPS)
  • broken links – these are links that no longer work. You should find them and replace them with working links as soon as possible.
  • duplicate content – if there is a high level of internal duplication on your site, Google may give you a penalty. Therefore, replace duplicated phrases with fresh and unique content.
  • insecure pages – every page should have a valid HTTPS protocol, pages without this protocol are considered insecure.

5. Monitor Website Speed

Website speed has been one of Google’s major ranking factors for years. So if you still haven’t considered the impact of website speed on SEO and user experience, check out my article where I explain how to effectively improve website speed. You will definitely find plenty of necessary information and useful tools there: website speed importance in SEO.

Just to remind you, these elements should be improved in the first place, as they have the greatest impact on page loading speed:

  • size of images,
  • redirect chains,
  • slow server response time
  • uncompressed HTML, CSS or JavaScript code.

Once you improve website speed, you should constantly monitor it. How do you do it quickly? It’s best to do it through Google PageSpeed Insights. Enter the URL of your site several times a week and see if something changes or if your site is still loading quickly. And remember – website speed for mobile devices also matters!

6. Review Keyword Ranking

This will probably not come as a shock to you, but I would like to point out that you should check positions of the most important keyword in the search results practically every day. But especially in two cases:

  1. when you introduce any changes to the site, both in terms of content and technical modifications,
  2. when Google announces updates to the core algorithm.

(If you want to know what Google core algorithm update from May 2020 concerned, read our article in which SEO experts share their thoughts: Google core algorithm update May 2020 – SEO experts’ afterthought).

It turns out that even SEO experts notice the importance of checking keyword rankings every day. According to a survey conducted by Databox, as many as 60% of SEO experts declare to track keyword rankings on a daily basis.

What metrics should you track - Daily SEO

source: databox.com

7. Be Active in Social Media

I have already mentioned many times that social media have a huge impact not only on creating brand image or or improving communication with customers, but also on SEO. As social media platforms have very high parameters, according to for example Moz or Ahrefs, as well as enormous web traffic, Google appreciates businesses which have active accounts on several social media.

Try to maintain your presence in social media. I bet you have accounts on more than one platform, so post some valuable content that will interest your audience and increase user engagement. You posted an article on your blog? Tell your followers on Facebook or LinkedIn about it. Or maybe there has been an important event in your company recently? Add photos to your Instagram profile. You have plenty of opportunities – you know your audience best and you probably know what attracts their attention.


8. Build Backlinks To Your Website

Google simply loves websites which have a large number of backlinks from reliable domains with high parameters.

You should pay particular attention to lost backlinks. Keep an eye on your valuable backlinks on a daily basis to check whether you’ve lost any. Many people underestimate backlinks, however, they really have enormous SEO power, so you should make sure that the number of backlinks increases, not decreases.

What is important, backlinks should appear gradually, otherwise Google will consider this as a manipulation or spamming activity and will penalize your website. I recommend you to check your website regularly in Ahrefs and monitor if the increase in backlinks results in a higher domain authority.

You don’t believe me that backlinks have an impact on URL rating? Check this out!

At the beginning of cooperation with Delante:

backling profile

After three months of cooperation with Delante and continuous increase of backlinks and referring domains:

backlink profile- after SEO process

9. Optimize Your Content

Content is king, that’s why you should take special care of it. If you want to achieve a huge success in SEO, you need to keep the content fresh and of high quality. Content that responds to user needs and is engaging will top high in Google search results.

These are the things that you should bear in mind when creating your content:

  • it should be tailored to the needs of your target audience,
  • use keywords that are important for your business and have great potential for conversion,
  • focus on long-form content – create articles or blog posts,
  • your content should be up-to-date,
  • add references to surveys, case studies or citations of well-known people, it increases the trustworthiness of your content.

Daily SEO Checklist from Delante


If you want your website to succeed in the search engines, you need to continuously monitor the effects of your SEO activities. I recommend you to create your checklist of things to check daily, weekly and monthly. This will allow you to control the visibility of the site in search results, web traffic and keyword positions in SERP at all times.

If you need help with SEO, feel free to contact us – thanks to the ongoing SEO campaign performed by our specialists and the planned long-term activities, the website traffic and conversion rate will increase.

Head of SEO & SEM - Matt Calik

Head of SEO & SEM

Technical SEO specialist experienced in creating scalable processes based on agile methodologies. Responsible for international SEO strategies. He has strongly analytical approach to online marketing supported by over 12 years of experience. Previously associated with IT, motorsport, tobacco and financial markets. He has been building Delante for 5 years where he is Head of SEO and SEM department.

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