SEO for Lingerie Industry. How to Mark Your Online Presence?



SEO for Lingerie Industry. How to Mark Your Online Presence?d-tags
20 April 2021
Do you sell lingerie online? If so, doing SEO can help you reach new customers. Thanks to it, it might be easier for users to find your offer and perhaps they’ll decide to finalize transactions. What activities can help you reach top positions for keywords that are the most important for your business? Keep reading to discover how to increase visibility of a website operating in the lingerie industry!



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SEO for the lingerie industry

Website visibility in the organic search results is determined by approximately 200 ranking factors. In order to guarantee that your online lingerie store reaches top positions for keywords that can potentially attract customers, you should tailor the website to the requirements of Google algorithms. What steps can you take to improve your page visibility? Let’s get it started, here are !

1. Select appropriate keywords

This is something that should be done before creating any website content. Keywords are applied in product and category descriptions, blog posts, offer descriptions as well as in <title> and <description> elements. Of course, it’s possible to optimize content once it’s been published, however, it’s much better to choose an appropriate keyword range beforehand. When it comes to keyword selection, you can benefit from tools like Senuto, Semrush, Keyword Planner in Google Ads, or Ubersuggest. seo for lingerie industry keywords choice To learn more about other tools, go to our previous entry: Keyword research - 10 useful tools supporting keyword research.

2.  Create unique product, subcategory, and category descriptions

Google doesn’t like duplicate website content copied from other pages. It’s definitely better to create texts written especially for your store than to use content prepared by manufacturers.
Don’t forget to optimize content and provide relevant keywords (important for a specific product, category or subcategory).
This is the next step towards improving your website visibility.

3. Set up a blog

Blogging is another element of the SEO strategy for the lingerie industry. Thanks to it, you can reach recipients who may have questions or doubts concerning buying lingerie. “What lingerie fabrics should I choose?” is an exemplary topic that can catch users’ attention. Of course, you can come up with thousands of such ideas. To find content inspiration, check out the tools mentioned in the first point. [caption id="attachment_39690" align="aligncenter" width="750"]seo lingerie industry blog Source: Orange Lingerie[/caption] Provide product photos and links in your post (this will definitely draw attention) to improve your internal linking. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your page visibility on Google. In case of elaborate entries, it’s worth going for a menu with anchors that will not only facilitate navigation but also allow you to use more keywords. Remember about proper content formatting, you’ll learn more about it in the subsequent point.

4. Optimize content

This applies to all website content. First of all, provide the most important keyword related to a specific subpage in its <title>. This element should be about 70 characters long. <description> should also include a keyword, moreover, it’s crucial not to forget about a CTA - it increases chances of users clicking on your page when seeing it in the search results. Apply the most important keyword also in the H1 header and in the lead, less relevant phrases should be used in the remaining headers and in the content itself - make sure everything looks natural. Texts that are relevant for users should be tagged with <b> or <i>, whereas the ones important for the search engine with <b> or <em>. Focus on a proper header structure and internal links redirecting to other subpages of your website.

5. Ensure proper internal linking

Meaning links leading to other subpages of your website. You can provide them in blog posts or category descriptions but that’s not everything. Check out the example below: [caption id="attachment_39692" align="aligncenter" width="750"]internal linking seo for lingerie industry Source: Oragne Lingerie[/caption] This author placed a few links (including the link to the “panties” category) in the entry. First of all, by doing so, you encourage users to click on the link and perhaps to purchase the item. It’s important to provide internal links to subpages as they also reduce bounce rate which means that fewer visitors decide to leave your website after seeing only one subpage - many of them will click on the link and browse other pieces of content. Second of all, internal linking affects website visibility on Google.

6. Optimize graphics

In the case of the lingerie industry, quality photos are particularly important as they may effectively encourage users to finalize transactions. Nevertheless, they’re also relevant SEO-wise. Each product specification should include photos of satisfactory quality that don’t weigh too much. Otherwise, they may increase website loading time. Remember that file names should include keywords separated by hyphens. Don’t forget about the alt tag. Describe what you see in the picture and provide a phrase related to a specific product. increase visibility of lingerie website Backlinks to your website affect its visibility in the organic search results. It’s important that pages linking to your lingerie store are of top quality. What does it actually mean? They should be perceived positively by Google. How can you tell whether it’s worth obtaining links from a specific page? Start with checking website parameters with the use of popular tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic. It would be ideal if the page you acquire backlinks from has finer parameters than yours. Also, make sure that the content on your website and on the selected page is thematically related. With the abovementioned tools you can also check websites your market rivals obtained links from and benefit from them as well. Below you can see exemplary methods of acquiring backlinks to an online lingerie store:
  • comments on industry blogs,
  • online forums,
  • sponsored articles,
  • guest posts,
  • industry-specific directories.

8. Benefit from the SSL certificate

Currently, it’s a must-have of every online store, regardless of the industry. Thanks to this solution, the connection between the website and the user's device is encrypted, i.e. safe. URLs of websites without SSL start from http://, and those with the SSL certificate - from https://. If a website doesn’t offer this type of protection, Google marks it in the same way as you can see below, which can significantly discourage interested visitors from making a purchase. Most hosting companies enable implementing the SSL certificate completely free of charge and this is one of Google ranking factors. Without a shadow of a doubt, all your market rivals with good Google visibility already benefit from this solution.

9. Optimize product specifications

Create unique descriptions with keywords important for specific products. Provide top-quality, optimized photos. Under the description, place suggestions of other products that may be of interest to the buyer. This will help you increase revenues from existing customers and positively affect SEO through internal linking. Allow users to publish product reviews - it’s a great way to get new content for free and ensure that your subpage is displayed for more keywords. Moreover, new content indicates to Google that your URL is valuable which can translate into higher positions in the search results. Reviews are also important due to social proof. To learn more about e-commerce product specifications, read our blog post: How to write attractive product specifications?

Case study - our SEO campaign for Promees

We’re experienced in the lingerie industry SEO, as exemplified by the campaign conducted for the Promees brand. We performed a series of SEO activities that increased organic traffic by 77% in 9 months, which translated into a 52% increase in sales! seo for lingerie industry example Don’t hesitate and contact us if you’re looking for an SEO agency willing to undertake SEO campaigns for stores operating in the lingerie industry. Click here to find out more about this project: Promees.
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.


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