CTA (Call to Action)

What is CTA (Call to Action)? – Definition

 CTA (Call to Action) is a phrase that encourages viewers or readers to undertake an immediate action, e.g. to click and enter a given website. It also informs what users should do on a page to which they will be redirected. CTA can be both a short text in an advertising headline as well as an interactive button with persuasive copy aimed at increasing conversion (e.g. encouraging users to subscribe to a newsletter : “Sign up and get a 10% discount on your first order”. Effective CTA may also be written from the user’s point of view – “Subscribe me”, “Tell me more”.

Call To Action Example

How to Create an Effective Call to Action?

The shorter the better, although this rule doesn’t always work. It is recommended to carry out A/B tests, which will tell you whether short calls like “Buy now” or longer ones, with information about the additional benefit, e.g. “Buy now and get 15% off” is a better solution.  If you place a call on an advertising banner or a website, it is good to differentiate the Call to Action button from the surrounding background.

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