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Do you run an online store? Check out how we can increase traffic in your online store and grow sales.

E-commerce SEO will make your webpage visible

Become visible

Up to 85% of Europeans have internet access and 58% of them shop online. Online stores increase their sales each year and e-commerce profits are growing globally (16% growth in 2017).
So what is most important in e-commerce? The answer is simple: traffic. Without it, there is no possibility of online sales. It is divided into Referral, Direct (directly after entering the website address), Social (from social media), Paid (ads). However, the best type is Organic traffic – generated from search results. It is the most stable. You do not have to pay for it and it has a 10-times better conversion of sales than traffic from ads.
Due to the dynamic development of the e-commerce market, online stores have to deal with large (and constantly growing) competition. Therefore, it should be noted that in order to stand out against others, one should compete not only by the brands and products available in the offer, but also by visibility in search engine results.

Impulse to increase your sales

The great advantage of e-commerce is that thanks to correct and well conducted optimization and following the most important SEO rules, an online store can generate greater organic traffic. Even when it has to compete with much bigger brands – and supposedly – more powerful.
We can very quickly observe results in increased sales by increasing organic traffic of a given store – that is why you will notice our actions in sales growth within 2-3 months.
However, one must keep in mind, that SEO for an online store is a continuous process which consists of multiple tests of various solutions and strengthening the domain. You will not achieve solid and valuable effects within a week and whoever promises you that – is wrong.

Benefits of doing it with Delante

In our company, we perfectly understand SEO principles for e-commerce. We know the specifics of this market, how volatile it is. We are no strangers to the concept of the seasonality of sales and we do not tilt at windmills. We are constantly looking for new, more effective solutions that will help your online store shine on Google.

E-commerce SEO stats 2020

Delante cooperates with a variety of online stores on a daily basis. We are experienced in many sectors, including lighting, nutrients sports supplements, children products, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, home furnishings, furniture, industrial and construction goods, computer equipment, sporting and hobby goods and many others. We are not scared of any new challenges – on the contrary, we value them and we know that only taking new attempts one can develop.

Supported technologies

See below the CMS types we support. We also have experience with custom and foreign CMS.

Here's what you get



Your online store is growing and is constantly being optimized. We are implementing the most effective SEO principles, we are working on the website and we are helping you becoming better for current and potential Clients.



We are increasing the resources of valuable links leading to your online store, which grows trust – both among Google and among users.



That is one of the most important factors for online stores. Organic traffic is on the rise, potential clients are finding your store when searching for answers to their needs.



Development of your store, expansion of relevant links resources and increase of organic traffic results in visible growth of sales. And that is what it’s all about, right?

E-commerce SEO with Delante

We believe in effective marketing that has real impact on the growth of website traffic and increase of sales.

Website optimization

We conduct an effective and complex onsite process for your online store that shows results quickly.

Link Building

Building valuable links on high quality domains that direct users to your store.

UX Consulting

We will advise what you can do to make the user feel good in your online store and start shopping willingly.

Unique content

Content is crucial for e-commerce. It has to be unique and non-duplicated. We will create it for you!