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06 April 2020
The dynamic development of the real estate industry leads to constant emergence of new construction companies, which operate in both service and production sectors. Running a website and advertising your services online is a must if you want to become a business tycoon and attract more clients. A proper SEO strategy will certainly affect the whole process and help you generate more profit for the company.



SEO for a website of a construction company

As we’ve already mentioned, by SEO for the construction industry we mean both online shops with building materials and tools as well as websites which present offers and services of construction companies. In both cases it's worth focusing on the most important elements of the SEO process.

SEO for e-shops with building materials

Online shops which sell all kinds of building materials and tools usually offer rather wide ranges of products. Therefore, it’s very important to choose keywords for which you want to run the SEO process and to focus on the materials you want to advertise in the first place. You can try doing SEO for general categories like paints, cement, tiles or panels. However, such phrases are rather competitive. Consequently, adopting this strategy pays off only in the case of potent and popular construction stores like Castorama or Leroy Merlin. Smaller local stores which also want to be successful need to work hard and have much more financial resources, however, it still doesn’t guarantee their success. That’s why it’s a good idea to go for long tail SEO. In most cases it’s easy to do SEO for detailed phrases related to specific products. Thanks to their nature they’re less competitive, especially when it comes to unique goods that are hard-to-reach. Furthermore, users who look for specific brands or products are much more likely to buy them when they finally find them. This way, long tail SEO can improve your website conversion.

SEO for companies that want to present their offers online

In a situation when you use your website to advertise services provided by your company, you should focus on making them look as attractive as possible. Detailed descriptions with keywords are appreciated by both users and Google robots. Clients love offers which clearly outline prices, the rules of cooperation and deadlines. Apart from that, you should provide links to your site on other pages and platforms related to the construction industry. Think about setting Google My Business account that will work as your business card and make it easier for clients to contact you. As we’re already discussing websites that serve as showcases of construction companies, it’s a good idea not to limit yourself only to one page sites. Describe individual services on separate subpages, consider running a company blog as it would definitely attract users’ attention. Publish a photo gallery of completed works to earn the trust of visitors. Regardless of the purpose of setting up a website, you should start your SEO process from a thorough site and competition analysis. Before implementing any changes, audit your page, which will allow you to devise an appropriate strategy. What’s more, it’ll also make it possible to find and fix any potential errors and to improve the internal and external linking structure of your website. Content optimization is another step you should pay special attention to. Create unique and engaging descriptions with keyphrases that will certainly attract many users.

Product or category descriptions and other important elements on the website

Unique descriptions are a key if you want to do SEO for a website of a company operating in any industry. Unfortunately, many site owners simply plagiarize the content from manufacturers. Irrespective of the reason, it’s worth trying to stand out from the crowd and writing as many quality texts as possible. This principle applies not only to the homepage but also to category and product pages. Quality content marketing is extremely valuable in the construction industry. Apart from attracting users’ attention, substantive texts provide readers with useful information and position the author as an expert in the field. All tips, pieces of advice and professional guidelines or descriptions help you earn the trust of potential clients. Moreover, users can learn all the important data about the products that are of interest to them. The biggest success of every brand and store is not to attract customers but to keep them involved for longer.

Local SEO for the construction industry

Local SEO is crucial in the construction industry. With the use of appropriate phrases you can easily determine your target group. Local SEO is particularly important for businesses, like construction companies, which usually provide their services in a small area. Customers who search for building materials usually visit stores and wholesalers near their houses. Shipping goods from this industry over a long distance very often turns out to be complicated and expensive, especially when it comes to big products or quantities. The greatest asset of local SEO is the fact that shops and companies providing building materials or repair services don’t have to compete with other giants on the market. Instead, the owners of such businesses focus solely on local customers and clients that are in their reach. That’s why having Google My Business account matters so much. It allows you to include your company's address and a description of your services in Google Maps. Moreover, thanks to Google My Business, users will be able to easily check your opening hours and basic information about the store. Go to one of our previous blog posts to see how to rank higher in Google Maps. Construction industry - local seo Local SEO involves certain activities that should be performed on the website. On-site SEO includes selecting key phrases that contain the name of a specific city or region. Remember about your local link profile and make sure that some popular local platforms link to your website. Such activities clearly indicate that your company should be associated with a specific location. This, in turn, increases your chances of reaching new local customers and clients.

Become an independent expert

Operating in the construction industry gives you endless possibilities to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. Make the most out of it and become an independent expert. Running a company blog, writing articles or shooting industry videos is a great method of earning the trust of potential clients and attracting their attention to your services. These simple techniques are applied not only by small, local companies but also by big industry tycoons that, apart from selling, want to inspire and help. Make use of intriguing graphics and visualizations of products available on your offer. SEO for the construction industry - blog If you aren’t convinced by any of the above suggestions, you can run video blogs or write guidelines advising on simple construction works, DIY or home repairs. Such activities will allow you to inspire customer trust and show off your expertise. Moreover, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone as this is a perfect method for presenting your offer in a more unique way.

To sum up

The available range of building materials and the number of construction companies operating on the market can be really overwhelming. There are at least several construction companies in every region, that’s why, if you want to be successful, you need to constantly monitor your competition and do your best to provide products and services that meet the requirements of customers and clients. Spend your free time getting to know the basics of local SEO, set up a Google My Business account and precisely describe the scope of your activities. Don’t neglect your company blog and social media profiles, they also matter.



  1. Thanks for that article! It’s hard to find some relevant information on digital activities for the construction industry, mainly because the majority of companies don’t try techniques like SEO. Really helpful piece!

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