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Link Building in a Nutshell

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Link Building
1/3 of the SEO process

Fundamentals + paid links

Constant process

How Do We Build a Linking Strategy
for Our Clients?

Link building is a supplement to on-page SEO activities and content marketing. It is 1/3 of all SEO activities and cannot be ignored. At Delante, we implement a customized strategy tailored to the industry, market and marketing activities for all our clients.

We divide the linking strategy into 3 parts:

  1. Linking fundamentals – in this stage we strengthen the site using our database of various linking sites.
  2. Linking important keywords– internally we call them “money keywords”, i.e. sub-pages and keywords that are most valuable to the customer at a given time.
  3. Paid publications – they support link diversification and fighting for higher keyword positions.  Depending on the needs, paid links are implemented immediately or later in the process.

What Do You Get as Part of Our Link Building Process?

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Customized Strategy
We create an individual link building strategy for each site based on its unique needs and our experience.
Link diversification
We never link from just one single channel. We diversify the sources from which we acquire links for a website.
Link indexation
An unindexed link is not going to make a difference. We use our custom indexers that support this process and we are continuously perfecting them.
Quality rather than quantity
What is more important to us is the quality of links we aquire and not the quantity. One good link can do much more than 5 links coming from weak domains.
On-site and off-site integrity
Linking strengthens the positions of the phrases we work on during the on-site process. That’s why we make sure these 2 strategies are always combined.
Checking the potential
We carefully select sub-pages to achieve the best results.
link profile
Competition research
We also check out what your competitors are doing! This excellent source of information about their strategy can bring you new, tested link sources.
Monitoring and reporting
We constantly monitor the results of our efforts. Once a month you will receive a report, which will can personalize for you.

Delante performs the optimizations very diligently, and the links they aquire are of high quality. Without a doubt, they have a high level of technical knowledge.

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Why Do You Need Backlinks?

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Improved positions in search results

Building credibility and trust

Increased brand awareness

Increased site performance

We have been cooperating with Delante since 2017. The cooperation is fruitful and has supported from the beginning in the implementation of the linkbuilding strategy. Our collaboration is based on trust, quality and responsibility.

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Adrian Olszewski

SEO and Content Marketing Manager

Link Building Misconceptions

Link building is not about:

  1. Increasing parameters in tools – all tools that are used to measure DR, UR, number of links, and number of linking domains are external tools that can be manipulated. Our primary aim in link building revolves around improving keyword rankings.
  2. Gaining referral traffic – link building can of course increase traffic from the referral channel, but we focus on boosting the organic traffic and select the linking domains to support this goal.
  3. ePR, guest posting – these important elements of marketing strategy are not part of link building SEO. They fulfill other purposes and should be conducted separately from the linking strategy.
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Real-Life Examples
Of Our Work

Still not convinced? Need more proof that we are the best choice for you?

Check out our real-life examples! Delante specialists prepared a series of articles describing examples of their work and the effects they achieved. No empty promises – only hard data from professional tools that prove our expertise.

Find out more about the challenges our specialists face on a daily basis and how they overcome them to ensure our client’s success.

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Is link building still relevant in 2022?

The answer is yes! Gosia proved it by using link building strategy to increase organic traffic for multiple clients! Find out more in an article describing her methods and results in detail for 2 different clients – using link building strategy to increase organic traffic for multiple clients If you’re looking for tangible results proven by data from SEO tools, you should definitely read this one!

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Link Building Services

There is no SEO without link building. Quality backlinks can be an effective driver of organic traffic, especially in highly competitive industries. Combining technical, content, on-page, and off-page SEO will help you improve your positions in the SERPs, and reach more potential customers. Keep reading to discover why your website needs quality link-building services.

Table Of Content

What Is Link Building?

Link building is an indispensable part of SEO, and an important ranking factor. In a nutshell, it’s the process of creating an external link base. This helps to improve page parameters, boost traffic, streamline navigation, and show Google that your website is a valuable source of information willingly referred to by others.

Quality link building services can help you reach better positions in the search results, and allow Google robots to easily crawl individual pages of your website. Getting backlinks from thematically related and reputable sites will help you improve your DR (domain rating).

Internal linking

Generally, it’s possible to distinguish external linking. As you may guess, external linking is when other websites refer to your page and provide a link to it, or when you place a link to an external site on your website. This is a signal to Google that the linked website contains quality information that is cited, and referred to by others. As a consequence, the search engine may decide to display such a page higher in the SERPs.

Backlink building

As it’s already mentioned, backlink building service is about obtaining links from reputable, and authoritative websites to your page.

We can distinguish five types of backlinks:

  • Brand – it’s when a link to your website includes the name of your brand.
  • Exact match anchor text – it’s when a link to your website includes a keyword that perfectly describes your page content or business profile. Let’s assume that you run an online store with dresses. In this case an exact match anchor leading to your homepage could look in the following way “online store with dresses”.
  • Navigation links – they take users to specific pages, and help them move around the website.
  • Mixed – these links combine the qualifies of the above-mentioned types. For example, they may be an exact match of anchor texts + brand.
  • Clean URLs – it’s the most natural type of backlinks. It means that you simply paste the URL to your website, without using anchor texts. Why is it the most natural? Because the vast majority of users who want to share a link with others use clean URLs.

It’s important to mention that the link building process is effective only if you diversify the types of links and websites you obtain links from.

If only exact match anchors or brand links lead to your page, Google may consider it manipulation, and it can either penalize your website or decrease its position.

Let’s create your link building strategy together!

Why Is Link Building Important for SEO?

Quality link building services support SEO in a number of ways. It’s crucial to mention that backlinks from reputable pages increase domain rating, and authority parameters. This, in turn, translates into higher positions in the ranking, and boosts organic traffic.

Benefits Of Link Building for Your Company

Okay, we’ve talked about SEO, and users. But how can link building service benefit your company? Well, with its help you can:

  • Attract more users and customers – the higher your position in the search results, the more potential customers you can reach. Cooperation with a reliable link building agency will improve your website’s parameters. This will translate into better positions in the SERPs. Moreover, backlinks from quality, thematically related pages can attract users who have never heard about your company.
  • Increase revenue – the more potential customers know about your offer, the higher the chances that some of them will finalize transactions, and buy your products or services.
  • Increase brand awareness – as we’ve already mentioned, having your page linked on various websites will help you reach more recipients, and will let them know that your company exists.
  • Improve your performance – all the above-mentioned factors translate into better performance in general.

17 Link Building Tactics

You know the theory, now it’s time for practice. How to create a link base wisely to improve UX, and rank higher in Google?

Let’s explore 17 link building tactics that will benefit your business!

Internal linking

1. Use dofollow links to link to your own website

This way, you’ll inform Google that it should follow the link. Consequently, the robots will visit, and crawl the linked page. It’s a great way to help Google better understand your website structure, and make sure it visits as many subpages, as possible.

2. Use nofollow link to external sources

You don’t want to give other websites the Page Rank of your site. If you have to link an external page, make sure that you use the nofollow attribute.

3. Use anchors

With anchor links, you can keep your page transparent, and organized. This way both users, and Google will be able to easily see what can be found at a given URL before going to the page. Anchor links make the navigation easier and can be used to expand the list of keywords your website displays.

4. Create topic clusters

In a nutshell, topic clusters are pieces of content that revolve around a specific subject. When adopting this strategy, you should have a pillar page, meaning a topic all remaining articles link to and are centered around.

Creating topic clusters will help you position yourself as an expert in the industry who has profound knowledge of a given issue. Moreover, clusters give you many internal linking opportunities. Using them properly will allow you to keep users on the website for longer. How is it possible? Well, if your content discusses all possible aspects of a selected topic, visitors don’t have to go to other pages to learn more about it.

We will take care of your link building process

5. Link to thematically related articles

This point is somehow related to the topic clusters mentioned above. Linking thematically related entries will allow you to attract users’ attention for longer. Thanks to it, they’ll stay on your website.

Moreover, a proper internal linking strategy will streamline navigation and will make it easier for Google robots and users to move around the website.

6. Place links in a visible location and make them stand out

Are you wondering what we mean by that? Links should look natural, that’s true. However, users should be able to tell right away that a given piece of content is a link that can be clicked. Sometimes anchor links aren’t distinguished in the text, and it’s impossible to see that there’s a link until you hover your mouse over it. If it’s the case on your website, try to change it.

7. Don’t put too many links

Google doesn’t like link stuffing. It’s all about moderation. Make sure you link important categories, products, or blog posts, but at the same time remember that too many links can deter both users and Google robots. If you’ve got a 250-word product description, placing 10 links there can be considered manipulation and certainly won’t look natural. Such a strategy won’t help you rank higher in the search results.

Backlink building

8. Look for valuable sources to get a link from

Backlink building can bring you measurable SEO benefits provided that you obtain links from high-quality, reputable websites. Before getting backlinks, check the parameter of the site, and make sure that its DR and PA score is higher than yours.

This way, the links will contribute to improving your parameters. If you choose low-quality websites, they may have a negative impact on your positions in the search results, domain rating, and page authority.

To verify the parameters of the website, you can use Ahrefs, or SEMrush. It’s enough to provide the page’s URL, and the tools will check everything for you.

9. Choose sites thematically related to your business

Backlinks can bring you more traffic and revenues, if you obtain links from thematically related websites.

Imagine that you run an online store with dresses. What’s the point of obtaining backlinks from a hardware store? Even if users click on such a link, they’ll probably quickly leave your website because it doesn’t offer products they’re looking for.

10. Use anchors

Anchor links help strengthen the position of specific keywords. Apart from that, they’re an ideal way to expand the list of phrases your website is displayed for. However, keep in mind that moderation and diversification are the key to success. Make sure that your backlinks are a combination of brand, exact match, and clean links.

11. Get dofollow links

Do you remember what we wrote about dofollow links? They support the SEO process and transfer Page Rank. Thanks to it, they strengthen the destination website. Dofollow links from reputable pages will boost your ranking, so try to get them.

12. Create great content people would like to share

This is the most natural way to obtain backlinks. If you take your time to prepare high-quality content that describes a specific topic in a unique and thorough way, you can be sure that users will love it. They may want to share it with others by posting a link on their social media, blogs, or websites.

Writing expert articles on a regular basis will allow you to obtain valuable backlinks, position yourself as a leader in the industry, attract more users, and inform Google that your website is active and should be displayed higher. The task isn’t simple, but the juice is certainly worth the squeeze.

13. Engage in guest posting

Do you know any companies that operate in the same industry and run a blog? That’s great! You can reach out to them and offer a link exchange or guest posting. What does it mean? You’ll write an article on a specific topic for them (of course the article will include a link to your website), and they’ll do the same for you.

It’s an effective, and easy way to obtain valuable backlinks from thematically related websites. Since you specialize in the same sector, guest posting can help you reach new potential customers who may be interested in your products or services.

14. Put your company on related listings

Company directories and listings are a great way to improve your brand awareness, and at the same time obtain backlinks to your website.

Moreover, many people still use such pages, therefore, being listed there will improve your authority and may bring you tangible benefits in the form of increased traffic, and sales.

Work with us on your link building strategy!

15. Try influencer marketing

As the name suggests, it’s about cooperation with influencers. You don’t necessarily have to pay them. Sometimes it’s better to choose micro-influencers who are more affordable but have a well-defined target group.

You can send them your products or give them access to your services for free in exchange for a sponsored social media post, or a blog post with a link to your website.

Social proof matters, so cooperation with influencers who are role models for their followers can be more effective than investing in ads.

16. Get links from social media

Although these aren’t dofollow links (which means that they don’t have a direct impact on SEO), they can increase brand awareness and attract more users. Being active on social media will allow you to build relationships with your customers, or potential buyers, and increase their loyalty.

17. Analyze the backlink profile of your competitors

There isn’t a better source of inspiration than your market rivals. If you’ve done everything mentioned above, you do on-page SEO and create great content, but you still rank lower than your competitors, backlink gap analysis may be the solution to your problem.

To do it, you can use Ahrefs or SEMrush. The tools will give you a list of websites that link to your market rivals’ pages, but don’t link to yours.

Obtaining backlinks from these sites may help you significantly improve your positions and compete with other companies in the industry.

The Takeaway

Link building is one of the cornerstones of an effective SEO process. If you’re looking for a way to improve your website parameters, traffic, and keyword positions in the SERPs, quality link building services can help you do it.

While backlinks from reputable sources can increase your brand awareness, and boost your rankings, well-thought-out internal linking can refine UX, facilitate navigation, and help you build topic clusters.

Do you need help with link building? Contact us! We’ll be more than happy to help you create links that sell.

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