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+800% increase in organic traffic

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Client Goals


Increase organic search traffic

WnD, a leading window manufacturer, wanted to increase organic traffic on their FR and DE domains. We provided dedicated support to achieve this goal by implementing tailored SEO strategies. Our approach aimed at enhancing WnD’s online presence and attracting a wider audience from France and Germany.


Improve online visibility

The French and German markets are highly competitive. The window industry is not one of the easiest, and the matter is further complicated by the fact that WnD does not sell windows directly on its site, but acquires leads. In order to increase our client’s competitiveness in these markets, we had to make an effort to increase its visibility.

SEO Team

Initial cooperation required “getting along” and mutual understanding, but after this stage, and the development of a system of work, everything is going as well as possible. WnD gave us a lot of room for maneuver, we were not limited by the CMS functionalities, and the proposed solutions and novelties were met with enthusiasm. The whole thing, fine-tuned by offsite activities, led to better and better results and a sustained upward trend in both markets.

Damian Hliwa
Damian Hliwa Senior SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

Meta Tags Optimization

The first thing we noticed was the incorrect construction of the meta title and meta description. Much of the titles and meta description were too long and did not display correctly in search results. Many subpages lacked a meta description, and some titles were too short and did not use their full potential.

Why we did it

Although the meta title and meta description do not have a direct bearing on a page’s search ranking, it is worth ensuring that they display correctly and contain the most important keywords relevant to the subpage. This supports communication with potential customers and may convince them to convert.

The meta title on the page did not meet SEO standards. Some of them were too long so they didn’t display in full in search results, and some were too short so they were missing important elements.

Example of a too long meta title on the FR domain:

wnd too long meta title on french domain

Example of a too long meta title on the DE domain:

wnd too long meta title on german domain

Example of a too short meta title on the FR domain:

wnd too short meta title frnech domain

Example of a too short meta title on the DE domain:

wnd too short meta title german domain

We implemented a title change on both domains to maximize their capabilities and potential. Meta titles that were too long were shortened to an appropriate length.

On the other hand, we expanded the too-short meta title to include additional terms related to the category or product. Thanks to this, we increased the pool of keywords for which the subpage is displayed and the number of so-called long tail phrases, which play a key role in the positioning process.

Example meta title after the change:

FR domain:

wnd fr correct meta title

DE domain:

wnd de correct meta title after optimization

We’ve found out that meta descriptions were too long and often duplicated. This was due to the fact that they were not unique content, but were pulled by Google from the content on the subpage.

An example of an overly long meta description:

FR domain:

wnd fr meta description too long

Duplication example:

wnd fr duplicated meta description

During the optimization process, we introduced a unique meta description for each sub-page containing the most important information and keywords.

Example of optimized meta description:

wnd fr correct meta description

On the German version of the site, on the other hand, the meta description was missing from many pages altogether:

wnd de no meta description

Same as on the French domain, as part of the on-page SEO process, we added a unique and optimized meta description to each subpage:

wnd de correct meta description

Website Heading Optimization

In order to enhance SEO effectiveness, we optimized the header structure of the WnD website.

Why we did it

Headers are essential for a webpage as they provide important information about the page’s structure to both Google and users. If the headers are not optimized properly, it becomes difficult for Google to understand and accurately index our website. This can have a negative impact on the site’s search ranking and traffic.

Prior to optimization, the homepage had up to 4 headers H1 and no subheaders H2. This structure was not ideal because there should be only one main header and at least 2 subheaders with important keywords for each subpage.

headers structure before

headers structure before

We also encountered a similar problem on the German version of the site:

headers structure before

We made appropriate changes to the homepage that supported the correct structure of headers.

On the other hand, the category subpages had one H1 header and up to four H2 headers. However, these subheaders did not contain keywords important for WnD. We modyfied the H2 headers to include keyword phrases that are relevant to each specific subpage.

Headers before:

wnd headers on category pages before

category page headers fr

category page headers de

The product subpages also required optimization, specifically improving the header structure to align with SEO best practices.

Here is an example of the header structure of one of the German product subpages:

headers on product page wnd before

We improved the header structure on all subpages, including both the FR and DE domains, according to the following model structure:

headers structure

Image Optimization

Images play an important role on a website. By optimizing images for SEO, they can also appear in Google Images, thereby increasing the likelihood of customers discovering our website.

Why we did it

The images on the WnD website required optimization. They lacked the alt tag, which is crucial for accessibility purposes and aids Google’s understanding of image content.

As almost all the images on the page were missing alt text tags, we began by adding descriptions that included relevant keywords. This ensured that the images could be discovered by users through Google Images search.

images missing alt text on wnd website

Adding a Blog and Content on the Website

Content on the website plays a vital part in effective optimization. As Google always says, it should be of high quality and helpful to users. Without it, it’s really difficult to rank high in the search results.

Why we did it

High-quality content plays a vital role in every SEO strategy. It not only attracts users but also assists Google in ranking our website in the search engine results pages.

The content on the homepage, category pages, and product pages was too brief and did not have proper optimization for keywords and internal linking. To address this, we recommended increasing the amount of content on all subpages and optimizing it according to the best SEO guidelines.

An example of a product description that was too short:

too short content wnd fr

Here’s an example of a non-optimized category description found on the German version of the website:

example of un-optimized content on wnd de

Since the assortment of the online store is quite narrow and there was not much content on the site, the internal duplication rate for was quite high – 17%.

content duplication rate on wnd fr

In contrast, the duplication rate for was 12%.

On the French version of the website, the product descriptions were obtained from the manufacturer, resulting in external duplication with a competitor’s site that offered the same products. However, the German site did not have any duplication with other websites.

Following the implementation of our recommendations, the website’s content became more comprehensive and well-optimized. This also led to a decrease in the duplication rate on the site.

Here’s an example of the revised and optimized content on a category subpage:

example of an optimized content on wnd fr

Example on a German version of the website:

example of an optimized content on wnd de

We made significant changes to the product descriptions on the site by expanding them considerably and optimizing them with keywords relevant to each specific product.

FR domain:

content on fr product page after

DE domain:

content on de product page after

Since both WnD domains did not have a blog, we took the initiative to add one and began producing content for both language versions. It’s crucial to note that when creating content in multiple languages, cultural alignment and creative translation are essential.

Simply relying on Google Translate for translation won’t bring valuable results. The process demands careful attention and editing to ensure it aligns with the language’s nuances and caters to the specific country’s requirements.

Sample texts created by Delante for WnD FR and DE domains:

FR domain:

example of content on wnd fr blog

All blog articles have been optimized for relevant keywords according to the SEO best practices. We also used semantic <strong> tags to support optimization and make it easier for users to search for the most important information.

DE domain:

example of content on wnd de blog

Within the blog, we implemented the webp format to enhance the loading speed of graphics. This format enables image compression without losing quality, thereby optimizing the performance of our website.

By adding content to the site, we saturated it with keywords important to WnD. The optimization of the content and the use of semantic tags such as <strong> or <bold> helped to increase the page ranking and contributed to an improved User Experience.

As part of our cooperation, we continue to regularly provide content for the WnD blog, both for the FR and DE domains.

Improving Website Speed & Core Web Vitals

Why we did it

After conducting an SEO audit, we discovered that the website had a slower loading time (3.8 seconds) and a larger file size (2.12MB) than desired.

In today’s standards, the recommended loading time is typically below 1 second. A loading time of nearly 4 seconds may seem too long to users, and potentially drive them away.

French domain:

website loading time and size wnf fr before

German domain:

website loading time and size wnf de before

To avoid this and encourage users to stay on the site, we started working on increasing the loading speed and improving Core Web Vitals results in general.

We were able to significantly improve Core Web Vitals’ performance, resulting in faster page loading and a better user experience:

improved core web vitals wnd

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Off-Site Strategy

As part of off-site activities, we acquire external links from sites thematically related to WnD with high parameters, which positively affect the parameters and, consequently, the positioning of the site itself. We pay a lot of attention to link diversification – we diversify the source of links so that they are as natural as possible and do not come from only one or two sites.

We also create sponsored content that is published on reputable sites. In this way, we promote link building, as well as brand recognition of WnD, which is becoming increasingly well-known in the window industry.

The link profile before the cooperation included 917 links from 15 sources. The problem was irregular link growth, which can be seen in the graph in the form of several peaks.

link profile wnd fr before

backlinks wnd fr before

The link profile of the German site looked quite similar, although it had fewer inbound links and they came from low-quality domains with low URL ratings:

link profile wnd de before

backlinks wnd de before

Thanks to off-site activities, we manage to gradually increase the number of valuable links and improve the backlink profile for the FR and DE domain. This is of great importance for the entire optimization process and supports the acquisition of organic traffic.

FR domain:

link profile wnd fr after

backlinks wnd fr after

DE domain:

link profile wnd de after

backlinks wnd de after

Cooperation with Delante is based on very transparent rules – Damian listens to our requests and very clearly presents possible solutions or reports on completed activities. We appreciate the help and professionalism. We hope to continue to develop our sites in this way.

michal cybulski wnd

Michał Cybulski

Senior Marketing Specialist


Results for the French domain:

  • +91% increase in organic traffic
  • +77% increase in visibility

google search console wnd fr results

  • 110 unique phrases in TOP 10

Results for the German domain:

  • +800% increase in organic traffic
  • +359% increase in visibility

google search console wnd de results

  • + 179 unique phrases in the TOP 10
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