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Client Goals


Increase visibility in search engine

The industry blufolio specializes in – blockchain – is demanding when it comes to SEO. Websites covering such topics are subjected to more restrictions. Besides, the crypto market is highly competitive. Therefore, blufolio asked us to create a custom SEO strategy for their website to increase its visibility in the search engines.


Merge two websites

blufolio also asked us to help them merge two of their websites. The thing was that the domain that generated more traffic was the one that was meant to be shut down. We had to not only move all the visitors to the new website but also optimize it before and after merging to maintain current traffic and drive its further growth.

On-site Strategy

Adding Notifications about Migration
on SWM Website

When the client reached out to us, they had two working websites that were about to be merged. We needed to let users know about upcoming migration and changes!

Why we did it

Switching a website off without informing the users about the migration would confuse the regular users and cause a massive drop in traffic.

The client had two websites: Secure Wealth Management and blufolio. The latter domain was supposed to become the main one after migration. The thing was that it generated less traffic than the SWM.

Knowing that, we displayed a series of notifications on the SWM website, informing the visitors about the upcoming changes: that SWM would soon become This way we prevented the significant drop in the number of people visiting our client’s website.

website migration notification

In the meantime, we implemented some basic optimization on the SWM website to facilitate the upcoming migration. Our main focus, however, was given to

Conducting Keyword Research & Selection

Carefully selected keywords are a pillar of every SEO strategy and should be among the first steps when starting SEO work on site. We analyzed and selected business-relevant keywords with conversion potential for blufolio’s future conversions.

Why we did it

Using the right keywords related to the services/products helps a company get their website noticed both by Google and the internet users. It also strengthens brand visibility and defines the content created for the target audience. Most of all, however, choosing the brand-related long-tail keywords increases the chance for reaching the prospective clients.

To our surprise, the website ranked for a completely different set of keywords that we expected. They were unrelated to the blufolio and the industry they specialize in. For that reason, we had to do the keyword analysis from scratch. We chose adequate phrases that showed the highest potential to bring the website to the top of search results. In general, the whole process was based on creating a broad keyword list that included long-tails, generic and brand-related phrases.

Creating More Keyword-Rich Web Content

When there’s not enough content on the website, the domain is left with no driving force for SEO success. We needed to arm blufolio with more keyword-optimized content of top quality.

Why we did it

With too little content, there was no chance for the website to attract a bigger number of visitors. There was simply not enough of it to drive the visibility for the most relevant keywords. We knew that enriching such a small website with more keyword-rich content would increase its performance.

When we started working with blufolio, their website was almost a one-pager. On top of that, it had no service-related pages that would rank for blockchain-relevant keywords.

Our client didn’t have the resources to create the web content so we took this process over. We suggested adding a separate category, placing articles that would bring more value to the visitors. This way we created some educational materials, including a kind of an investor’s guide for those interested in cryptocurrency.

We filled this section with keyword-rich articles that were supposed to – among others – have a positive effect on the conversion rates. The much-needed valuable content boost attracted more viewers, thus significantly increasing the number of impressions.

building keyword-rich web content

Adding a Tag Grid

Adding new content to blufolio’s website was one thing – the other challenge was how to show Google crawlers it is educational and authoritative. Tag grid implemented on the site helped with that!

Why we did it

Tag grid improves internal linking, helping blog posts and articles rank higher in SERP.

Being aware of the fact that creating value-adding and relevant web content takes time, we decided to categorize what was already published on the website. We also had to prove to Google that the new articles were educational and authoritative. To make this happen, we implemented a tag grid. This allowed us to add hyperlinks pointing to the existing pieces of content, thus increasing their ranks.

What’s also important, we matched web page titles (h1) and web content with the tags from the grid. This way we helped the crawlers understand the topic covered on particular pages. This solution brought about a huge change pretty quickly – the website gained ranks in Google search.

tag grid implemented on clients website

Optimizing Blog Posts & Adding a Table Of Contents

Next step to make the most out of content published within domian was to optimize it according to selected keywords and give it a clear structure.

Why we did it

If Google considers web content as thin and shallow, the chances to get it rank high are almost nonexistent. Therefore, apart from uploading new articles, we had to optimize them in two ways: add standard formatting (e.g. emboldening) and use some of the technical SEO (e.g. table of contents). This way crawlers could index the website more effectively.

Although blufolio was running a blog on their website before they started working with us, the content published in this section was short and of low quality. Basically, it was a compilation of short news concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency.

blog optimization case study cryptocurrencies

On top of that, this content wasn’t optimized for search engines.

These were the main issues we had to fix to help the website become more Google-friendly:

  • incorrect heading structure
  • no meta descriptions with keywords for blog posts
  • too short and too general content
  • UX issues
  • no SEO formatting

Since the blog posts were basically news, their lifespan was pretty short. Additionally, they hardly contained the keywords that potential clients type into the browser.

After handling all the above content-related issues, we implemented a table of contents. This way we improved UX and provided Googlebots with a clear structure of published content. Besides, this is another great way to include more keywords without being accused of keyword-stuffing.

table of contents implemented on clients website as part of SEO strategy

Using Delante API for Speedy Indexing

During our cooperation with blufolio the whole SEO industry was facing a challenge of difficult page indexing. But guess what, having troubles with Google indexing we came up with our internal solution!

Why we did it

Site indexing is required to make a website searchable. This process has a massive impact on ranking and web traffic, therefore the sooner the crawlers index each page a website consists of, the quicker its content becomes available to the internet users.

Even though we were creating relevant and high-quality content for blufolio, there was a global problem with indexing new pages in Google.

To overcome this problem and speed up indexing, we used our own tool – Delante API app.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the tool:

delante indexing API tool interface

A few blufolio’s pages indexed by Delante API app:

clients pages indexed with delante api

Fixing Headings

It was necessary to do some cleaning in blufolio’s header structure as well.

Why we did it

Headings help the users and crawlers understand the content of a page. They are one of the key aspects of search engine optimization and UX.

There were three major issues with the headings:

  • no page contained H1 heading (each page should contain one H1 title)
  • there were over ten H2 headings (no hierarchy)
  • there were almost no keywords used in the headings

This is how the headings looked before:

incorrect structre

We created a clear hierarchy and added keywords:

correct heading structure

Implementing Global Changes

As blufolio was operating on the international market, their website required some global changes. The only problem was, we didn’t have the access to their FTP.

Why we did it

Implementing search engine optimization focused on global market has a positive effect on international SEO, and on the website performance in general.

To reach the audience from the international markets, we had to implement global changes to the website. The thing was that we didn’t have access to FTP. Therefore we had to contact the agency being in charge of the blufolio website design. We asked them to adopt our suggestions, making the website more Google-friendly.

Let’s work on your international visibility together!
Off-Site Strategy

Creating more referral traffic was another SEO-related issue we handled for blufolio. To do so, we had to increase their website authority and the domain parameters. When done correctly, a substantial number of backlinks has a positive impact on website visibility and its performance.

To create more links directing back to, we firstly focused on:

  • popular social media platforms
  • bookmarking sites
  • NAP’s
  • catalogs
  • marketplace profiles

Once we were done with that, we started reaching out to the websites covering the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We kept the increase of referring domains steady, yet not too rapid. Otherwise, we could harm the website parameters.

These are the website parameters before we performed off-site activities:

Website parameters after 6 months:

Here is how the domain ranking were increasing over time (the orange line shows the moment we started working with blufolio):

Below, the number of referring domains before the cooperation:

Here is the number of referring domains after 6 months:


Here is what we succeed in:

RESULT 1 453% increase in the number of total impressions in search after 6 months (compare November 2021 and April 2021)

RESULT 2 275% increase in the number of clicks in search results after 6 months (compare November 2021 and April 2021)

change in website visibility seo blockchain case study

Increase in website visibility (source: Google Search Console)

visibility growth graph

A general trend of visibility during the cooperation

RESULT 3 Increase in organic traffic and the number of keywords the website ranks for:

traffic and keywords growth cryptocurrencies industry seo case study

NOTE: The visible drop in the last period was caused by three things: focus on optimizing a new version of the website, staging process, and making the website ready for the launch.
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