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blufolio is a Geneva-based company that specializes in cryptocurrencies, blockchain VC, and sustainable portfolios. With 13 years of experience on the market, the company is not slowing down with outperforming benchmarks.

See how we helped blufolio organize upcoming website merging and delivered a 453% increase in search engine visibility in just 6 months of cooperation.








increase in number of views in Google



impressions in search after 6 months


Blufolio reached out to us with an interesting challenge. Our cooperation started in October 2021 and at this time the company knew they are going to change the website from a one-year perspective. Two websites were going to be merged into one addressing all of Blufolio’s business objectives.

The trick was – the website that was about to become the main one (blufolio) for the business was generating less traffic than the other one. It was a tiny, almost on-page domain with no service pages and a blog that contained LinkedIn news.

Combine this situation with a super-difficult and competitive cryptocurrencies industry and extremely high business objectives and you have it – quite a challenge for our team! Luckily, we rolled up our sleeves and called in the big guns.

Check how we tailored the SEO process to deliver the best possible results and grant blufolio an easy start with their new website!

A few quick facts:

  • Competitive and difficult cryptocurrency industry
  • Planned merging of 2 websites
  • The intended main website with poor parameters and traffic
  • Lack of service pages on the website
  • No resources for content creation

On-site Process

Challenge 1. The SWM website was generating more traffic than blufolio

The first thing to address was the fact that the Secure Wealth Management (SWM) website was generating more traffic than blufolio. We knew that client wants to keep the domain as the main website after migration.

To make sure the plan would work, we implemented basic optimization on the SWM website and the whole focus went to blufolio site.

In addition to standard optimizations done on blufolio we planned the process of merging two websites. We didn’t want anything to happen too rapidly – this could cause a massive loss of users. Instead, we planned a series of information to be displayed on the SWM website to let visitors know that soon SWM will become blufolio:

migration preparation case study

The domain will function like this for several months and then be redirected completely.

Challenge 2. Lack of content on the website

The website was almost a one-page domain when we started working on it. There were no service-related pages that would rank for business-relevant keywords.

No keywords list to work with

To be honest, the whole website would rank for different keywords totally not related to the core business and ones that wouldn’t translate into website performance. Because of that, we decided to start keyword analysis from scratch and chose adequate keyword phrases with the best potential. The whole process was later based on the broad keyword list – one that included long-tails, generic and brand phrases.

Our client didn’t have the resources to create the content so we took over the content creation process.

We created a separate category on blufolio website – an investors guide, where we place all articles created by our team for the client. The content is conversion-oriented and properly optimized for keywords with potential. The solid boost of content resulted in an increase in the number of website views.

content implementation case study

investor guide

NOTE: We knew that in the case of such a small website, the content was the right way to increase its performance.

Challenge 2a. No time to create new content in the desired quantity

The trick with the content part of the SEO process is that it takes time. To maintain the efficiency of content work and neutralize the impact of the time it takes to create new entries, we decided to categorize the content on site.

We implemented a tag grid. Later we tagged all the existing entries. What’s important, we enable adding title, h1, and text to the tag section. We used this solution and implementing tags alone brought a huge change – the website gained ranks in google search.
tag grid solution case study

The aim of the tag grid was to strengthen the internal linking and overall improve the website structure. The solution is not a way to directly increase the number of content views.

Challenge 3. Unoptimized blog

When we started the cooperation blufolio was running a blog. However, the content would be considered thin by the crawlers – the blog was based on short industry news.

blufolio blog implementation

In addition, blog content was not properly optimized in terms of SEO. There were a few major technical issues like:

  • Incorrect heading structure
  • No meta descriptions containing relevant keywords were implemented for the posts
  • Thin content (too short and general content)
  • Content was based on news articles that characterize with short performance span and are not rich in keywords searched by potential clients
  • UX issues
  • No SEO formatting

To additionally improve the content quality and website UX we implemented a table of content for each bigger content piece:

table of contents implementation

Challenge 4. Indexation troubles

Once we started creating new, rich and properly targeted content it would seem that it’s all going to be a breeze from now on. Well, reality and Google crawler’s verified that. Although new articles were published systematically on blufolio’s website we encountered problems with indexing those sites in Google.

It’s not a surprise, as long indexing time is a struggle for the industry for quite some time now. To fix that and get the client’s content to the Google index faster, we used our own solution – an indexing tool based on the Delante API app.

Here’s a quick look at how it looks:

fixing indexation issues delante api

A few examples of indexing done within the app for blufolio:

Challenge 5. Incorrect headings

The website required work with headings. Their structure was incorrect:

  • there was no H1 (which should be placed in the Above The Fold section)
  • the website contained over 10 H2 headings – not only was it incorrect but also the headings didn’t contain any relevant keywords.

incorrect heading structure seo case study

We created new heading order and chose adequate keywords to use in headings. Here’s how we prepared the heading structure for the new website (to be launched soon):

correct headings

Challenge 6. No FTP access to implement global changes

Another challenge for our team was to implement global changes that would make the website more visible on the international market and would improve the whole website. Unfortunately, we didn’t have access to the website’s FTP so we had to contact a third-party agency – the one responsible for the initial website design.

Blufolio was during a website design warranty period, so we teamed up with the agency creating their site and we could entrust them with implementing our recommendations.


Plans for the future

While actively working on strengthening blufolio’s main domain, we kept in mind upcoming changes. Our client informed us about the plans of creating a new website – this allowed us to create a foundation for launching a new domain which will happen soon.

Off-site Process

As mentioned earlier, blufolio’s website was really small and had low parameters. The link-building process was, alongside the content work, the pillar of SEO strategy for this client. We needed to increase the site’s authority and boost its parameters – this would later impact its visibility and performance.

We started with the pre-made list of TOP75 “must-have” domains. It’s our unique base of domains with strong parameters that are substantial to build a solid link base for a small website. We targeted:

  • Popular social media platforms,
  • Bookmarking sites,
  • NAP’s,
  • Catalogs,
  • Marketplace profiles.

Once we built that base, the next step was to systematically create backlinks from blockchain and cryptocurrency industry-related domains. The most important part was to both keep a constant increase of referring domains while making it natural.

NOTE: Too rapid increase in the number of domains and/or links can bring the opposite result – hurting website parameters and even earning Google’s penalty.

Website parameters before the cooperation:

results seo case study blockchain seo

Website parameters, after 6 months of cooperation:

Increase in domain rating over time (the line marks the start of cooperation):

domain rating increase seo case study

Referring domains before the cooperation:

referring domains before cooperation

Referring domains after 6 months the cooperation:

referring domains after 6 months of cooperation


  • 453% increase in the number of total impressions in search after 6 months (November 21 vs April 21)
  • 275% increase in the number of clicks in search results after 6 months (November 21 vs April 21)
visibility increase blockchain seo case study
Increase in website visibility (source: Google Search Console)
results of blockchain seo process
A general trend of visibility during the cooperation
  • The overall increase in organic traffic & number of keywords the website ranks for

organic traffic growth and keywords ranks results seo case study

NOTE: The decrease in the last period of cooperation is a result of the current focus on optimizing the new website version, staging process, and preparing the website to be launched

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