Gosia Kwiecień

Head of SEO
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO Delante

Gosia Kwiecień, the Head of SEO at Delante, showcases a blend of strategic vision and a hands-on approach, reflecting over a decade of experience in shaping successful SEO strategies. Her leadership is not just about delivering top-tier results; it’s about building a team environment where the growth and contribution of each member are key. Her commitment to nurturing talent and inspiring innovative thinking underscores her role in Delante’s success.

Recognized in the industry for her accomplishments, including awards at the European Search Awards, Global Search Awards, US Search Awards, and International Performance Marketing Awards, Gosia’s expertise in managing diverse and large-scale international SEO projects has been vital in elevating Delante in the SEO landscape.

Gosia’s approach, characterized by her Gallup talents: Achiever,  Individualization, Strategic, Restorative, and Input

has been central to her client-focused methodology. She’s known for her direct communication style, steering clients toward more effective strategies, and challenging conventional ideas to ensure optimal outcomes. This bold approach has cemented her reputation as a trusted, innovative leader in SEO.

Outside her professional life, Gosia is a passionate traveler, drawing inspiration from various cultures. Her exploratory nature extends to her love for discovering Krakow’s culinary gems, and her interests in foxes, movies, and TV series reflect her diverse personal pursuits

Gosia Specializes in

link base in link building services

business economics

strategy management

link building audit benefits action plan

SEO strategy planning

enterprise SEO

Gosia’s SEO processes were
nominated in

Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022

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