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Client Goals


Improve organic search traffic

Epstryk is an online electric online store that had never been optimized for the search engines. When they contacted us, their website was pretty large as it consisted of over 27,000 product pages. Despite such a wide offer, epstryk.pl got around 10,000 organic visitors a month, which constituted 29% of the overall web traffic.


Increase sales with organic traffic

Driving more unpaid traffic to the client’s website was supposed to grow more sales. To make that possible, we had to optimize category and product pages so that they appear high in SERP. We also had to optimize the product pages for the right keywords. This way they would appear at the top of SERP whenever someone was looking for an item offered by epstryk.pl.

SEO Team

Working with Epstryk was a genuine pleasure. The owner of the online store is a great guy who knows his products and industry inside out. His knowledge and responsiveness moved the entire SEO process forward way quicker. Although the industry the client works in is highly competitive, together we succeeded at achieving pretty impressive results.

Gosia Kwiecień
Gosia Kwiecień Head of SEO

On-Site Strategy

Changing Page URLs

When the SEO strategy for Epstryk was ready, we met up with the client to go through the plan and divide the tasks. Once everything was set, we started working on the technical aspects of search engine optimization. The very first thing we handled was the URL structure.

Why we did it

The structure of URLs should be easy to read for the users and Google bots. It can be done by removing insignificant numbers and other irrelevant characters from the strings. Crawlers may have problems with indexing long and non-optimized URLs, keeping those pages out of SERP.

Addresses that used to take prospects to product and category pages were too long and definitely too complex. Since URLs are one of the elements that crawlers analyze to determine the relevance of a page to the search, long strings of characters didn’t help the product pages show up in SERP. To change that, we had to make all of the 200+ URLs more SEO-friendly. Later, of course, we set redirections.

Here are four examples of the changes we made to the URLs for better indexing:





















Optimizing the Homepage

When the URL issue was fixed, we occupied ourselves with optimizing the main page of epstryk.pl. It was going to be a multi-step process.

Why we did it

The better optimized the homepage is, the more conversion it’s able to generate. Additionally, its rank affects the scoring given by Google bots to the remaining pages.

There were at least a few things we had to fix to improve homepage ranks.

Firstly, we spend some time rewriting meta descriptions and title tags. We had to make them more enticing and descriptive because only in this way were they able to bring more visitors from the Search to the client’s website.

Title tags and meta descriptions before we made them more SEO-friendly:

epstryk meta before optimization

and after

epstryk meta after optimization

Secondly, epstryk.pl didn’t use any information hierarchy on the homepage. We had to add H1 and H2 headings, and there were two reasons for that:

reason 1: This way we helped Google bots understand the relationship between the individual pieces of content published on a page. And when the crawlers’ job is made easier, they tend to score pages higher.

reason 2: Headings split the information into separate sections, which helps the users scan the pages quicker, finding what they are looking for easier. Simply put, clear heading hierarchy improves UX.


epstryk headlines before optimization


epstryk headlines after optimization

Thirdly, we asked Epstryk to write a short piece of content for the homepage. Later, we optimized it, added more keywords and used it for internal linking.

Fourthly, the alt description for the company’s logo needed some tweaking, too. Generally, it’s advised to include the full name of the company in the logo alt text. Having this in mind, we changed

alt=”Sklep online – epstryk.pl” to alt=”Sklep elektryczny online – epstryk.pl”

(EN alt=”online store – epstryk.pl” to alt=”online eletrical store – epstryk.pl”)

Doing all that, and more, delivered desired results. One of the positive outcomes took the form of stronger keyword positions. For example, hurtownia elektryczna (EN electrical wholesaler) and sklep elektryczny (EN electrical store) made it to the 1st and 2nd position respectively.

epstryk keywords

Optimizing Category Pages

When the homepage was finally optimized for search engines, we focused our attention on the category pages.

Why we did it

Category pages have the potential to drive organic traffic to a website. To do that, they have to be optimized for appropriate keywords and, in general, made more SEO-friendly. Otherwise, their chance of improving their position in the search ranking is thin.

At the time we started working with Epstryk, their website had 19 category pages, each one divided further into a few sub-categories. To make the on-page optimization go smooth, we focused first on the pages that generated the most organic traffic.

Eventually, we optimized all pages for the keywords that internet users typed into the browser most often when looking for electronic equipment. Apart from that we also rewrote page titles, meta descriptions and headings. We also used the category pages and product pages to strengthen the internal linking within the epstryk.pl domain.

Here is a brief overview of what we did with each category page to help it improve the position in the Search:


  • making the URL SEO-friendly
  • writing new meta title
  • creating new meta description
  • publishing new piece of written content
  • adding internal linking

Fixing Issues on Product Pages

Finally, we could move on to the product pages. We had to make sure the items offered on those pages are easy to find by the searchers.

Why we did it

Product pages are basically the key elements of an online store. Their contents aim at informing the customers about a particular product, and make them click the “buy” or “add to cart” button. From the SEO standpoint, optimized product pages improve search engine rankings of a website and help bring the customers from SERP to the store.

When we started working with Epstryk, their regular offer was already pretty wide, yet it was constantly expanding. This means the website was growing larger, as each new product required creating a new page.

First, we aimed at optimizing the pages presenting the best-selling products. Later, we worked on less visited pages.

Here is a brief overview of what we did with each product page:


  • changing meta title
  • optimizing meta description
  • adding more text to the product description
  • making the web content SEO-friendly
  • creating a heading hierarchy
  • adding alternative texts for the product images
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Off-Site Strategy

Establishing page and domain authority without running a thought-out off-site process is impossible. When those two metrics are low, a website has no chance of reaching the top of Search.

To help epstryk.pl become more trustworthy in the eyes of Google, our link building team created a strategy to drive more referral traffic to our client’s online store.

Here is the website score before we started the off-site process:

epstryk page authority before optimization

epstryk domain authority before optimization

Here is the website score after a few months of running the off-site process for Epstryk:

epstryk page authority after optimization

epstryk domain authority after optimization

epstryk parameters after optimization


RESULT 1 Increased organic traffic by 118% in 12 months

comparison epstryk organic traffic

 RESULT 2 Increased visibility

epstryk visibility increase

RESULT 3 Increased sales by 71% in 12 months

RESULT 4 Stronger keyword positions

  • 5k keywords made it to the top 10
  • almost 12.5k keywords made it to the top 50

epstryk keywords positions

epstryk traffic increase

epstryk organic traffic

Thanks to Delante I can see increases in both traffic and online sales of my online store. The optimization works are being carried out really reliably. Also, there’s been significant growth in links leading to my site since we started our cooperation.

Marcin Skoczylas

Director of Electronic Service Department

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