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Case study - Money24 is a Spanish website that aims to present and compare the offers of quick online loans.

On the website, you can find the offers of several companies and a lot of advice on how to get a loan safely. The company itself also runs a blog and dispels the doubts on the advantages and disadvantages of quick loans, as well as their legal aspects.

See how we built traffic at the level of 1500, starting basically from scratch!






Organic traffic


Sessions in April, after 7 months (from scratch)


The website is managed with WordPress CMS, which is well-known to us and reacts well to any SEO-related changes.

We started the cooperation at the beginning of September (03.09.2018). During the first month, the organic traffic (according to Google Analytics) amounted to 6, which was only 1,1% of the overall traffic. Therefore, we were starting the optimisation from scratch.

A few facts for starters:

  • Spanish market – website optimisation for
  • Competitive financial industry
  • WordPress CMS
  • Young domain
  • Most of the phrases were not indexed properly
  • Traffic and visibility build from scratch
  • Not many backlinks driving traffic to the website
  • Low Page and Domain Authority


To optimise the website, we took a broad-based approach to SEO, which means building its visibility gradually and focusing on a large number of more detailed long-tail phrases. We also kept in mind more general phrases, which were often searched by those potential buyers who were less decided.

Since the website was basically brand new, the data from Google Search Console didn’t help us much at the beginning. That’s why we chose relevant keyword phrases based on the website content, external tools and consultations – both with the client and Spanish speakers. We decided to take into account 40 phrases, with the majority not being indexed properly. After 8 months of cooperation, we’ve already been monitoring 162 phrases, and their number is increasing steadily.

On-site process

Problem no. 1:  A large amount of 404 errors (still increasing)

There was an issue with a large amount of 404 errors, which affected the traffic within the website.

404 errors

These errors stemmed from the redirections coming from different domains to, and were eliminated by the website owner.

Problem no. 2: Website with potential, but not optimised at all

The home page is basically a “business card” of the whole website. If it’s well-optimised, it also affects the optimisation of other subpages and categories. The main page of was not left on its own – the written content was long enough, and updated regularly.

The challenge, though, was that the content was not optimised, which was one of the reasons why the site couldn’t realise its full potential.

During the on-site process, we took care of the content optimisation for relevant keywords in order to generate as many views as possible – gradually increasing the position of these keywords in SERP, and improving the home page.

We added proper headings, internal links and text formatting.

main page text - money24

Blog posts and subpages were also subject to such optimisation.

Problem no. 3: The lack of visibility for long-tail phrases

We saw potential in generating traffic to the website through long-tail phrases. We also knew that it might be worth to try adding tags in order to achieve that. We created separate subpages which included long-tail phrases, along with a well-optimised content for those keywords.

Tag page - reunificar deudas

It helped us to increase the number of views of these pages little by little:

tag pages visibility

Problem no. 4: Inadequate internal linking

Blog posts included links to websites with 404 errors. Because of that, the “link juice” was not passed between the pages, and the number of 404 errors was still increasing.

We were gradually improving the URL addresses so that they didn’t redirect to any non-existing pages.

The issue lied in improper links to subpages, such as…ne-y-sin-papeleo/ instead of

internal linking


The changes on the website can work wonders, especially if they are paired with activities off-site, namely link building. In this case, we were building quality backlinks coming from domains with very good parameters from the very beginning.

Before the start of the cooperation, the external links looked as follows:

Ahrefs - moeny24 before cooperation

Backlinks before cooperation

Currently, the number of links and linking domains is increasing substantially:

Ahrefs - money24 during cooperation

After 8 months of cooperation, the data from the Moz tool regarding Page Authority showed a visible increase:


Page authority before cooperation


Page authority after 8 months

Page authority increasement


  • Increase in organic traffic. In April 2019, the organic traffic amounted to 1484,

    An increase in organic traffic on – the Spanish market
  • Increase in the number of page views and clicks:
    pages visibility - money24
  • Increased visibility in the search engine results page at
    Wzrost widoczności strony dzięki SEO
  • The changes in the position of relevant keyword phrases during the cooperation:
    • prestamos inmediatos (quick loans) to 2nd place – at the beginning, it was not indexed at all,
    • Money24 to 2nd place – starting position: 49,
    • Préstamos en 15 minutos (quick loans in 15 minutes) to 10th place – starting position: not indexed,
    • préstamos en línea (online loans) to 15th place – starting position: not indexed.
SEO Specialist’s Comment:

Good results in the Financial Industry on a Spanish market? I didn’t expect we can do it so well! Thankfully with the hard work of our team we managed to build nice organic traffic basically from the zero levels and achieve a high position for keywords on a Spanish market. We needed to invest a lot of time in optimizing the website correctly and implementing technical improvements but the charts show that it was worth it.

Gosia Tarnawska Delante
Gosia Tarnawska
SEO Team Leader

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