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Would you like to make sure that your web content is in line with Google rules? Maybe you need someone to check if the texts published on your website satisfy the search intent of your target audience. Perhaps you’re looking for some proven ideas on how to make your web content more useful for visitors.

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You will find the expert assistance you require here, at Delante. We will run an in-depth analysis to find out what you can do to make the most out of your web content.

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Who Is the
Content Audit Service For?

Content audit offered at Delante is an ideal solution for:

  • e-commerce store owners
  • service and branded website owners
  • ‘about us’ page owners
  • companies that want to learn the cause of no visibility or traffic growth despite publishing web content regularly
  • companies that would like to verify whether the content released by their content team is considered useful by Google

What exactly is content audit? What benefits does it provide you with?

What Is Content Audit

Content audit is a detailed analysis of the content published on a website. During this process, we use our comprehensive knowledge and specialized research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Surfer SEO and Spyfu to evaluate content published on category pages, product pages, service pages and case studies, as well as landing pages and company blogs.

Apart from analyzing your web content, we also offer you practical suggestions on improving the performance of the published pieces of writing. The tips you receive from us help you use the full potential of your web content to increase your website visibility and authority.

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Why Should You Consider
Getting Your Content Audited

Content audit is designed for those who want to verify the quality of content published on their website. The results obtained through this process are also useful for those who would like to start creating engagement-enticing and value-adding content that performs well in Search.

Here is what we’re going to do:

  • analyze the content published on category pages, product pages, service pages as well as on brand and manufacturer’s pages
  • analyze homepage content
  • analyze blog posts
  • analyze other types of content, including: definitions, case studies and landing pages

Having all of these elements evaluated, you will find out:

  • weather content published on the homepage, category pages, product pages and service pages is: of good quality, sufficiently long, and optimized for most important keywords
  • whether your blog posts: satisfy the search intent of your target audience and don’t cause keyword cannibalization
  • whether the level of content optimization is adequate
  • what type of content is released by your closest competitors
  • what changes you should consider making to improve SEO and UX
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Do you want to measure your web content performance? Are you looking for workable solutions for improved visibility and higher website ranking? We will be happy to help you with that. Just let us know you need our professional assistance!

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What Others Think
About Working on Web Content With Delante

Below you will find two comments on the web content written at Delante for a company from the demanding healthcare industry:

pozytywny komentarz pod treściami dla klienta

A thank-you email sent to one of our SEO Specialists – the client appreciates the content creation tips:

comment from satisfied client about content tips from delante specialist

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Success Story: This Is What
You Can Achieve

We take an individual approach to each website we run a content analysis for. This way we are able to put forward specific recommendations that improve the performance of a given website in Search.

Take a look at the following example – this is a brief summary of how we helped one of our clients improve visibility through web content.

Who: a certified translation company that provides localized content services

Market: COM

Partnership started: June 2021

Content plan: We were responsible for creating blog content + separate landing pages for each language that the company provides translation services for.

Targeted keywords: “korean translation services”, “professional korean translation”, “professional english to korean translation”, etc.

Below a graph showing the increase of website visibility (see June when the metric showed 0):

graph showing visibility increase of a trnaslation company

Below a graph showing a visibility of a randomly chosen blog post:

graph showing visibility increase of an article

Here are examples of keywords that generate web traffic and impressions:

translation company phrases

Delante was a heaven-sent agency which we were lucky enough to find at the right time. Quickly and efficiently they optimized the all-new website for the search engines so that Google liked us again. They also walked us through the ins and outs of creating SEO-friendly content.

Dominika Jajszczak

Project Manager

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