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Google Analytics 4 will help you collect the data you need to grow your business. We will help you set it up and understand with our GA4 implementation service!

Why Choose Us As Your GA4 Setup Agency?

GA4 setup

GA4 configuration

Complete documentation

Consultation with a specialist

Flexible budget options

Tomek Gniecki - SEM & Analytics Specialist

Tomek Gniecki

SEM & Analytics Specialist

Implementing Google Analytics 4 properly is crucial for effective SEO and Google Ads. Analytical data is essential for informed marketing decisions, and our specialists will customize GA4 to align with your business needs.

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Why Opt For GA4 Implementation Service With Us?

Our experience shows that without analytical data, it is impossible to run a proper SEO nor Google Ads process. If you don’t know what is actually working and choose your marketing activities randomly, it will be difficult for you to realize their full potential. The experience of our Specialists will ensure that you can tailor Google Analytics 4 to your business needs.

We will help you understand how Google Analytics 4 works and how to use it to get the best results!

Consulting with Wojciech helped us better understand what we should focus on to improve the visibility of our site. We are very satisfied with the knowledge we gained and the way the specialist delivered it. Highly recommended!

Magdalena Gaweda


Who Do We Implement
and Configure Google Analytics 4 For?

GA4 implementation agency for companies switching from UA to GA4

Companies switching from
Universal Analytics
to Google Analytics 4

Technical seo for wordpress

Companies implementing
Google Analytics 4
without Universal Analytics

What Will You Get?

SEO consultation link building audit

Peace of mind
Specialists will handle your website analytics.

Full GA4 setup
and configuration

We will configure GA4 according to your requirements and expectations established during the consultation.

Complete documentation
We will send you full documentation of GA4 setup and configuration.

We will help you understand the system and the collected data in the form of training or consultation.

Delante has gone above and beyond throughout our journey together, bringing a team of specialists who know what they’re doing. If you need a team of experts with skin in the game, I couldn’t recommend any other option.

Eduardo Oliveira

Co-Founder & CEO

GA4 Implementation Service Options

If you are interested in Google Analytics 4 setup service, but don’t know which option is optimal for you – let us know!

Basic version – $450


As part of the basic GA4 implementation for service sites, we provide:

  • Verification of the implementation/deployment of Google Tag Manager on the site,
  • Verification of the implementation/deployment of the GA4 script on the site
  • Setting up and/or configuring basic GA4 settings
  • Data stream configuration
  • Measured events audit and recommendations
  • Conversion goal creation – one main goal e.g., submitting a form (does not apply to                e-commerce*)
  • Data collection configuration
  • Testing the accuracy of data collection and target counting
  • Configuration of search measuring in the site’s internal search engine

Extended version – $750


As part of the extended version of GA4 implementation for service sites, we provide all activities from the basic version +

  • Creation of conversion goals – such as submitting a form,
  • Creation of custom events/targets, e.g., click on email, click on phone number, other contact forms, view specific pages, download and copy items,
  • GA4 integration with other Google services – GSC, Google Ads,
  • Implementation/adaptation of data layer and configuration of goals (purchase, add to cart) – applies to popular CMS (WordPress, Presta, Shopify, etc.),
  • Data layer audit for e-commerce, measured events and recommendations (for  e-commerce).

Advanced version – $1400


We treat the advanced version of GA4 implementation for service sites as a separate service. We will fully focus on your individual needs and create reports that will help you collect the data of your choice. Advanced implementation includes all activities from the extended version +

  • Creation of custom parameters to differentiate between forms, specific audiences, or content groups,
  • Creation of custom audience groups for ad targeting analysis
  • Customization of standard reports to meet specific customer needs,
  • Creation of custom reports tailored to the client’s expectations and needs,
  • Implementation/adaptation of data layer and configuration of goals (purchase, add to cart) – regardless of CMS (for e-commerce),
  • Configuration and implementation of data layer by our Web Developers (for e-commerce),
  • Other activities not included in the above, such as configuring the measurement of several domains, and connection to BigQuery.


Let’s talk about GA4 implementation for your website!

Consultation and GA4 implementation are carried out by Wojciech (SEO R&D Specialist) and Tomasz (SEM Specialist) who are responsible for analytical processes at Delante. In case a layer of data needs to be introduced to measure e-commerce, the development department is also involved.

When to Opt For
Google Analytics 4 Implementation Service?

Google Universal Analytics has stopped collecting data in July 2023.

What’s more, in January Google announced that in March it would begin automatically setting up GA4 accounts for users who had not done so yet. Such an implementation is likely to be full of errors and may require a lot of work to get Analytics back on track. Do not leave your site in the hands of automatic processes!

Contact us now and carry out the implementation of Google Analytics 4 once, and for all.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About GA4

What is GA4?

Google Analytics 4 is a tracking system, an analytic tool provided free of charge by Google. It offers a broad set of statistics on users accessing our site. Google Analytics 4, unlike its predecessor, uses event-based rather than session-based data.

When to implement Google Analytics 4?

Google has announced that in March 2023 it will begin automatically setting up GA4 services for users who have not yet done so. To implement Google Analytics 4 based on your own needs and requirements, you should do so as soon as possible

Why Google Analytics 4?

Google has announced that the previous version of Google Analytics will be phased out on July 1, 2023. In its place is a new service – GA4. To access historical data, you should implement Google Analytics 4 now.

Does GA4 measure purchasing behavior?

Measuring e-commerce requires implementing a data layer that will send information to Google Analytics. You will also need to add relevant events to your site/application codes or configure them in Tag Manager.

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