6 Key Elements of a Good SEO Strategy for the Automotive Industry



6 Key Elements of a Good SEO Strategy for the Automotive Industryd-tags
19 June 2020
The automotive industry can be certainly described as one of the most competitive ones. The market is currently so enormous that car dealers and owners of auto servicings really struggle to effectively advertise their businesses. An appropriate SEO strategy can be a key to success, especially in the case of small-scale companies.



Doing SEO for automotive companies

Automotive SEO comprises many important elements, therefore it may not be enough to set up a website that provides only contact details and outlines your offer. Creating an appropriate marketing campaign and SEO strategy is the key to success. Before conducting any activities, it’s worth focusing on the company’s business profile.

SEO for car showrooms and workshops

Usually, you don’t decide to buy a new car overnight - this decision-making process takes much longer. When customers start searching for a dream vehicle, they begin with selecting the brand, then they specify the model, engine type, and equipment. Later on, customers browse many websites, gather information, and finally, they reach the selected showroom where they want to take a test drive and talk to an expert. By analyzing the covered path to purchase you can easily notice that generating traffic to your website is a must if you want to attract potential customers. Keep in mind that mainly companies buy new cars. Therefore, doing SEO for particular vehicle models is an excellent solution. Contrary to workshops, car showrooms offer products, not services, and that’s what you should focus on. High-quality pictures and comprehensive descriptions of models on your offer are essential to succeed and attract new potential customers. optimizing for a car model The automotive industry comprises a wide range of car servicing and workshops so, in case of any damage, car owners usually opt to have their vehicle repaired quickly in a local workshop or an authorized servicing center. If you are a local auto mechanic, you should thoroughly select your keywords and make sure that your website provides a price list and extensive descriptions of offered services. In this case, local SEO can be a real life-saver. Depending on the profile of your business, effective SEO activities can help you significantly increase traffic to your website and acquire new customers or clients. In the subsequent part of the article, we’ll discuss in detail the most important website elements and SEO activities.

6 key elements of a good SEO strategy for the automotive industry

Any car showroom or workshop website should be properly designed and optimized. Thus, you should briefly outline the profile of your company, provide a map and details concerning opening hours or your address. The website should definitely include photographs and a full description of your offer. However, the pretty design won’t suffice. SEO is essential to properly promote the site and generate traffic. The process involves numerous activities thanks to which your chances of being ranked high in the search results increase sharply.

1. Quality Content

The creation of unique and relevant content is one of the most prominent elements of any SEO strategy in every industry, including the automotive one. Make sure that the offer you present provides reliable and detailed information about available cars or services. Properly prepared content can help you increase the position of your website in the search results. First and foremost, texts on your website should be adapted to users, not search engine robots. Implement keywords in a natural way and make sure that your whole content is one-of-a-kind. Apart from being substantive, your texts should also catch the eye of readers. Take advantage of available formatting options, paragraphs, and headings. Quality content-marketing contributes to winning new customers and increasing traffic to the site.

2. Thorough Selection of Keywords

Appropriate selection of keywords is extremely important when doing automotive SEO. Due to high competitiveness, it’s advisable to delve deeper into the subject and select keywords that correspond to search queries entered by potential buyers. Imagine that you’re a customer and think what you’d type into Google when searching for given services or products. Use available tools like Semstorm or Senuto. Long-tail SEO usually works best in such cases. Using precise phrases tailored to a particular car model, equipment or engine type is much more beneficial than doing SEO for short and highly competitive keywords. Such an approach is also a great solution for small, local companies such as car servicings and workshops. Place keywords not only in the content of your website but also in headers, titles and meta descriptions.

3. Appealing Graphics And Photos

Car dealers are perfectly aware that customers care about reliable vehicle pictures. High-quality graphics are an indispensable element of every paper catalog, irrespective of the car brand or model. The same principle applies to websites, however, in this case, it’s also necessary to remember proper image optimization. Leaving your ALT attribute blank is a critical mistake while performing SEO activities. Alternative descriptions are of key importance - if you don’t provide them, Google will see the graphics but won’t be able to analyze their content, therefore, the robots will take into consideration only texts surrounding the photos. To learn more, go to our entry discussing SEO for images: https://delante.co/images-vs-seo/ appealing photos and videos and automotive SEO

4. Blogs, Vlogs, and Tutorials

Modern customers usually try to learn as much as possible before purchasing any product or service. In the automotive industry, a company blog is an ideal channel for advertising offered services and cars. The use of creative content and videos can help you influence potential customers and make sure that they’ll be willing to visit your store again. Videos and tutorials with tips are particularly great solutions for car servicings and workshops. Vlogs allow you to show off your expertise and skills in the field of vehicle repair thanks to which recipients will perceive you as more trustworthy.
Quality content improves not only your brand image and position on Google but also traffic to the website, which consequently translates into a higher conversion rate.
Moreover, the constant development of your website content enables you to expand the number of keywords.

5. Social Media

Social media platforms are currently one of the most powerful mediums of advertising products and services online. They gather enormous groups of people willing to share their experiences and opinions on various goods. Being active on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter allows you to present your offer and build relationships with potential customers. Make sure that all of your social media accounts provide information such as contact details or addresses of your company.

6. Local SEO for the automotive industry

When it comes to the automotive industry, local SEO is particularly beneficial in the case of small car workshops, servicings or used-car lots. People willing to repair old cars usually choose auto mechanics that are closed to them as this solution allows them to save both money and time. Local SEO focuses on specific areas, therefore, setting up Google My Business profile is a must in this case. Thanks to it, users will be able to easily and quickly access information concerning your opening hours, check addresses and directions, or read customer reviews. If your company has several departments, make sure your Google My Business profile provides addresses to all of them. local SEO for Automotive NAPs, which are special business cards where you can post all information about your company, are also a great solution that can help you reach top positions in the local search results.

To conclude

Effective automotive SEO can significantly increase traffic to your website. What’s more, greater interest in your services usually translates into a higher conversion rate. Obviously, SEO is a constant process, therefore you shouldn’t get discouraged and stop conducting planned activities if they don’t pay off immediately. Only this way you’ll be able to gradually reach higher and higher positions in the search results.



  1. I think this piece is well analysed and straightforward beginners find it difficult to know how to handle the issue of keywords and how to effectively use it.

    One factor worth noting is “intent keyword” research. It is important for beginners to know exactly what the keyword is targeting. Some keywords would no doubt have high search volume but would yield zero dollars.

    Sam from Autozesh.com

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