Local SEO Citations

A full list of the local SEO citations acquired

A document containing the list of the citations with paremeters such as: DR, DA, PA,

Login accesses to created local citations

Price: starting from

Time: 3 weeks

Kasia Śliwa - Off-site SEO Specialist

Kasia Śliwa

Off-site SEO Specialist

As a part of our local SEO citation service, you will get a complete list of local citations with parameters and a consultation with our specialist after the project is completed.

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Who Is
Local Citation For?

Local SEO citations is the perfect choice for your business if you want to reach customers in your area, build awareness and evoke trust in your brand among them. We help improve the local search results of those companies whose competitors are ranked higher in local search results pages, especially for:

What Does the
Local Citation Building Process Looks Like?


Individual link structure analysis

Provides the proper backlink profile for your site.


Evaluating the local anchor cloud

Helps balance the ratio of anchors in local search results.


Providing tailored local citations

Link citation, business cards, Naps, announcements, etc.


Preparing a local citation building report

The report contains information about acquired links and the quality, visibility and position of keywords.

Delante has supported me in the link building process, which, thanks to the Backlink GAP analysis, is well-tailored to my needs and brings noticeable results. What is more, Delante responds quickly to algorithm updates and prepares recommendations that enable us to quickly adjust the strategy.

Mirosław Solecki vel Szymański

Mirosław Solecki vel Szymański