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Client Goals


Increase organic traffic in the UK

Code & Pepper’s goal was to generate more free traffic from the United Kingdom. During our weekly meetups, we were discussing the steps that needed to be taken to improve SEO for, and get more eyeballs on their content.


Improve web content

Another critical issue that the client wanted to tackle was the process of content and copywriting. Together, we formulated a long-term content plan to help Code & Pepper create value-adding blog posts and FinTech news on a weekly basis. This way the client could position itself as an expert in the industry.

On-Site Strategy

Grouping the Content to Publish It
on Separate Pages

Firstly, we focused on optimizing the existing content. Then, we published it on the newly-designed thematic pages. This way we created new landing pages for each of the services Code & Pepper offers.

Why we did it

Creating separate service pages to optimize each one for a matching keyword makes a lot of sense. This way Google isn’t confused as it’s given clear information on which page to display when the very keyword is typed into the search engine. Additionally, the content published on a website is grouped and structured, hence easier to understand for crawlers and visitors.

One of the first improvements we suggested implementing was creating separate landing pages for each service offered by Code & Pepper. Having just one “Services” tab didn’t help SEO. Neither did it help the prospects who were searching for a particular service but were presented with the entire offer.

Here’s what the top menu used to look like:

SEO Case stusy - menu before optimization

This is what it looks like now:

SEO Case study optimized menu

Adding More Web Content

After creating new service pages and utilizing the existing pieces of content, we knew what type of texts needed to be added next.

Why we did it

New pages needed to be filled with text. Moreover, with too little content, there was no chance for the website to attract a bigger number of visitors. There was simply not enough of it to drive the visibility for the most relevant keywords.

Adding more pages resulted in too little web content, which was one thing to handle. The other one was that in the industries like the one Code & Pepper specializes in, the company blog often makes the first touchpoint between the brand with the client. This means that quality content plays a crucial role in transforming regular blog readers into converting customers.

With this in mind, we kept providing the Code & Pepper content marketing team with clear instructions on how to prepare Google-friendly pieces of texts and articles for their website.

This is an exemplary list of ideas we delivered to the content marketing team for each blog post they were about to write:

  • keyword analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • suggested Title and guidelines for Meta Description
  • suggested URL (slug)
  • suggested text length

Later, the team sent the copies to us for verification. This way we had a chance to introduce some tweaks and make sure the blog posts met all the SEO-related requirements.

Code & Pepper are experts in financial technology, and they don’t mind sharing their knowledge with others. They are up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. When we worked together, it was them who put forward the idea of writing their own blog posts. Our task was to check their SEO potential.

Apart from writing various types of articles, Code & Pepper also handled a separate section, which was added to their website, focused entirely on the latest FinTech news. Doing so, they increased the website credibility and improved E-A-T (expertise – authoritativeness – trustworthiness).

Here’s an example of End-to-End Development page that we created together with Code & Pepper:

Fixing Internal Linking + Adding
a Footer

More texts allowed us to start building up internal linking. We also decided to make some changes to the footer as it also facilitates optimizing internal linking. Besides, well-designed website footer improves UX.

Why we did it

Internal linking plays a key role in establishing, and later showing to Googlebots, the hierarchy of pages on a website. It also helps the crawlers and users see the connection between those pages, and navigate through the website easily.

Initially, the number of pages the Code & Pepper website was made up of was pretty small. For that reason, the quality of internal linking was rather unsatisfactory. Naturally, devising and implementing a new menu structure turned out to fix that issue. Yet, we saw a bigger potential to unlock in this field.

Since the Code & Pepper official website expanded, we suggested tweaking one element of web design. This way we created a section that fulfilled four functions:

  • improve internal linking
  • have a positive effect on UX
  • present the offer in a more compelling way
  • provide new space for utilizing keywords

This is how this section was presented before:

Internal linking code and pepper

This is how it looks now:

internal linking in seo process

Footer is another website element that can – and even should – be used to improve internal linking. Using this web design element to gather important links (e.g. landing pages or latest blog posts), helps Google bots and regular users navigate through the website easily.

After explaining the potential of the footer to Code & Pepper, they were quick to introduce the recommended changes.

This is how the footer used to look:

Footer - code and pepper

Here is the improved version of the footer:

SEO process - footer optimization

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Off-Site Strategy

We were in charge of expanding the number of backlinks for the company from October 2020. After a while, Code & Pepper wanted to have a go at a different approach – they asked us to devote more time for consultations, suggesting that they are eager to take the off-site strategy over. Our off-site team prepared a set of guidelines for Code & Pepper so that they could carry on with the link building process.

These are website parameters taken from Adhrefs before we started working with Code & Pepper:

off-site parametres before cooperation

as well as a chart presenting the domains and backlinks:

Linking profile from ahrefs

For comparison, here are website parameters after 12 months:

off-site results

Domains and backlinks after 12 months:

linking profile after seo process


This is what we achieved.

RESULT 1 Increase in website visibility in

Visibility improvement thanks to SEO in IT industry

RESULT 2 Increase in website visibility in

Visibility improvement in UK - SEO

RESULT 3 Increase in visibility and organic traffic achieved within 16 months:

Visibility and traffic after SEO

RESULT 4 174% increase in organic traffic from May 2020 to February 2021:

Google Analytics - traffic increase after SEO process

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