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Code & Pepper is a software house that delivers custom solutions for the FinTech industry. This award-winning company is expanding rapidly which can be evidenced by the realization of large-scale, compelling projects.

See how we managed to increase organic traffic by 174% in 10 months thanks to the cooperation with the client.


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Organic Traffic


Increase after 10 months


Our cooperation with Code & Pepper began in May 2020. Initially, the project involved both off and on-site processes, however, in November 2020 the client decided to conduct link-building activities internally. As a consequence, we focused solely on on-site and content activities.

Code & Pepper has its own team of engaged content marketing specialists that definitely make this collaboration stand out from the crowd. To a certain extent, an SEO specialist from Delante became a member of this team. Today’s case study will describe the principles of our cooperation.

Quick facts:

  • Technical and highly competitive industry
  • .com domain, focus on the UK market
  • CMS – WordPress
  • Unique SEO process
  • Client’s in-house content team
  • Weekly meetings of the entire team working on the site

Delante's SEO Specialist has actually become a part of our content marketing team. Regular meetings and good cooperation flow bring results - we observe a significant increase in website visibility and organic traffic on the UK market.

Adam Pogorzelski

CMO, Co-founder

On-site process

When performing activities on the site, we cooperate with the content marketing team of Code & Pepper. Our specialist became a team member who oversees all the steps and provides necessary support and information related to SEO.

Weekly meetings allow us to understand the client’s industry and requirements – we devote them to discuss strategies of content development that are supposed to be user and Google-friendly. We work together in meticulously managed Trello that makes it easier to check the work progress.

When performing our activities, we focus on the UK market:

  • We select phrases with the highest volumes in the UK,
  • During the link building process, we choose pages valuable for

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the page comes with the .com domain, therefore, all SEO activities affect its global visibility.

At the very beginning of cooperation, we conducted classic keyword research and a thorough website audit that indicated elements needing improvement.

Problem 1: Insufficient number of subpages

When we started the cooperation, the website didn’t have separate landing pages for each individual service, it only had the “services” tab. Following our recommendations, the menu was expanded with extra subpages and the process is constantly continued. The ongoing development of the blog has an impact on the increased number of indexed subpages.

Website menu before developing the “services” subpage:

Case study SEO - menu code & pepper before optimization

Current website menu:

Case study SEO - menu code & pepper after optimization

Such an approach improves website visibility on keywords related to relevant services. Thanks to the fact that every service has an individual subpage, Google knows when to display particular subpages to users.

Problem 2: Insufficient amount of website content

An insufficient number of subpages translates into an insufficient amount of quality website content.

During our cooperation with the Code & Pepper content marketing team, we devise recommendations and tips that indicate how to prepare content that is Google-friendly.

For each text, we prepare:

  • keyword analysis,
  • competitor analysis,
  • suggested Title and guidelines for Meta Description,
  • suggested URL (slug),
  • suggested text length.

The Code & Pepper team creates content and publishes it on the site according to our guidelines. Then, we verify and optimize these texts. Such a cooperation model is incredibly effective.

An exemplary subpage devoted to the End-to-End Development service:

Code & Pepper means real specialists in the field who happily share their expertise on the blog. They know best what the current industry trends are, therefore, they suggest topics for blog entries and we check their SEO potential. Apart from various articles, they also decided to follow our suggestion on launching their own press release with news from the industry – it’s called FinTech Wire. It’s published on the website every week, without exceptions. Such activities affect the E-A-T (Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness) which are indicators of the site’s quality.

When it comes to the industry Code & Pepper operates in, a blog is frequently the first stop on the customer’s purchase path. Therefore, intense content marketing activities translate into an increased conversion rate.

Problem 3: Unoptimized internal linking

In the beginning, there weren’t enough subpages that had a negative impact on internal linking. Modification of the menu structure turned out to be pretty helpful, however, we saw more potential here.

For example, elements such as the ones shown below were visible on the website – we suggested creating appropriate landing pages and providing links to them:

A list of services before optimization, without internal linking:

Lack of internal linking SEO case study

Current website blocks with links to relevant services:

Correct internal linking SEO Case Study

The footer is another page element that can be used to support internal linking. It’s an ideal place for links to the most important service subpages or recent blog posts. We recommended certain modifications also in this respect and Code & Pepper decided to implement them.

The website footer before optimization:

Code&Pepper Website footer before optimization

The current website footer:

code&pepper website footer after optimization

Off-site process

We managed this process until October 2020 (inclusive). However, then the client stated that more consultations would be more valuable for the company and that they would carry on with the link building process on their own. Thus, we prepared a set of relevant guidelines for specialists working at Code & Pepper and we’re at their disposal in case any help or clarification is needed.

Website parameters in Ahrefs before cooperation:

code&pepper website parameters before cooperation

Chart with domains and backlinks before the cooperation:

code&pepper link profile before cooperation

Current website parameters:

code&pepper website parameters after cooperation

Chart with domains and backlinks currently:

code&pepper link profile after cooperation


  • Increased website visibility in

Case Study SEO for It - visibility COM

  • Increased website visibility in

Visbility - Case Study SEO

  • Increased Google visibility and organic traffic (Search Console – the last 16 months):

Increase in online visibility and organic traffic seo case study

  • Organic traffic improved by 174% since May 2020:

Case study seo - increase in organic traffic

SEO Specialist Comment

Although I’ve been cooperating with Code & Pepper only for a few months, I’m enchanted with their approach as SEO copywriting and content have always been very close to my heart (I coordinate the copywriting process at Delante and I run training). They’re aware of the importance of content, they go to great lengths to create quality texts and they listen to our recommendations – it’s a perfect example proving that it’s possible to combine SEO with valuable, expert content. It needs to be borne in mind that the purchase path varies depending on the industry and in some sectors (including IT), it’s completely different from traditional paths. People frequently aren’t aware that they actually need your services – they simply enter “symptoms” of their problems into the search engine, hoping to find solutions. Quality blog content can address such queries and intentions. Users come across your article and after reading it see that your company is able to face the challenge. Consequently, they decide to start the cooperation. Code & Pepper specializes in providing solutions for the FinTech industry, which is part of the YMYL (Your Money Your Life) model. Therefore, professional entries and being able to position yourself as an expert are extremely important in this case. Code & Pepper knows about it. The engagement they show when developing the page is truly noteworthy. This cooperation model is extremely effective, plus they’re simply great people so working with them is a pleasure. 🙂

Karolina Piech Delante
Joanna Nicpon
SEO Specialist

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