WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Is your WordPress website slow, causing potential customers to leave and impacting your SEM and SEO success? Our WordPress Speed Up Service can improve your website loading time and enhance online performance.

Why Choose Our WordPress Speed Up Service?

One-time service

Image optimization

Render-blocking resources

Leverage browser caching

Implementation time: up to 7 days

Robert Smalarz - Senior Web Developer

Robert Smalarz

Senior Web Developer

Improve the loading time of your WordPress website and enjoy more satisfactory results from performed SEO and SEM activities.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Does your WordPress website load too long and deter potential customers who decide to leave the page and choose your market rivals? Perhaps your website loading time is responsible for making your SEM and SEO activities unsuccessful. See how we can help you!

Why Is It Worth Optimizing
Website Loading Time?

Improved wordpress loading time is a tribute to the user. Nobody likes waiting till the page loads so that we can admire all the graphics and scroll down. If a site loads for too long, you probably decide to leave it and visit another one with similar content. Well, your potential customers do the same exact thing.

Nevertheless, speeding up your wordpress loading has also some other advantages:

  1. Website loading time is one of Google ranking factors. Therefore, a fast loading page means better positions in the search results.
  2. It’s also an indicator taken into consideration by Google when determining Google Ads bids. Speeding up your page can reduce your costs of Google Ads campaigns.

Delante is listening to clients’ needs and making sure to understand the core of the business. We value direct contact with SEO specialists. They consider the entrepreneurial point of view, address it in the strategy, and come up with a solution that contributed to the growth of our traffic and visibility.

Nikos - EDUopinions

Nikos Filippakis


Why Choose Us
for Website Speed Optimization Service

We’re experienced in technical SEO services and implementing modifications that speed up website loading time. Frequently, we use it as a part of the SEO process and a tool that helps us boost the effectiveness of other activities. It really works! But you don’t have to take our words on faith. Below you can see a few “before” and “after” examples showing the effects of speeding up our clients’ websites.

1. The cosmetics industry

First and foremost, we optimized the graphics which significantly reduced the page weight and improved its loading time.

Results before the optimization:

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Results after the optimization:

WordPress Speed Optimization

2. The marketing industry

We optimized technical aspects of the website, which included the implementation of lazy-loading and Cache.

Results before the optimization:

how to optimize WordPress Speed

Results after the optimization:

WordPress Speed Optimization result

3. The sports industry

We optimized mainly technical aspects of the website, which included the implementation of lazy loading and code modification.

Results before the optimization:

WordPress page speed

Results after the optimization:

speed up wordpress

Working on SEO projects with Delante is a pure pleasure. They stand out thanks to transparent communication and the high effectiveness of performed activities.

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Konrad Zach


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The Most Frequently Asked Questions
About WordPress Website Speed Up

Why is it worth improving website loading time?

WordPressloading time has a huge impact on page performance and generated traffic. Keep in mind that both Google and users appreciate websites that open quickly and don’t make them wait too long. If your page loads too slowly, it can negatively affect the SEO process (and positions in the search results) and increase the bounce rate which translates into a lower conversion rate.

What does the process of speeding up a WordPress website look like?

The process of speeding up a WordPress website at Delante is usually a service that takes up to 7 days during which our SEO specialist and web developer work together to optimize your website.

We start with a thorough analysis of the page condition and activities that have to be performed in order to improve its loading time. Then, we develop an action plan and prepare a backup of your website (its current version). Once the backup is completed, it’s time for the most time-consuming part. We optimize the site and conduct relevant activities to speed it up. At the very end, we analyze the page one more time and prepare a report with implemented changes, performed activities, and their effectiveness.

Which tools are helpful in speeding up a WordPress website?

During the process of speeding up a WordPress website, we benefit from a variety of tools that help us monitor performed activities and achieve the finest possible results. The list of applied tools includes:

  • GTmetrix,
  • WebPageTest,
  • WP Rocket,
  • LiteSpeed Cache,
  • PageSpeed Insights.


Google PageSpeed GTmetrix WebPageTest WP Rocket LiteSpeed Cache

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