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Zakrzewscy Clinic

Case study - Zakrzewscy Clinic

Zakrzewscy Clinic is a local business, that operates within the Silesian voivodship in Poland, and is headquartered in Katowice. It specializes in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and laser therapy. It offers tattoo removals, laser hair removal, or lip augmentation and modeling – just to name a few.

At the beginning of 2018, the company went through a rebranding, which didn’t only imply the change of its name, but also the necessity to transfer the site to a new domain.

See how we dealt with the website migration and increased the traffic to it by over 500%.


Aesthetic medicine




Organic traffic


Increase in 8 months


The website is managed with a dedicated Triso CMS, which was built in a way that enabled making changes and improvements, also when it came to SEO. The factor that influenced our cooperation in particular, was the recent rebranding from “Zakrzewski Clinic” to ”Zakrzewscy Clinic”. Because of that, the website had to be migrated properly in order not to lose organic traffic. New website,, was a brand new domain, without any history, and with low authority & trust scores.

We started the cooperation exactly on the 13th of March, 2018. During the first few months, two websites existed independently. In the beginning, organic traffic to the website Klinika Zakrzewscy was 228 visits. After migrating the website and optimizing it for the next 9 months, the number of visits rose to 1547 in November 2018, which was an increase of 578%.

The main issue:

Migrating the website to a new domain after the rebranding, as well as maintaining and increasing the website traffic afterward.

A few facts for starters:

  • A lack of analytical tools on the website,
  • The necessity to migrate the site to a new domain without losing traffic,
  • Local business in Polish Silesia – high competition within this area,
  • A dedicated CMS,
  • No traffic and no visibility of the new website – we started from scratch!

Migrating the website to a new domain

Migrating the website to a new domain without losing traffic and visibility that were built previously, required proper planning and diligent execution. We started with a specific plan, which consisted of 5 steps:

  1. Launching a new website under the address At the same time, we were going to keep the website untouched for about 3 months.
  2. Adding the information that the site was migrating to a new address on the old site and blog. We did it by using hyperlinks to the new website in order to pass some “link juice” to it.
  3. Optimizing the new website for search engines (SEO) and migrating some content from the old to the new website. These were mainly blog posts.
  4. Preparing the right redirections from the old website to the new one.
  5. Shutting the old website down and redirecting it to the new address (while keeping the redirections of all subpages 1:1).

During the first 3 months, 2 versions of the website existed, which helped us “transfer” everything to the new domain more smoothly.

At the beginning of the cooperation, there were no analytical tools available on the old website. We implemented Google Search Console and Google Analytics to collect data, which then proved to be useful during the website migration.

We analyzed which subpages generated traffic in Search Console, and then migrated the content, optimized it, and created redirections for some of the URLs. Some part of the articles was not copied nor redirected due to the changes in the clinic’s offer.

We also did a keyword analysis, to check which keywords the website was visible to. These were mostly branded keyword phrases. While optimizing the new website, we wanted to expand the number of phrases which the site was visible to, and also increase its rank for different keywords connected to the offer and services provided. We optimized the new website for service, local, and branded keywords so that the website didn’t lose traffic coming from them in the past.

During the first phase of cooperation, we also prepared a set of guidelines on what could be improved on the new website, so that it performed better in terms of SEO. After implementing those elements and creating the right redirections to all subpages, we shut the old site down and set the redirection also for the main page.

We finished the process of migrating the website to the new domain in May 2018.

Optimizing the new website

Before we set the redirections from the old website, we made sure that the new one is optimized. We implemented a standard SEO process, during which we conducted an audit and thus, analyzed the elements that needed some improvements.

We also performed a UX analysis to enhance the performance of the site for its users. During the next months, we implemented the results together with the website admin.

The list of basic improvements included, among others:

  • The main page: optimizing the headings, metadata, alt tags, banners, and all visible elements in terms of user experience,
  • Subpages with the offer – optimizing the content, metadata, alt tags, headings, and internal linking,
  • Blog – optimizing the content, metadata, alt tags, headings, and internal linking.

During the first phase, we focused on the services, which were the most important for the client from the business point of view. Additionally, since it was a local business, we paid attention to local SEO within the Silesian voivodship, especially Katowice.

Exemplary improvements made on the main page:

  1. Optimizing the title and meta description:


SERP before optimization


Case study SEO - serp after optimization

  1. Adding the alt tags to visuals:

Before – no alt tags:


SEO case study - ALT images
1. Aesthetic medicine; 2. Laser therapy and hi-tech equipment; 3. Dermatology


After implementing a proper website migration and optimization, as well as setting relevant redirections, we managed to get great results which were reflected in the website rank in SERP for certain keywords.

The new website was displayed first for both old and new branded keyword phrase:

SEO Case study - brand keywords
Klinika Zakrzewski – old brand; Klinika Zakrzewscy – new brand

The phrase “aesthetic dermatology katowice” jumped to the 4th position:

Case study SEO - results

The phrase ”aesthetic medicine katowice”  increased to the 9th position:

Case study SEO - results

The phrase “tattoo removal Silesia” increased to the 8th position:

SEO Case study - results


During our cooperation, we achieved the results we aimed for from the start:

  • Seamless migration of the site to the new domain,
  • Generating organic traffic to the new domain from scratch. After 8 months, organic traffic amounted to 1547 (according to Google Analytics)
    Organic traffic growth
  • Stable increase of organic traffic during the next years of cooperation. In 2019 – 156% increase compared to traffic in 2018. In 2020 the increase amounted to 399% compared to 2018 traffic (and 99% compared to 2019).

increase of organic traffic during 2 years of cooperation

  • In July 2021 organic traffic on the website amounted to 5979 visits – this means that monthly organic traffic increased by 3886% if we compare it with the initial monthly traffic generated by the website.

traffic google analytics

  • Building the visibility of the new domain from scratch. After 8 months, the site was displayed 27 880 times in search results
    SEO Case Study - results
  • After 2 years of cooperation the visibility continues to grow:
visibility after 2 years gsc
Widoczność lipiec
  • Increasing the visibility of the website both in TOP3 and TOP10, according to independent tools like Semstorm and Senuto:
chart senuto zakrzewscy
The visibility of the website in TOP3 and TOP10 shown by Senuto
chart semstorm zakrzewscy
The visibility of the website according to SemStorm
  • Website visibility after 2 years of cooperation according to Senuto

visibility after 2 years of cooperation

SEO Specialist’s Comment

Cooperation with this client started quite unconventionally – from conducting a domain migration. However, thanks to this unusual beginning we learned how important is the mutual need to communicate all the changes and consulting the elements that may influence website visibility in the long term. The industry itself isn’t the easiest to work with, but we’re successfully increasing the website traffic and rising local keywords for 2 years now. We’re working with custom CMS so the major changes are implemented by our client’s developer team.

Working with this project you can’t get bored – it’s an industry really “loved” by Google where much can change with every single update. That’s why we need to keep track of the current guidelines to ensure constant growth of phrases and the website’s online visibility.

Gosia Tarnawska Delante
Gosia Tarnawska
SEO Team Leader

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