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Client Goals


Drive more organic traffic to the website

Established in 2005, Equip is a store selling camping gear, outdoor equipment and all sorts of travel accessories. Demand for such items gets higher during the spring/summer. The client contacted us to help their store attract more visitors during the low season by increasing the impressions in Google.


Make organic search the main web traffic source

Another goal was to change the main channel of web traffic from paid to organic search results. A month before we started working on Equip.pl (May 2018), the click-throughs for paid search was 18,089, whereas the click-throughs generated by organic search was 15,533.

SEO Team

Working with Equip.pl was an absolute pleasure. The client was largely engaged in the SEO process, eager to take part in it actively. Aware of the seasonality of the industry, together we searched for solutions to ensure constant growth of the store and increased visibility in search engines.

Joanna Nicpoń
Joanna Nicpoń Senior SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

Writing More Web Content

Web content needs time to bring the desired outcomes and reach out to the potential customers. That’s why we decided to start our search engine optimization process by having our copywriting team write more web content for Equip.

Why we did it

Publishing keyword-rich content improves website visibility. This in turn allows a brand to reach more people, helping it gain more visibility and credibility. All in all, quality content is able to drive more organic traffic to the website and has the potential to generate backlinks.

Our audit showed that Equip.pl needed to be filled up with texts. A huge part of the product description was either outdated or duplicated. The copywriting team handled this task competently, creating new and never-published-before content that helped the website reach new customers.

To fight the problem of thin content, we also expanded and optimized the blocks of texts published on the homepage. Additionally, we were regularly publishing new category and product descriptions, successively increasing the amount of keyword-rich content.

Here are three examples of our content-improving activities:

1. Results after adding a text and later optimizing the Skross product page

2. Results after adding a text and later optimizing the Sea to Summit product pages

3. Results after adding a text and later optimizing the Hedgren product page

To make sure the content published on equip.pl is of high quality, we provided the client with guidelines to write SEO-friendly product descriptions. This way the texts added to the website adhere to the search engine optimization principles.

Correcting Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

The chances for increasing the click-through rate with non-optimized meta descriptions and title tags is practically impossible. That’s why we decided to fix those two elements next.

Why we did it

Titles and meta descriptions are usually the very first two elements that internet users come across when looking for a particular product or service on the net. Both have to be enticing and descriptive to attract the searchers and make them click on the search result.

The majority of titles and meta descriptions were simply too short, or duplicated. On top of that, neither element was optimized for the target keywords. We handled this issue while working on individual pages, modifying their titles and meta descriptions.

Here’s an example of optimized category page: https://equip.pl/pol_m_Plecaki_Akcesoria_Plecaki-worki-12040.html

Optimizing the Homepage

Optimizing the homepage for equip.pl appeared to be a several-step process. We needed to fix and improve a few crucial elements to make the main web page of equip.pl in the finest form possible to drive more organic traffic and keep the visitors on the website longer.

Why we did it

Homepage is what Google bots usually see and analyze as the first element of the entire website. Not only does the main page of a website set the tone for the other pages within a domain but it’s also prioritized by spiders during crawling. In general, the better optimized the homepage is, the more conversion it’s able to generate. Additionally, the higher ranked it is, the better scoring is given to the remaining pages.

There were three main issues we had to fix to optimize the homepage of equip.pl for search engines.

Firstly, we modified the title and meta description. The former should include the most important keywords first, and then be followed with the name of the store. Only in this way does the title match the search intent of the users, increasing the chances on them clicking on the result.

When it comes to the meta description, it didn’t feature many keywords, and was relatively short. Naturally, we handled that as well.

This is how the store had been displayed in search engine result page before the modifications were introduced:

And this is what the customers saw after our SEO team fixed title tag and meta description for the homepage:

Secondly, even though there was some content added to the homepage, it was too short and completely non-optimized. Our copywriting team made the texts longer, adding target keywords. Later, the SEO team handled formatting, created heading structure and built the internal linking.

Below an example of the text published on the homepage before we optimized it:

And here is how the homepage content looked after introducing the modifications:

Thirdly, alt text added to the logo didn’t contain any keywords. We changed that, replacing Equip.pl with Walizki, plecaki, torby i sprzęt turystyczny – sklep Equip.pl (EN Suitcases, backpacks, bags and tourist equipment – store Equip.pl).

 Alt logo before:

Alt logo after:

Result? The keywords the homepage were optimized for took higher positions.

Fixing Multiple 404 Errors

After we made the homepage SEO-friendly, we proceeded to deal with the 404 Not Found error messages.

Why we did it

The 404 error, also called a broken link, appears when either a user or Google bot tries to access a page that doesn’t exist any longer. It mostly happens when a page has been deleted from a domain. Even though the 404 Not Found error doesn’t cause big SEO issues, it’s definitely something that should be avoided as it makes the users reluctant to explore a website.

While doing an SEO audit for equip.pl, we discovered that the number of 404 errors was alarmingly high. Many of them were caused by the deletion of the unavailable products while still keeping working links that pointed out to those non-existent items. To eliminate this problem, we replaced all broken links in brand and category descriptions with working links.

Here is the reduced number of 404 Not Found errors on Equip:

We also suggested to the client that they should either keep the out-of-stock products on the website (notifying the customers about the temporary unavailability), or creating an archive to put all unavailable products on one page. This way those items remain visible to the customers and search engines.

Assisting in Developing a New Store Layout

Before the client introduced a new layout to the website, we offered our assistance by giving them not only SEO- but also UX-related suggestions.

Why we did it

In a way, SEO and UX come hand in hand. The former promotes products/services/brand in the search engine, whereas the latter focuses on keeping the searchers on the website. Both have a mutual goal – make the users satisfied and let them find what they are looking for effortlessly.

In May, 2019, the client’s website went through a metamorphosis – it was given a new shop mask in IdoSell. The website layout changed too, and with it did also the URLs.

Making such changes, the client followed our recommendations and expanded the website by creating a company blog – Equipedia. From that moment the client had a designated place on their website to run the content marketing activities to improve one of the SEO measurements – topical authority.

It’s worth mentioning that like any big change made to an online store, adding the new shop mask also had an impact on the keyword position. Due to the fact that the client and us had worked together before the mask was implemented, we could share our expertise and give the pieces of advice to significantly reduce the risk of a setback.

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Off-Site Strategy

From the very start, we were building quality backlinks for equip.pl. Reaching out only to the trusted domains, we managed to improve the client’s website authority rank.

Here’s the domain authority before we started working on the off-site strategy for equip.pl (MOZ tool):

For comparison, the domain authority after we implemented the off-site strategy:


Since the industry the client works in is seasonal, we’re going to compare the achieved results taking into consideration one month – July – when the demand for the travel equipment is the highest.

RESULT 1 102% increase in impressions in Google

July 2018 vs July 2019

RESULT 2 51% increase in organic traffic

July 2018 vs July 2019

RESULT 3 79% increase in revenue generated by organic traffic

July 2018 vs July 2019

RESULT 4 Shifting paid search result to organic search result as the main web traffic chanel

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