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Do you want to understand the ins and outs of content marketing? Perhaps the goal is to learn new ways to grow your business and step up your SEO efforts? Content marketing consulting services can help you with that!

Delante’s content marketing consultation, led by a Content Specialist, will guide you in developing effective content marketing strategies. Tailored to individual needs, the session covers practical methods to improve web content and its SEO impact.

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What Are
Content Marketing Consulting Services?

The content marketing consultation is an advisory meeting held by a Content Specialist. This session helps you comprehend the processes that comprise a successful content marketing strategy. You also learn easy-to-follow methods to improve your web content effectively, and understand its effect on SEO. At Delante, the agenda is always drawn up individually to meet each entrepreneur’s needs and their business objectives.

Who Is Content Marketing
Consulting Services for?
  • copywriters and writing enthusiasts who want to learn the techniques of increasing their content visibility in Search
  • content specialists and content teams that are about to start working on a new content marketing strategy, and would use professional assistance filled with interesting insights
  • marketing specialists and e-commerce managers looking for new business development activities
  • those who would like to map out a web content strategy but aren’t sure which service to choose

Delante was a heaven-sent agency which we were lucky enough to find at the right time. Quickly and efficiently they optimized the all-new website for the search engines so that Google liked us again. They also walked us through the ins and outs of creating SEO-friendly content.

Dominika Jajszczak

Project Manager

What will You Learn During the
Content Marketing Consultation with Delante

Types of content services that contribute to raising your website’s ranking

Proven ways to improve your current content marketing activities

Tips on making your web content SEO- and user-friendly

content plan text ideas

Resources for finding new blog post ideas

Practical methods to give a new lease of life to your outdated web content

user intent research content plan services

Research techniques exposing your target audience’s search intent and needs

Keyword rankings

Best SEO practices for better ranking articles and blog posts

SEO analytics and reporting

Ways to measure your content marketing effectiveness

When I took all the practical tips that Milena had given me, I saw my website position shooting up on Google. The number of keywords that made it to the top 10 in organic search doubled within approx. 5 months. On top of that, during just one meeting, Delante gave me detailed but clear instructions on what I should do next, and which tools I should use to achieve the best results. Even a layperson like me didn’t have any problems to fully comprehend the guidelines. It felt that their SEO plan was tailored perfectly to my website and the size of my business.

The investment I made in working with Delante returned a long time ago, and therefore I wholeheartedly recommend this agency to everyone who wants to hand their blog over to the professionals.

Marta Lazar

Owner & Managing Partner

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About Delante Content Marketing Consulting Services

A thank-you message received by one of Delante Content Marketing Specialists for sharing her useful insights and tips:

comment from satisfied client about content tips from delante specialist

As part of this service, we offer online content marketing consultations that are fully-customized to match your business objectives. Apart from the one-off consultation, we also offer SEO copywriting workshops for those who wish to learn how to write persuasive copies.

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Results Delivered by a Well-Devised
Content Marketing Strategy

We deliver on our promise. Below a proof of that:

Briefly on the Client:

We entered into the partnership with the Client in April 2022. Our task is to run the company blog for a social mapping app. We’re responsible for delivering 90% of content that we create after receiving the guidelines from the Client.

The content marketing strategy devised for the Client includes app positioning and strengthening the position of keywords. To achieve this goal, we keep in mind the prevailing trends and seasonality.

At the beginning of implementing our content management strategy, the visibility of the Client’s website was very low, almost close to zero.

Market: COM

Before the content gets published on the website, it is always accepted by the Client. The blog post topics are based on the researched keywords, that later are selected together with the Client.

graoh showing visibility increase after content marketing consultation

graph showing positie effects after content marketing consultations

At the beginning, the Client’s website noted around 400 monthly click-throughs and almost 2,500 monthly impressions.

Now, the monthly click-through rate has reached 700, with over 44,000 impressions.

This means that we managed to increase website traffic by 75% and impressions by 1,660%.

The Content Plan we received was a solid piece of support to our strategy. Full analysis of our communication, clear strategy on the content, schedule and recommendations. They have a hollistic approach to the content matters and it pays off.

Magdalena Gaweda


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