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Wondering why your website hasn’t been indexed? Our website indexing services are a solution tailored to your needs! We are experienced at solving indexation issues and offer our clients a unique website indexer tool to index pages within 48 hours.

Why Choose Our SEO Indexing Service?

Tackling common indexation issues

Indexation status monitoring

Our own website indexer tool

Wojciech Urban - SEO R&D Specialist

Wojciech Urban

SEO R&D Specialist

If you struggle with getting your pages indexed by Google, we know how to help!

Take Care of Your
Website Indexing

The rules in the online world are simple – if a page isn’t indexed, then it might as well not exist. It won’t appear in the search results, it won’t generate organic traffic, and your potential customers won’t find it.

If you’re here, you’ve probably noticed that Google hasn’t been indexing websites as efficiently as it used to do it. Why aren’t new pages indexed and what can you do to change it?

How Can Delante Solve Your
Web Indexing Problems?

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Analytics and trouble-shooting

Frequently, finding the cause of the problem is the biggest challenge and the most time-consuming part of the entire process. At Delante, we always start with trouble-shooting and profound analyses so that we can create a game plan tailored to your business needs. That’s why we verify your website architecture, speed, and accessibility for bots to identify issues that prevent proper indexation.

Clear recommendations

Once we learn why Google doesn’t want to index the site as it should, we’ll try to measure the scale of the problem and provide you with personalized recommendations for improving your website’s indexability.

Support during the implementation of changes

Our clients appreciate that we’re willing to help them implement the recommendations and we’re ready to support them, sharing our knowledge and experience. We’ll help you optimize your website’s crawl budget so that robots can navigate your page relatively easily.

Delante SEO indexer tool

Our own website indexer tool

Knowing how complicated and time-consuming it can be to get Google to index your page, we created a unique website indexer. Thanks to it, we can be successful and increase the speed of content indexation regardless of sudden Google algorithm updates. Want to learn more? Currently, we’re able to index our clients’ sites within 6 to 48 hours.

Let’s index your website!

Delante increased our international organic traffic. I am happy to say that we’ve closed a couple of significant inbound sales opportunities as a result of their work.

Greg smialek

Greg Smialek

Managing Director

What Results Our Clients Achieved
with Our Google Indexing Service?

Izmir – kebab manufacturer

Our cooperation started in September 2021. Back then, the website had a few offer pages, a contact page, and an about us page. So, to saturate it with valuable content, we started writing blog posts in December 2021, but they weren’t indexed.

indexing services case study


As you can see from the screenshot above, the publication date is December 13. Of course, once the article went live, we added it to the sitemap and submitted it for indexing in Google Search Console. What happened? Nothing. What were the symptoms? Google displayed other, general pages for this specific blog post-related keyword:

website indexing kebab keyword example

Source: Screenshot from Serprobot

The situation didn’t change for a few months. Even though we had a dedicated article, it was regularly submitted for indexing using GSC and we were creating valuable backlinks, the content wasn’t crawled. In mid-May, we launched the beta version of our tool and after just one attempt, this article was indexed.

Today, the entry is ranked in the TOP 10 and we believe that it’s likely to reach the TOP 3 soon.

website indexing speeding results example

Seems too good to be true? Well, just check out the effects:

speed up indexing results graph

Airport-transfer company

This is another example of the effectiveness of our website indexer.

As part of the recommendations, we suggested to the client that it would be worth creating dedicated sitemaps for specific countries and improving internal linking within the site. Moreover, all pages that required users to click more than 3 times to get to the desired content were marked as noindex.

page indexation graph

In the first two months of our cooperation, we managed to index almost 60,000 new URLs.

Recruitment company

And last but not least, this website is new and Google initially indexed only part of it. So, we submitted the missing pages for indexing using our tool.

page indexation increase graph
As a result, the number of indexed pages changed from 64 to 96 pages, meaning we have additional 31 URLs that can be displayed in the search results.

At this point, we can surely say that we’re satisfied with their services. They approached the project professionally by conducting an SEO report that set the direction for the whole strategy. The process is well-structured, the work is delivered on time, and with monthly reports, we can both keep track of their activity on the website and see the results. What’s worth mentioning is that there’s an SEO specialist dedicated to the project – that makes the whole communication easy and direct. After just 5 months we see a stable increase in organic traffic. Really effective cooperation and a partner worth recommending.

Orient Display Marketing Team

Let’s chat about SEO indexing!

Our Awards

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Why Is Your Website
Not Indexed by Google?

As a fun fact, you should know that Google has never been indexing all the content pieces on the Internet. While some of these pieces shouldn’t be indexed in the first place (e.g., because they’re product listings with filters), recently more and more valuable content couldn’t get into Google’s index.

Should You Worry If Google
Doesn’t Index Your Pages?

What if your page is among those that didn’t make it to the Google index?

There might be many reasons why Google doesn’t index your website. Perhaps your page configuration is blocking indexing (maybe your robots.txt file isn’t correct)? Your internal links leave much to be desired or the entire site architecture isn’t correct?

Usually, indexing issues result from incorrect website settings and configuration or poorly performed SEO activities. However, it’s not always the case.

It’s worth keeping in mind that even websites that are developed correctly technically-wise and are saturated with valuable content can face indexing issues, as Google is slowly running out of resources.

Moreover, Google Search Console and its website indexer isn’t as effective and efficient anymore. Prior to 2021, any indexing request submitted to GSC meant that a site was visited by robots within 48 hours. But things have changed.

So what should you do?

Before you start wondering if your website isn’t indexed because of internal search engine problems, rule out the factors on your side that are described below or reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to help you do it!

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The Most Common Causes of
Indexation Issues

Website indexing service helps tackle insufficient crawl budget

Insufficient crawl budget

Website indexing service helps solve website architecture issues

Incorrect site architecture

Website configuration might block your web indexing

Site configuration that blocks indexing

Creating valuable content can fix SEO indexing issues

Not enough valuable content

JavaScript content might affect website indexation

Presence of JavaScript content

Poor internal linking affects SEO indexation

Poor internal

No quality backlinks can affect website indexation

No quality backlinks to the site

Natural link-building process

Long page loading time

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What Our Clients Say

Why Should You
Choose Delante’s SEO Indexing Service?

Delante SEO indexer tool

We’ve developed our own website indexer tool that allows us to effectively index new content on Google

Website indexing service helps during Google's core updates

With this tool, we aren’t affected by sudden changes in Google indexing

Google indexing service can speed up your website indexation

Thanks to our technical knowledge and experience, we can speed up your website indexing

Website is indexed within 48h with our SEO indexing service

We index our clients’ sites within 48 hours

Unlimited number of pages for SEO indexing service

We can index any number of our clients’ pages, collecting valuable data concerning site performance, which can later help clients with SEO activities

How did we achieve it all? We’ve developed our own website indexer tool.
Want to learn more?

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Website Indexing Service

What is website indexing?

Website indexing is about adding URLs within a website to the index of a search engine, such as Google. Indexing takes place when search engine robots crawl a website, analyzing its content and quality.

Then, the indexed page can be displayed for relevant keywords in Google. If there are any problems, the page isn’t visible.

How much time does Google need to index websites?

According to the official documentation prepared by Google, indexing can take from a few days to a few weeks. How can you check if your page has been indexed? Just use Google Search Console, a tool for checking URLs, or simply type the site command in the browser bar – site:[website address].

How to check if a page has been indexed?

As it’s been already mentioned, you can learn about your website’s indexation status using Google Search Console. Use the URL Inspection Tool or type the site:[] command into the browser bar.

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