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Our proven, technical SEO will drive more organic traffic to your website and help you consequently increase your sales.

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Our process



The first step is traffic analysis – on this basis we create an action strategy. Then we choose the best and most converting key phrases.



The next step is the website audit and its technical optimization. We take into account several hundred ranking factors.


Quality backlink building

As part of link building, it is important to create valuable links whose sources are diverse and of high quality.


Analysis and

Traffic analysis, measuring the impact of SEO activities on sales, as well as summarizing of the activities performed are part of our regular reports.

Our services

We believe in effective marketing that has real impact on the growth of website traffic and increase of sales.

Long tail SEO
Do you want to increase traffic quickly? Optimising your site for multiple search queries Positioning of multiple extended search terms (Long Tail keywords) is the best solution to attract high-converting users.
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E-commerce SEO
Do you run an online store? Check out how we can increase traffic in your online store and grow sales.
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International SEO
Are you expanding abroad? Do you want to optimize your website in a foreign language? Learn in which countries we will help you shine.
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Link Building
Do you want to strengthen your website in the eyes of Google? We will help you with our proven process of quality external link building.
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What makes us different

We specialize in Long Tail SEO, which works best not only in the e-commerce sector, but also in the industrial, export and service sectors (and many others).


We specialize exclusively in long tail SEO. That way, we can work more effectively and be up to date with trends.


You can observe what SEO activities we do on a regular basis. You have direct contact with specialists who optimize your website.


The reports you receive from us will contain only useful data. We do not send automated reports written by robots.


We do not sign contracts for 12 or 24 months. You can cancel at any time if the effects are not satisfactory for you.

See the case studies of our clients

We specialize in long tail SEO, which works best not only in the e-commerce sector, but also in the industrial, export and service sectors (and many others). See the stories of our clients, whom we helped in achieving their goals.

Znak - case study
+ 2mln
keywords generating impressions


2 millions of phrases for one of the biggest online bookstores in Poland! See how we implemented technical changes in custom CMS.

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FarettiShoes.co.uk - case study
+ 700
Organic traffic in half year


See how in 6 months we built organic traffic of 700 visits on a British market and learn that technical SEO makes sense!

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Endera.de - case study
+ 135%
monthly organic traffic growth


135% increase of monthly organic traffic in 18 months! See how we did on the German market with the website built on custom CMS.

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Our clients

We work with companies from various industries – from a company producing medical equipment, to a university and an e-store with supplements, to a fashion blogger. Meet our selected clients.

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