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Content Plan

Plan your website content with the target group in mind to improve your visibility in Google.

Content Plan

It’s not rocket science that website content is a component necessary to improve your online visibility. The iconic Bill Gates’ quote “content is king” is repeated like a mantra by the finest marketers. However, we would like to take a slightly different approach to show you that context is even more important. Properly planned texts that meet the requirements of users and are written in a transparent and optimized language translate into increased visibility and trust of potential customers.

Thus, today we would like to tell you: context is king!

Content plan - what is it?

In a nutshell, a content plan is a document that suggests how to schedule website content for the upcoming months. When devising it, we pay special attention to the expectations and needs of potential buyers. We scrutinize conducted activities and published entries to provide you with ready-made solutions and recommendations for content creation. We also prepare a content marketing strategy that will increase the number and positions of keywords your website is displayed on in the search results.

What is included in a content plan?

A content plan is a document that comprises your development strategy and consultation with an SEO specialist willing to discuss proposed solutions. A quality content plan includes:


Content Analysis

Website content is scrutinized in terms of its linguistic correctness, SEO-friendliness, and usefulness.


Language Analysis

We take a look at your language and tone of communication, personality, and brand attributes.


User Personas

We identify exemplary customers. Created user personas make it possible to determine what types of content and functionalities should be present on the page.


User Intents

We provide you with tips on how to analyze user intents and customer paths.


Competitor Analysis

We analyze content published by your market rivals and determine your competitive advantages.


Content Ideas

We provide you with exemplary content inspirations (for your landing page, product/service subpages).


Blog Post Topics

We recommend specific blog post topics with keywords and their volumes.


Action Plan

We provide you with a plan for the upcoming months and an outline of expected results.

Why is it worth planning your website's content?

Satisfy users’ needs

Users enter your website for specific reasons. Your task is to tailor the page content to specific intents and each piece of content should serve a purpose. User intents are generally divided into:

  • informational,
  • transactional,
  • navigational.

User intent

marketing strategy

Content as a marketing strategy

A content plan will allow you to schedule the entire content publishing process and integrate it into your general marketing strategy. Tailor texts to the sales funnel stage your customers are currently in – thanks to it, you’ll attract more new buyers and improve their loyalty.

SEO process support

A quality content plan takes into account the impact of content on the SEO process. The list of blog posts that will be published takes into account keywords relevant to your business and their volumes. The plan will also provide you with tips on product/service subpages that should be updated. All of it to improve your visibility in the search results.

SEO process support

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

Competitor analysis and awareness of your advantages are the components of a content plan. Benefiting from them in future communication will help you gain a competitive edge over companies operating in the same industry.

content plan delante

A content plan we’re going to prepare for you doesn’t focus solely on scheduling blog post entries for subsequent months. First and foremost, it’s a thorough analysis of your current website content and readers as well as a plan of texts that will meet their requirements and correspond to your brand values. When preparing a content plan, we keep Google algorithms in mind – we’ll tell you how to come up with a content marketing plan that will improve your visibility.

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Tools used

To ensure the finest quality of our analysis, we benefit from a wide range of external tools and data sources, including: