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Plan your website content with the target group in mind to improve your visibility on Google.

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Content plan with the target audience in mind

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Professional content plan in the form of a strategy for your company

Ania Bitner - Content Specialist

Ania Bitner

Content Specialist

Content Plan
Why Do You Need It?

It’s a long-known fact that content published on a website is one of the crucial visibility-improving factors. The famous words of Bill Gates: “Content is King” are known to every digital marketer. We, however, want to paint a broader picture, proving that context is what actually matters more.

Texts that satisfy the searchers’ intents, are optimized for search engines and easy to read and understand by visitors is what characterizes a well-planned content strategy. When well-thought-out, a content plan helps you increase your online presence and build customer trust.

That is why we say: Context is King!

Content Plan
What Is It?

In a nutshell, a content plan is a document that suggests how to schedule website content for the upcoming months. When devising it, we pay special attention to the expectations and needs of potential buyers. We scrutinize conducted activities and published entries to provide you with ready-made solutions and recommendations for content creation. We also prepare a content marketing strategy that will increase the number and positions of keywords your website is displayed on in the search results.

The Content Plan we received was a solid piece of support to our strategy. Full analysis of our communication, clear strategy on the content, schedule and recommendations. They have a hollistic approach to the content matters and it pays off.

Magdalena Gaweda


What’s Included
In Delante’s Content Plan

The Content Plan, we prepare for you, consists of two elements: a document covering a strategy of your web content process, and a consultation meeting with a SEO specialist who elaborates on the proposed strategy.

Below you’ll find the key aspects examined in your Content Plan:

Planning Your Web Content

Satisfy users’ needs

Users enter your website for specific reasons. Your task is to tailor the page content to specific intents and each piece of content should serve a purpose. User intents are generally divided into:

  • informational
  • transactional
  • navigational

SEO audit

Content as a marketing strategy

A content plan will allow you to schedule the entire content publishing process and integrate it into your general marketing strategy. Match the individual pieces of content with the separate stages of the sales funnel. This way you not only bring in more customers but also build and maintain their loyalty.

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SEO process support

A quality content plan takes into account the impact of content on the SEO process. The list of blog posts that will be published takes into account keywords relevant to your business and their volumes. The plan will also provide you with tips on product/service subpages that should be updated. All of it to improve your visibility in the search results.

International SEO strategy

Competitive advantage

One of the core elements of the Content Plan involves analyzing the content strategy of your rivals. This process allows for defining strong suits of your brand and distinguishing features that can be used as your assets. Incorporating those findings into your web content, you increase your chances of getting a leg-up over your competitors.

A content plan we’re going to prepare for you doesn’t focus solely on scheduling blog post entries for subsequent months. First and foremost, it’s a thorough analysis of your current website content and readers as well as a plan of texts that will meet their requirements and correspond to your brand values. When preparing a content plan, we keep Google algorithms in mind – we’ll tell you how to come up with a content marketing plan that will improve your visibility.

Ania Bitner
Ania Bitner Content Specialist
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