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Robert Smalarz - Senior Web Developer

Robert Smalarz

Senior Web Developer

Let’s talk about how to improve your technical SEO!

Technical SEO Services
Is It for You?

If you think that search engine optimization is just implementing the right keywords in the text and creating backlinks – you’re wrong! Underneath every website you see is a true labyrinth of technical elements that effectively affect the final performance of that page.

Optimizing the technical aspect is an integral part of every SEO process. Metadata, heading structure, robos.txt files., sitemap implementation, setting up the javascript and much more requires an effort to make the site accessible to both users and Google robots.

Technical SEO is the backbone of your website and there’s no way around optimizing its elements when you want your business site to become visible. For sure it is a lot to take on. Luckily with technical SEO services company, you can hand over the process to people who know the field!

Why Do You Need
Technical SEO Services Company

Technical SEO works with the very backend of your website, repairing issues and enhancing its usability. Not surprisingly, this can have an active impact on your business as well. While the business goals and objectives set for the business website will be different for everyone, Technical SEO services will probably help with the major ones.

Depending on your website’s current condition the investment in technical SEO services will vary. However, the cost can quickly bring a solid ROI as technical changes can often bring major and relatively quick results. So, if you’re looking for ways to:

  • Increase your site’s visibility & search results rank
  • Grow your revenue
  • Overcome any issues with site indexation
  • Enhance your presence in SERPs
  • Fix all technical issues around your site and its CMS
  • Fix all technical issues around your site and its CMS

Technical SEO services might be your answer.

Still not convinced? Let’s explore what a skilled technical SEO specialist can do for you!

Our Awards

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Delante has been a trusted SEO partner. They’ve helped us clean up and optimize our site so we can begin getting the traffic we deserve.

Grant Adams

Managing Partner

Delante’s Technical SEO Services
What Can We Do for You?

We know that when choosing a business partner you need to be sure of what service you will receive. We value transparency of cooperation and look forward to becoming your team extension to handle technical SEO for you. So, let’s have a look at what our technical SEO specialists can handle during the process. Here’s what they will work with:

Technical SEO Audit
We will analyze your website and determine areas to improve for better SEO performance

Technical SEO optimization for global SEO services

On-Site Issues
We will detect and fix the technical issues on your site and within CMS to keep it running smoothly

SEO audit

Structured Data Optimization
We will add or correct crucial structured data to get better crawling and indexing

Crawl Errors Fix
We will correct crawl errors and implement an adequate robots.txt file to improve crawling

Sitemap Optimization
We will create and submit your website’s sitemap for better display in a rich snippet section

Meta Tags Optimization
We will make sure your meta tags are correctly optimized and contain converting keywords

Redirects Optimization
We will take care of your redirect chains and fix possible redirect errors

Fixing Content Duplication
We will get rid of any duplicate content problems that can hurt your site

Link-building services

Internal Linking
We will plan and maintain correct and technically optimized internal linking within your domain

Image Optimization
We will ensure your images and videos are of proper size and with correct tags

URL Structure Optimization
User-friendly URLs that Google crawlers will love? Sure, we’ll cover that as well

seo usa market of activity

Hreflangs Optimization
If you’re thinking about expanding your business or already operating worldwide – we will take care of the correct language versions of your site

URL Cannibalization Fix
We will implement correct rel=cannonicals to avoid internal duplication and content cannibalization within your website

Google indexing service can speed up your website indexation

Page Speed Optimization
We’ll work with your website’s speed for better ranking and fitting Core Web Vitals rules

Website Security Optimization
We will ensure the security of your website users, by correctly implementing the HTTPS protocol

Website Migrations
If you plan any website migration we will cover the technical part of the process, so you don’t lose any of current traffic

We know it’s a lot to process – and that’s just a major part of fixes we usually do within a domain! However, it’s the core that allows your website to bring predictable results. We say the massive work done is totally worth it!

What Will You Get Once Delante
Becomes Your Technical SEO Agency

local seo targeted strategy by seo sem company

KPI-oriented process tailored to your
business needs

We develop an individual technical SEO strategy for each client. Your business goals are the base of the whole process. We believe that all SEO operations should contribute to your ROI and client’s marketing KPIs. Constant monitoring of the process allows us to bring you predictable growth.

Hand on SEO approach in the USA market

Our technical SEO expers become
part of your team

We have the technical SEO know-how, you got us. Our experienced team will take over the entire technical SEO process and implement all necessary fixes, so you don’t have to worry about website tech issues that could bury your website search and traffic performance. We got your back(end)!

We say no to account managers

We know that working with a marketing agency can be tricky – so many people to go through in case of any questions! We found a way to make it easier and more efficient. From the very beginning, your contact person is a technical SEO specialist working directly on your website. Not only the communication is easier, but you have first-hand information about all work done within your domain.

link profile

Technical SEO audit
A complete technical SEO audit with recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance

technical seo services by seo sem agency

Technology stack
Access to the professional technology stack. Only the best tools for analysis and process management

ads audit

Monthly reporting
Monthly reporting to keep you updated on your technical SEO process and its results

Easy communication
Easy communication via popular channels, in English, and aligned to your time zone

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We wanted a company with a great SEO strategy and attention to detail and that’s what we got with Delante! We’re getting the results our new company wanted when we first started!

Sandra Mercado


Why Delante Should Be Your
Technical SEO Company

Technical SEO is the foundation of the work we do on every client’s website. Each collaboration starts with an extensive SEO audit that identifies what challenges we need to face and what issues need to be fixed in the first place. We use our years-worth experience to fix the errors identified during the audit, so that can properly build its visibility and bring predictable results.

Our hands-on approach to every cooperation gives us the opportunity to dig into the technicalities of your site and tailor the repair plan to your business goals. And we have proof of our technical SEO services quality – clients’ satisfaction:

Review on Good Firms profile

We Can Predict Your
Organic Traffic Growth

At Delante, we have the capability to accurately predict your organic traffic growth with a 70-80% success rate!

By leveraging real-time data from Google Analytics, analyzing trends from the past few months, and utilizing external tools, we can provide accurate estimations of your site’s organic traffic growth.

Our estimations are based on the extensive experience of our SEO experts and a deep understanding of the most influential ranking factors.

Curious about the potential SEO outcomes for your business? Reach out to us and find out!

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What Our Clients Say

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Real-Life Examples
Of Our Work

Are you still not convinced? Do you need more proof that we are the best choice for you?

Check out our real-life examples! Delante’s specialist prepared a series of articles describing examples of their work and the effects they achieved. No empty promises – only hard data from professional tools that prove our expertise.

Find out more about the challenges our specialists encounter on a daily basis and how they overcome them to ensure our clients’ success.

How to Do 301 Redirect Map Using SEO Tools and Excel to Save Hours of Manual Work?

Website migration is not an easy task but sometimes has to be done. If you’re worried about all the things that may go wrong, keep reading. Our SEO specialist Wojciech explained how to do a 301 redirection map that will help you save hours of work. He based his article on a real-life example of work he has done for one of our clients. If you want a step by step instructions for generating a 301 redirect map with SEO tools that will guarantee a smooth migration, check out his article!

SEO Cyber Security

Keeping your website safe and secure is an important SEO task that you should not neglect. Klaudia knows it very well as she helped two of our clients recover from a malicious attack. In her article, she describes how to detect that your website has been attacked and what to do to recover from it. She explains how to do that step by step and how she regained clients’ visibility. Do you suspect you might have been a target of a spam attack? Find out what to can you do to fight it and protect your website in the future!

Technical SEO Services Pricing

Now, the question is – how much do you have to invest in technical SEO services? There’s no one good answer to this question. The price of every SEO process, including Technical SEO service is affected by many factors. To put it simply – it will depend on the current state of your website.

To dig deeper, here are some elements that can impact the final prices for Technical SEO services:

  • Errors on website
  • Current Keyword ranks
  • Competitiveness
  • Competitors’ activity
  • Market of activity
  • Domain history
  • Expected results
  • Website quality

We know it’s hard to make up your mind on trying technical SEO without knowing the exact size of the investment. So, to give you an idea – usually, the price range for such a process oscillates around $1,000-2,000. In Delante, we want to make sure the budget will cover all crucial elements that your website requires to bring the best results possible. That’s why we set every budget individually, taking into consideration the specifics of the client’s website.

What do we do with the budget? We keep it flexible, relocating the funds accordingly to the cooperation stage and current needs. For example, during the first months, we tend to add our own resources to ensure better kick-off of the process. At this stage, the majority of your budget goes to an SEO audit service- crucial for further steps. Later on, the money will be relocated to different elements of the process, according to the current focus of the strategy. This flexibility allows us to shape Technical SEO so it delivers the best results.

Here’s an example of a Technical SEO budget relocation, 1st month of works vs 3rd:

seo usa services 1st month

1st month of cooperation

3rd budget ratio

3rd month of cooperation

Often, our clients start cooperation with a lower budget but then, as they realize the effectiveness and see the first results, they decide to raise it.

Delante promised me converting Google traffic. That is exactly what I am getting right now. Simple as that!

Jutta Kamp

Jutta Kamp

Marketing Manager

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Our Technical SEO Toolkit

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Technical SEO Basics

Are you wondering how to do technical SEO in an effective and efficient way? If you want to rank high in the search results, you need to learn about technical on-page SEO basics that will help you win the hearts of both Google robots and users. What exactly are technical SEO services and why should you focus on them when preparing your strategy? Keep reading to find out!

What Are Technical SEO Basics

In a nutshell, technical SEO services revolve around on-page activities that are supposed to ensure that websites meet the standards of specific search engines like Google.

Learning about technical SEO basics will allow you to ensure that your page complies with Google ranking factors. This, in turn, will quickly translate into improved website visibility in the SERPs and increased organic traffic.

When devising your SEO strategy, it’s worth combining on-page, off-page, as well as technical tasks.

Technical SEO Basics – 19 Elements You Need to Remember About

Technical SEO services have a few basic elements you should focus on. These include:


In simple words, a sitemap is a map of all website elements, pictures, and pages.

Why do you need it?

Because this file helps to guide search engine robots and supports efficient indexation.

Consequently, Google bots can access your pages much quicker and crawl them without burning your budget.

A sitemap is an important source of information about your website and URLs. Creating the file and uploading it to Google Search Console is a quick way to improve your positions in the SERPs.


Robots.txt is another file that can significantly improve your website indexing process. It’s created to prevent Google robots from accessing specific website elements, or pages.

Your robots.txt file should contain all URLs that shouldn’t be visited and indexed by search Google bots. This includes terms and conditions, privacy policy, shopping cart, or user panel pages.

Thanks to this file, you can guide the robots, and use your crawl budget efficiently by indexing only business-relevant pages that are important to users.

Structured Data

Thanks to structured data, search engine robots are able to better understand your website content and show users the most relevant information.

What does it mean?

By implementing structured data, you can mark elements such as product prices, colors, addresses, sizes, places, ratings, opening hours, and more.

This way, the information can be displayed as featured snippets and your page will occupy more space in the search results. This can give you a competitive edge over your market rivals. After all, as users, we all love eye-catching content.

Let’s improve technical aspects of your website together!

SSL Certificate

Today, an SSL certificate is a real must-have not only for online stores but for all pages with contact forms. It certifies the credibility of a domain or domain and its owner.

The SSL certificate confirms the security of encrypted data sent between the user and the server. It’s a guarantee of confidentiality of the entire communication.

Installing an SSL certificate isn’t a time or money-consuming task.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog: What is an SSL certificate and how does it work?

Friendly URLs

If you want to reach top positions in Google, you should make your entire website user-friendly. This applies also to URLs.

What do we mean by that?

It’s important to create page addresses that are transparent for both Google and users. This implies that a person looking at your URL should be able to tell what can be found on a given page already before clicking the link.

So, keep your URLs concise, and transparent. Separate individual words with hyphens, avoid underscores, special characters, and random combinations of letters and numbers.

Instead of URLs like this:

Go for something like this:

Core Web Vitals

Have you ever heard about Core Web Vitals? These are factors that affect the actual user experience while on a website.

They’re used to evaluate important aspects such as the loading time of the biggest website element, stability of loaded content, and the time the server needs to respond to users’ interactions.

Core Web Vitals are a ranking factor, so focusing on the elements mentioned above will allow you to improve both the UX and positions of your website.

Page Speed

Working on your website speed is one of the main elements you should take into account when doing technical SEO basics.

Google does everything in its power to provide users with search results meeting their expectations. As you may guess, people don’t intend to wait hours, minutes, or even seconds till your website is loaded.

Therefore, if you want to rank high in the SERPs, you should focus on improving your page speed to reduce the bounce rate, and attract users for longer.

For this purpose, you can compress and resize your images, upgrade hosting, refine redirects, get rid of unnecessary plugins, and many more.

Work on your Technical SEO with us!


When talking about technical SEO basics, it’s impossible not to mention different types of redirects. In a nutshell, they’re introduced to prevent 404 errors, and situations when users (and search engine robots) aren’t able to access the page.

Moreover, redirects are a great way to ensure that a specific website can be entered using various URL combinations, with or without www, or https.

As you may guess, b>redirects have a significant impact on SEO and website positions in the search results. Thanks to them, you can decrease the bounce rate, keep users on the page for longer and prevent situations when you lose valuable page traffic.


More and more people use mobile devices not only to browse the net but also to finalize transactions. This means that if you want to rank high in the SERPs, you have to develop a website that is displayed well on smartphones and tablets.

Otherwise, you’ll deter potential customers and lose valuable page traffic. Focusing on mobile SEO and responsive web design should be an important element of your strategy.


If you want to cover all the technical SEO basics, you should use breadcrumbs to improve your website navigation and help users find their location on your website.

Thanks to breadcrumbs, people visiting your website will be able to easily access specific pages, or find content that is of interest to them.

Apart from UX aspects, breadcrumbs have a positive impact on SEO, as they support proper indexation, by building an effective internal link structure.

Correct Indexing

Are you wondering what is correct website indexing?

It happens when search engine robots access, crawl, analyze, scan, and organize your website content.

Thanks to proper indexing, your page can appear in the search results when users enter a relevant query, which has a positive impact on your website traffic, and visibility.

How to affect website indexing?

As it’s been already mentioned your page should have a sitemap and robots.txt file. Apart from that, you can use available tools such as Google Search Console to detect any potential crawl issues and take action well in advance.

Duplicate Content

Google values websites with quality, unique content.

That’s why it introduced the Panda algorithm in 2011. It penalized pages with internal and external duplicate content, preventing them from reaching top positions in the search results.

So, if you want to improve your rankings, you should get rid of duplicate content. Instead, write unique product or page descriptions, prepare meta descriptions and titles for each page, and forget about using the same texts on various pages within your website or copying descriptions from manufacturers’ sites.

It all has a tremendous impact on SEO.

Crawl Errors

Although there are certain steps you can take to help Google index your website, there is no guarantee the search engine robots will be able to do it effortlessly.

This is why you should use available tools such as Google Search Console to track your website indexing process on an ongoing basis, and fix issues such as 404, 500, or redirect errors.

By keeping your finger on the pulse, you can sleep soundly knowing that Google can easily access all necessary resources on your website.

Canonical URLs

There are no professional technical SEO services without canonical tags. They’re introduced to the <head> section of a website to inform the search engine robots which URL version should be treated as the main one.

Canonicals can be applied in various situations, for example when your website is accessible at both,,, and

Why should you use canonicals?

Because if you don’t do it, copies of your page can increase internal duplicate content levels and have a negative impact on the SEO process.


Hreflangs are one of the most important technical SEO basics for multilingual websites.

What are they?

These tags tell search engine robots that your page has a few language versions and guarantee that users from specific countries access the right content.

They have a positive impact on SEO and bounce rate.


As a user, you probably wouldn’t like to stay long on a website in a foreign language that sounds all Greek to you, would you?


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a term used to describe an Open Source Framework devised to develop simple mobile website versions that can be loaded immediately.

As it’s been already stated, both users and Google value pages that load fast. Therefore, if you want to rank high in the search results, you should benefit from AMP.

This way, your website will meet the expectations of potential customers, who won’t leave it after getting impatient.

Noindex Tag

When doing technical SEO, you should also remember about smaller elements such as noindex tags.

What are they?

They signalize to Google that it shouldn’t index specific website elements or pages.

In this case, search engine robots are still able to access and crawl these elements, however, they won’t add them to the index. This means that such elements won’t be displayed in the SERPs.

So, if you know that your website has pages with low quality or duplicate content and you don’t want to show them to users, you should apply noindex tags.

Menu Structure

Similarly to URLs and content, menu structure on your page should also be user-friendly.

To reach TOP10, you need to keep your layout and menu transparent, clickable and intuitive.

Remember that moderation is the key to success, but at the same time don’t forget about any important elements that should be easily accessible.

Want to learn more? Check out: Website menu design essentials!

Website Rendering

Website rendering is the last element on our list of technical SEO service basics.

In a nutshell, it’s when Google robots visit your website, analyze its content, and check the code to evaluate the quality of your site and make sure it complies with all the Google ranking factors and standards.

Why should you pay attention to website rendering?

Because pages that can’t be rendered aren’t taken into account by Google robots. This means that they don’t contribute to the ranking.

So, if you want to improve your page traffic and visibility, you should do everything in your power to give Google content that is easy to access and render.

Work with us!

Why Are Technical SEO Basics Important

There are many reasons why it’s worth learning how to do technical SEO basics:

  • It ensures that your website is easy to navigate and free of errors,
  • It helps both Google robots and users move around your page and understand its content,
  • It has a positive impact on UX,
  • It decreases bounce rate, improves organic traffic, visibility, and conversions,
  • It allows you to maximally use the potential of your website and its crawl budget.

As you can see, technical SEO basics matters and it’s worth incorporating it into your strategy.

The Takeaway

Exploring technical SEO basics will allow you to improve your website performance and positions in the search results.

The world around us is constantly changing, and so is Google. If you want to stay in the business, you need solutions that will help you attract more website visitors and gain a competitive edge over your market rivals.

Technical SEO services are one of them.

Contact our specialists and refine your website to make both Google and users love it!

Frequently Asked Questions
About Technical SEO

When do I need technical SEO services?

Technical SEO services are the basics of proper website optimization. So, the truth is, that you need it if you want to:

• improve your SEO results,
• get higher rankings
• increase visibility & traffic to your website.

Also, every time you encounter any technical problems on your website:

• Crawling errors
• Redirect errors
• 404 errors
• Indexing problems

Technical SEO services are one of the elements of the SEO process that can help you grow your business!

How much does technical seo services cost?

Technical SEO pricing is a complex topic because a lot depends on the current state of your website. There are numerous factors that can influence the overall cost of technical SEO services. We described them all in detail above.

To give you a more specific answer – usually, the price for technical SEO services oscillates around $1,000-2,000.

How to choose technical SEO agency?

To choose the best technical SEO agency for your website you need to think about what will suit your needs.

Pay attention to the scope of work an agency is providing, pricing, billing system, and communication style, to name the most important factors. Also, check case studies, clients’ opinions, and rewards an agency has won – these are the elements that will tell what it means to work with a certain agency.

Delante’s been named the SEO agency of the year 2022 and recognized for amazing results – including technical SEO services.

Contact us and work on your technical SEO with the best!

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