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Hospitality & Travel
SEO Services
Do You Need Them?

The hospitality and travel sector took a massive hit due to global pandemic restrictions around the world. Now, with the situation cooling down the global hospitality market is forecasted to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 15.5% thanks to recovering companies. As the travelers who decided to sit the tough time out are coming back to their trips, travel business owners must look for new ways to catch potential clients’ attention. However, how to stand out in the crowd and make users convert?

Travel SEO may be the right answer. It’s estimated that over 700 million people will make a booking online by 2023. With over 90% of people globally doing travel research online, it becomes pretty clear that the right place to promote the business will be the Google search engine (or any other, to be fair). Travel SEO services provide you with a chance to make your brand visible there!

Travel & Hospitality Industry SEO
What Do You Need to Consider?

SEO for the travel & hospitality industry is a way to stand out with your business in the organic search. However, there are a few things to consider before and during composing the strategy to make it really effective.

Booking websites

Let’s start from the top… also when it comes to Google search results. Because the hospitality industry is moving to the online sphere at an extreme speed, booking services took a lion’s share of the organic search results’ top positions. Some may say that the problem’s solved then – just join the booking platform leader platform with your business and take advantage of their traffic. It’s definitely one way to grow your business reach but that doesn’t end your work. The competition within the services is tremendous and spoiler – you will need extra efforts to reach your audience. How to do it when the first place for most searched phrases is taken by booking giants? Another spoiler – long tail SEO.

Local SEO or going global?

Another thing is the dilemma – if you’re offering travel services in a particular location should you focus only on the local travel SEO activities? At the same time, your potential clients are traveling from different countries around the world, so maybe the visibility should be but globally? Luckily, travel SEO services take into consideration that aspect and can help with both!

Competition in the industry

It’s fierce, as we mentioned before but with travel & hospitality SEO you can overcome the challenge and even use some of your competitors as an advantage. Competition can provide you with some insights into what actions can be beneficial for your business. Who said that you can’t get inspired by your rivals? Also, and we particularly like that in SEO, every business is different even within the very same field of work. With travel SEO services you will determine your business’s unique selling points and use them to reach the exact audience that will most likely try your services.

We see a meaningful growth in Google traffic and visibility. I can feel that my business is important for Delante.

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Key Elements of
Hospitality & Travel
SEO Services

Initial analysis and SEO audit

The way we start travel SEO services is a huge part of further effects, really. During years of working with hospitality industry websites, we checked and proved that describing the key selling points of services is crucial. That’s why first, we need to get to know your business, decide what the unique value your ideal customers will get from you is, and what we should emphasize during optimizations. At this point, it’s important to check the current website condition and visibility with an SEO audit.

keywords selection

Selecting keywords for the travel SEO process

Once we know the business’ unique proposition we need to think of the way ideal customers (those most likely to choose given accommodation and its features) would look for their dream travel destination and place to say. This can go two ways. First, we choose long-tail keywords potential customers would type in the search engine and make sure your business wins the first ranks. These phrases will be more specific, e.g. what hotels in Bali are perfect for online detox or cheap hotels for backpackers in Tanzania. Then, we should also cover more generic keywords, usually ruled by booking platforms – we can make sure your profiles perform great there, and try to appear on the first page of results.

website ranking

Local SEO activity with the global twist

Your business is obviously operating locally, but that doesn’t mean the regular local SEO approach is suitable for. travel industry SEO servicesIn this case, we use keywords that refer to local activity but the visibility needs to be built globally. That’s why we’re going to make sure your business is displayed in the search for “Best quiet hotels near Barcelona” on more than just the Spanish Google search engine. Would local travelers search for your service – you bet! But so will travelers from outside your region. Travel SEO will make them find you.

Content for wordpress seo

Content work

High-quality content is a huge part of all SEO strategies – also when it comes to travel SEO services. In hospitality and travel SEO it’s important to build your site’s visibility and authority around helpful content. There’s so much more to write about than your hotel’s amenities! You can provide users with useful tips, attractions in the region, etc., and broaden your business’ visibility online!

Quality link building services by seo sem agency

Link building

Manually built links that would drive traffic to your website are a good way to navigate users from different countries to your hotel. That’s why travel SEO services should cover also an off-site process that will carefully choose referring domains so that your backlinks reach potential clients worldwide.

content analysis

Trend Monitoring

Travel SEO tends to be a highly seasonal industry for the majority of travel businesses. That’s why it’s extremely important to focus on performance analysis throughout the year. This way it’s possible to spot peak seasons, double our promotional efforts during less busy periods and spot some unique trends that can be a chance for extra conversions!

Why Should Delante Take Care of
Your Hospitality SEO Process

We know that there are a lot of SEO agencies that offer travel SEO services to choose from. However, we also know that we might be just the right fit for you! Here are some reasons why we’re so confident about that!

First, we have experience. For years now we have been managing SEO for the hospitality industry, supporting companies in leaving their mark on the competition. Up until this point, we took our SEO effort to over 20 countries around the world. With experience comes a solid base of SEO know-how for each location!

While we know you are the true expert in your business – we’re here to give you our SEO knowledge. Our hand-on SEO approach proves to be effective and our clients appreciate the fact we allow them to do their business without worrying about SEO stuff.

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SEO for the
Travel & Hospitality Industry

How Do We Do It?

During years of working with travel companies, we worked out a KPI-oriented SEO process that we’re proud of. We realize you want to know what you’re signing up for. So, here’s what Delante’s travel SEO services include:

Delante is listening to clients’ needs and making sure to understand the core of the business. We value direct contact with SEO specialists. They consider the entrepreneurial point of view, address it in the strategy, and come up with a solution that contributed to the growth of our traffic and visibility.

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What Do You Get When Choosing Delante’s Travel SEO Services?

SEO consultation link building audit

Our SEO specialists experienced in the travel & hospitality industry SEO who join your team with their know-how.

A travel SEO strategy tailored to hospitality industry specifics, your business goals, and international SEO standards.

SEO audit

Conversion-focused and top-quality content created by experienced copywriters and native speakers.

Monthly reporting with data to keep you updated with our work and your travel SEO process effectiveness.

language analysis in content plan

Ongoing and easy communication via online channels – in English & aligned to different time zones.

Delante SEO indexer tool

Access to a professional technological stack for the best analysis and process management.

link diversification

A solid base of travel & hospitality industry-related link sources and manually created, high-quality backlinks.

SEO consultation link building audit

Direct contact with a person working on your site. No account manager – you’re in touch with the SEO specialist responsible for your website optimization.

What Our Clients Say

SEO for Travel & Hospitality Industry
How Much Is It, Really?

When you decide to team up with a travel SEO agency, the first thing you want to know is the cost of the whole process. We know that the answer “it depends” isn’t the best one for business owners considering another investment in the marketing process. So, here are a few elements that may impact the final cost of travel SEO services:

A lot to consider when calculating the price, right? To be more specific, the price usually varies from $1,000-2,000 for a comprehensive travel SEO service. At Delante, we set up every budget individually for each client. This way we can ensure the budget will cover all crucial elements and contribute to better final results. Remember that we can always change the amount you’re investing – often our clients start with a lower investment but once they realize the effectiveness of the process they raise the budget.

How Do We Calculate
SEO for Travel & Hospitality Industry Costs

Now, you probably want to know who do we spend the client’s budget when managing the travel SEO process? In the first month, we usually add our won resources to endure a more effective kick-off of the process. It’s because, at this stage, the majority of the budget goes to essential elements of website analysis such as SEO audit. Then, as the process continues, the budget is relocated to other areas according to website needs at that point. Such flexibility let us tailor the travel SEO process in a way that will deliver the best results for our clients.

Check the exemplary SEO budget relocation over time:

seo services budget 1st month

1st month of cooperation

seo services budget 3rd month

3rd month of cooperation

At this point, we can surely say that we’re satisfied with their services. They approached the project professionally by conducting an SEO report that set the direction for the whole strategy. The process is well-structured, the work is delivered on time, and with monthly reports, we can both keep track of their activity on the website and see the results. What’s worth mentioning is that there’s an SEO specialist dedicated to the project – that makes the whole communication easy and direct. After just 5 months we see a stable increase in organic traffic. Really effective cooperation and a partner worth recommending.

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