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13 May 2021
We know how hard it is to find a perfect fit in terms of SEO cooperation. Choosing the right SEO agency is crucial for making the whole investment really worth it and effective. Well, today we want to make this research easier for you. Check the 10 reasons why Delante might be just the right SEO service provider for you!



Table of Contents: Alright, but let’s start with the basics. So, what to pay attention to when checking your options for SEO companies.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing an SEO Agency?

As we said, deciding who will be a good partner to team up for an SEO project is not a piece of cake. The success of your Search Engine Optimization strategy often depends on far more elements than just the potential that lies within your website and business.
It’s fair to say that the general effectiveness of SEO strategy is a combination of the company’s individual assets, SEO agency’s features (like experience and general knowledge), and the cooperation flow between both teams.
So, what would be the key elements to pay attention to if you want to make sure your company will work hand in hand for the best results?
  • Do your research - check what previous/current clients have to say about your potential cooperators. It’ll really give you a good insight into the agency’s working flow, approach to the process, and, most importantly, whether they deliver results.
  • Make sure the agency knows its craft - study the content on the agency’s website and social media channels. Do they share their knowledge? Are they really experts in their field?
  • Check their experience - browse for case studies, history of cooperations (again, reviews can help with that too!). Check if they already worked with your industry before - that’s a huge plus!
Check why Company’s experience in your industry is an advantage rather than a con: https://delante.co/seo-agency-advanteges-industry-experience/
  • Check their approach to client/cooperation - further down the line it’s important to pay attention to the company’s transparency. Do they share cooperation essential details with you? Many will tell you that it’s about the company’s confidentiality but let us assure you - a good SEO firm will make sure you understand the process they manage, show you the progress, and do their best to dispel all of your doubts.
  • Make sure they understand your business - really, coming up with a proper SEO plan will require the agency to explore your business specificities and get to know your goals. Otherwise, it won’t necessarily bring the best possible results.
  • Make sure you can track the results - an effective reporting process is a key for you to being able to evaluate your investment in SEO, so don’t forget about it as well!
Ok, these are the most basic things to tick out when recruiting an SEO agency, but remember that it’s an individual matter - always follow your company’s needs. Only then the chances are that you’ll be fully satisfied with your choice! Check also: Questions You Must Ask SEO Agency Before Starting The Cooperation

10 Reasons Why Delante Is a Good Choice

Alright, now you know how to research SEO firms and what to keep in mind when choosing one, let us get to the point where we’ll show off a little bit. We truly believe that we might just be what you’re looking for in the SEO agency to handle your website. Here’s why!

#1 We have experience

During the last 6 years, we had the pleasure of working with a lot of wonderful companies. Our SEO specialists dived deep into many industries, not always easy to work with. This makes Delante’s team an excellent choice if you’re looking for someone who has in-depth knowledge about industry-related SEO mechanisms. In the course of our company’s development, we never frailed - after all what’s better to gain knowledge than a good challenge. This way we engaged with intense cooperations with companies representing some of the most difficult sectors to promote, for example, erotics, casinos, or CBD oils. Plenty of unconventional solutions that we came up with and observing how the performance is growing taught us there’s nothing impossible in SEO if you just listen to the industry’s flow! [caption id="attachment_31956" align="aligncenter" width="750"]seo experience delante Check how we have built organic traffic from scratch for an online erotic store operating in an industry where advertising is limited. Read about the process in the Case Study.[/caption]

#2 We know different markets

Well, you know many industries, so what about the different markets you might ask! We can’t express how important it is to adjust every strategy to the specificity of the particular audience. Every country has a different approach to brands, different user habits both when it comes to shopping and online behavior. It’s a well-known fact, but for us, it’s also something that we checked in practice! Since our company was founded back in 2014, we conducted processes in more than 20 countries. You can be sure we know how to approach your target group around the world! International SEO - Delante map

#3 We know something about the growth

2020 was not a very fortunate year for many. Businesses faced great challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and some of them were even forced to shut down. In Delante we know how important it is to create a stable strategy that will allow businesses to survive and grow even during hard times. That’s why we stay flexible and adjust your strategy to the external factors and constant changes. We know how important it is, and most importantly, we know what works from our own experience. In 2020 we were focused on keeping our clients in the growth zone, but at the same time, our company has been recognized itself! Did you know that our company is growing by 200% each year and our team expanded from just 3 people on board when Delante was founded to over 40 now? This year this stable growth got us to 19th place in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Ranking and 118th location of the FT 1000 - a prestigious annual list of the fastest-growing companies in Europe! Delante ranked in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 2020 See, we sure know something about growth &  we can grow your business too!

#4 We customize the SEO process

We mentioned the necessity of adjusting the SEO process to both industry and market specificities, but there’s one more aspect that can determine the strategy’s success. It’s how your SEO plan corresponds with your business in general. We don’t believe in pre-made, one-strategy-for-all SEO processes. Instead, our team wants to dive deeper into your business. This way we not only can establish fruitful direct cooperation but also get to know your business goals, the direction in which it should develop. All this to come up with an SEO strategy that will allow your company to really grow as you wish and addresses your business’ profile. Awesome right?

#5 Our processes stand out

This kind of individual approach we describe above shouldn’t be something exceptional yet too many agencies go for pre-set strategies. Luckily we can show that the individual approach to SEO really works in the global arena! Only last year the processes we prepared for our clients have been nominated for International awards. Here are the main awards of 2020 in which our processes were considered one of the best globally and in Europe:

Global Search Awards 2020

  • Best Use of Search – B2C with Case Study: Delante & Z Klockow – Building Technical SEO Blocks to Increase Income
  • Best Use of Search – Health with Case Study: Delante & BeDiet Catering – Huge Traffic Gain for Great Weight Loss
  • Best Global Large SEO Agency

Global Agency Awards 2020

  • Best SEO Campaign - SEO process for BeDiet Catering
  • SEO Agency of The Year

International Performance Marketing Awards

  • Best Travel, Leisure, and Lifestyle Campaign - SEO process for BeDiet Catering
In this case, our SEO process became Highly Commended among the jury members. International Performance marketing awards

European Search Awards

  • Best Use of Search - B2C with a case study: Delante & Z Klockow – Building Technical SEO Blocks to Increase Income
  • Best Use of Search - Health with a case study: Delante & BeDiet Catering – Huge Traffic Gain for Great Weight Loss
  • Best Large SEO Agency
It’s good to see our work is being appreciated by the objective jury. But wait, there’s more!

 #6 We offer a full package of insights

We approach every cooperation with solid preparation. With Delante you’ll learn about your website’s strong elements, weak spots, and suggested solutions for each error without an additional fee. SEO Audit is always included in the SEO process price. It’s the first step of the whole strategy creation. With an SEO audit contained in the process price, we base our work on a thorough analysis of your website. During the audit, we learn everything about your website’s weak spots, errors, and strong aspects. Once the audit is done, we don’t leave you with the recommendations. Our SEO specialists roll up their sleeves and start to implement all elements that audit has proven essential for boosting the site’s performance. That’s how the SEO strategy entirely suited to your company’s needs is being composed!
Check the scope of Delante’s SEO Audit ↓
At this point, you probably wonder why it’s so unusual - after all, to come up with an effective strategy you need to do an analysis of the current situation first. Sure, we do too! However, years in the industry showed us that not many SEO firms follow that approach, requiring their customers to extra pay for initial audits.

#7 We know when to take risks

A good SEO agency is not only about awarded processes but needs to be elastic. The search engine optimization process can be a real steeplechase at times. That’s why the agency needs to adapt to unexpected changes and go for creative, brave solutions. Need an example? Recently, we were coordinating the SEO process for the LEGO bricks price comparison site. During the initial website audit, we discovered issues with site indexation in Google. The first step was to fix page titles, which should do most of the work. But Google decided differently and indexed the whole domain in an incorrect way leading to content duplication. What did we do? We decided to take a real risk - we put the whole website out of the index. Just like that, a true nightmare of all website owners. Then, we reindexed it, getting it back to the previous rank that later on started to grow. That’s what SEO is about taking risks to generate even better results. increase in top50 phrases Case study seo Check the whole story of this cooperation with ZKlockow.pl here: https://delante.co/clients/z-klockow

#8 We became a part of your team

SEO is not only about numbers and growths - its effectiveness depends also on the human factor. After years in the industry, we’re convinced that transparency between the agency and client is a pillar of good SEO results. That’s why we always put ourselves in your shoes and keep in constant touch with your team. Starting the cooperation with Delante you’re assigned a dedicated SEO specialist to manage your process. It’s your contact person, ready to dispel your doubts and explain what’s going on with your site anytime you need. Chances are that our specialist will become your new team member - just like it was in the case of our cooperation with Code&Pepper. client testymonial delante A true relationship can drive better SEO results - we know it works, we checked. See an example here: https://delante.co/clients/codeandpepper/

#9 We’re good at multitasking

Working with that many clients and industries we rely on our neat management process. We’re super proud of how well we can conduct multiple processes at the same time for our clients. We’re even prouder when we see they appreciate it: [caption id="attachment_40314" align="aligncenter" width="750"]delante clutch review A part of our client’s review on Delante’s Clutch profile[/caption] If you’re planning to expand your business or to add a new industry to your business portfolio you can be sure we’ll be able to help. For years now, we’ve been managing complex projects so our clients can get access to top-notch SEO services gathered in one agency, conducted by a dedicated team, providing progress insight in the form of one user-friendly report. See how we managed SEO campaign for SoLovelyBox, a company operating in 4 countries:  https://delante.co/clients/solovelybox/

#10  We bring the effects

Last but not least. We deliver real results. clients testimonial of Delantes SEO process Transparency is our priority in every process we manage. We don’t take guesses, we operate on solid data that allows us to bring you the best results. Each month our clients get access to the full reports from the whole work done on their websites. They have full insight into the real website performance data, hence can see the growth themselves. clients opinion about delante seo process

Got questions?

So that’s it. You have just got through the reasons we believe we’re a perfect fit for your company. Not convinced yet? Let’s talk about your options!
Ula Nowak Marketing Delante
Ula Nowak

Senior Marketing Specialist

At Delante, he has been overseeing foreign marketing strategy since 2020, combining her years of experience in the industry with his passion for all creative things. After hours, an avid seeker of new activities. If she’s not drawing at the moment, she’s probably putting together another playlist, climbing a new boulder, or hiking through Krakow with her dog Mania.

Ula Nowak Marketing Delante
Ula Nowak

Senior Marketing Specialist

At Delante, he has been overseeing foreign marketing strategy since 2020, combining her years of experience in the industry with his passion for all creative things. After hours, an avid seeker of new activities. If she’s not drawing at the moment, she’s probably putting together another playlist, climbing a new boulder, or hiking through Krakow with her dog Mania.

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