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Zmysł is an online erotic store with gadgets and accessories, selling its products on the Polish market. Read more on how we generated organic traffic from zero to over 4,000 a month in this difficult sector.






Monthly organic traffic


Users monthly after a year (from zero)


We started working with the Zmysły store on February 1, 2019. The store is based on the Sky-Shop engine. The domain had a long history, previously hosted some oriental and lingerie stores.

The site was relatively fresh (less than a year old). It has been built according to the UX rules, it is transparent and legible to users.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the total traffic was at the level of about 4 500 sessions, of which fewer than 100 came from organic traffic.

Quick Facts:

  • Difficult sector
  • CMS SkyShop
  • Clear and legible page
  • General phrases out of the search index or far in search results
  • A blog maintained on the site
  • Very low visibility of the page in Google (0 phrases in top10, 8 phrases in top 50)

On-site process

Problem 1: Wrong category names

Category names were incorrect – they did not contain complete keywords. The category names were automatically loaded into the titles and H1 headers. This meant that these elements were not optimized correctly.


Before starting cooperation with Delante:

Category names before optimization
Prezerwatywy (english: condoms)

After optimization:

Category names after optimization

Problem 2: Non-optimized homepage

The home page was not optimized and had no content. We’ve added a content block at the bottom of the home page, we’ve also added headline structure, and optimized the text for keywords matched to the home page.

Headlines on the home page before optimization (existing H2 header has no content):

Main Page headers before optimization

After optimization

Main page headers after optimization

We’ve also optimized the title and meta description for the home page. The title has a big impact on the position in the search engine for the key phrases, while the meta description has a greater impact on increasing the CTR.

Appearance in a search engine before optimization:

SERP before optimization

Appearance in a search engine after optimization:

Zmysły - SERP after optimization

Problem 3: Lack of content in the categories

Another problem was the lack of content on the category subpages. We’ve decided to add some short blocks of text over the products. That content has been optimized for keywords relevant to the category.

Take a look at an example of a text on the category of “erotic lingerie”:

category text example - zmysły

Problem 4: Unoptimized URLs

At the time of cooperation, CMS Sky-Shop did not allow for URL optimization other than by changing the category name (the name automatically read into the URL). After Sky-Shop had introduced this feature, we optimized URLs so that they do not have uppercases or unnecessary ID numbers any longer. Example: ->

Problem 5: Unoptimized title and meta description for categories and products

Category titles mostly began with the brand name instead of the most important keyword.

Category names

Meta descriptions were largely duplicate. In addition, the meta descriptions of the products were taken from the products’ description, which only increased internal duplication. The meta description as a whole is optimized now regularly by Delante. At the beginning of the cooperation, we changed the default title configuration. We removed the prefix “sensual” and replaced it with the suffix “sensual store Zmysł”. For the product page, we used the scheme “Product name + prefix”.

Global meta settings

Off-site process

From the very start, we have been working on building quality backlinks to the site. At the beginning of cooperation, many spam links led to the site, which increased the spam score and decreased the Domain Rating.

We focused on building thematic links to the page and increasing the number of domains linking to the page.

Linking in the erotic industry is a challenge because you can’t add links to the site in all placements. We’ve developed an individual external linking strategy that relied on sites that allow it.

Results from the Ahrefs tool after a year of cooperation:

Results from ahrefs

Backlinks’ profile:

Ahrefs results for zmysly


  • Increased visibility on Google.
    Visibility before cooperation:
    Zmysły - widoczność przed rozpoczęciem współpracyVisibility on Google now:
    visibility in google - zmysly
  • Organic traffic increase from zero (organic traffic less than 100 in February 2019) to over 4,000 visits per month (February 2020).
    Organic traffic Endera
  • Increase in the position of general phrases important to the client.
    Pozycje słów kluczowych zmysły


Expert comment

Working with an erotic shop is a real challenge! It is not about the SEO process itself (because here I trust my knowledge and experience), but about the approach to this taboo subject. Together with the team with whom I work on the website, we had to break some of our barriers. We even had to learn to talk to each other about such intimate matters. And frankly speaking… I’m in love with such tasks! We have developed a strategy for this industry, and it turned out that we have great insights and we know what works best in SEO for this sector.

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist
Client’s Comment

Cooperation with Delante is going really well. Milena is always willing to dispel any of our doubts and also cooperates with us in choosing the right keywords. Monthly reports allow us to constantly monitor all the changes that are being implemented and their impact on store position in search engines. Thanks to Delante the number of clients that visit our website from Google significantly increased that’s reflected also in our financial results.

Delante, client's opinion
Mariusz Sosnowski

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