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Case study - SoLovelyBox

So Lovely Box is a company offering personalized branded spirits sold in many European markets. We’ve been doing the SEO process for Spanish, German, Italian, and French language versions. This case study focuses on the activities aiming at the German and French markets.

See how we’ve improved traffic in the German market to more than 4000 users within 10 months and built organic traffic of 1851 visits from scratch in 6 months on the French market.





Germany, France



Keywords the website is ranked for

Organic Traffic


Users per month (from 0)


The cooperation on the german domain started on 1 February 2020. In November 2020, the client decided to entrust us with another, brand new domain aimed at the french market. The store uses CStore CMS whose functionality considerably limits our activities. Additionally, it needs to be taken into account that we’re dealing with a multistore.

Quick facts:

  • German and French market,
  • a competitive industry with its limitations,
  • multistore,
  • highly seasonal industry,
  • CMS that isn’t particularly SEO-friendly,
  • building visibility from 0 on a french market,
  • building visibility from the very low level on the german market.



As in most cases, the on-site process for both german and french marekts began from a website audit that indicated a number of errors that needed to be corrected. During the audit, we marked elements that were the most threatening and we started the SEO process by getting rid of them.

The selection of appropriate keywords was another step. We’ve chosen two main types:

  • Generic, related to gifts (e.g. gift for mom, gift for grandpa),
  • Long-tail, related to specific alcohol brands (e.g. Jack Daniels gift, champagne personalized gift).

German Market

Problem 1: Multistore, most of the elements are in Polish

So Lovely Box is multistore. The Polish version was the first version of the store, the next ones were created later. Consequently, numerous items on other language versions were in Polish.

Exemplary Polish titles and meta descriptions on the German website version:

case study - title before changes

wrong titles case study

We’ve updated global settings for titles and meta descriptions. It’s important to mention that each and every modification of global settings have a positive impact on other language versions of the page.

Problem 2: Inappropriate category names

After selecting appropriate keywords for specific categories, we’ve changed category names. Product categories are created based on the functionality or purpose of a given gift (e.g. Christmas gifts, gifts for mom). Before the modification, category names didn’t include the “gift” word (instead, they were named “Christmas” or “birthday”).

We’ve changed category names to make sure that they correspond to selected keywords. Modified category names:

seo for german market case study

Problem 3: Missing or incorrect H1 category and product headers

The H1 header is the most important website header. It should include a keyword. Moreover, it’s recommended to apply one H1 header per site.

In the case of category subpages, H1 headers weren’t related to category names. This needed to be updated manually for each subpage.

We’ve implemented global settings for H1 headers on product pages.

Problem 4: Limited website content

An insufficient amount of content doesn’t mean only fewer keywords the page is ranked on. It also translates into increased duplicate content.

We regularly complement category subpages with new content optimized for generic keywords.

Internal duplicate content at the beginning of our cooperation:

internal duplication level before cooperation

Internal duplicate content that has decreased thanks to unique texts:

internal content duplication after seo strategy implementation

Problem 5: Incorrect internal linking

Internal linking is an important part of on-site SEO. An appropriate linking strategy helps Google robots to navigate the site and hierarchize the content.

Internal linking was incorrect when we were starting our cooperation. Wrongly linked graphics that were related to other URLs than product names were the biggest issue on the page. Apart from misleading the robots, they had a negative impact on the UX. We’ve improved the internal linking structure.

Problem 6: Inappropriately implemented structured data

We’ve modified structured data implemented on the site. Additionally, we’ve complemented the content with a few emojis that help to improve the CTR.

changes in structural data seo case study

Problem 7: No sitemap

A Polish version of the sitemap was uploaded to Google Search Console. Our dev team generated a sitemap for each language version of the website and uploaded it to the Search Console to improve the indexation.

sitemap seo case study

French Market

We started working on the french website soon after it was created. Similar to our other cooperations the whole process started with website analysis.

What really helped was the fact that So Lovely Box domains are based on the multistore system. That’s why global optimizations we implemented while working on the german market before, had a positive impact on the technical state of the .fr domain.

Still, it doesn’t mean we didn’t have some work there!

Problem 1: Not enough content on the website

When entering a new market the most crucial thing is to gain proper online visibility to reach new potential clients with the brand. A website without optimized content is basically left with no chance to do so.

That’s why we needed to create a solid base of high-quality content in the french language, which we later optimized for chosen keywords. The content is being systematically added to the website which translates into visibility growth.

Problem 2: Category names

After analyzing all potential keywords for the french market, we implemented category names. They are created in accordance with chosen keyword phrases and address certain gift types.

category names for french market seo

Problem 3: Structural data and CTR

Correct implementation of the structural data in the global website settings applied also to the French domain. Also, in this case, we implemented emojis that have an impact on the subpage CTR.

structural data and ctr optimization french seo case study

Problem 4: H1 and URL address changes

All H1 titles and URL addresses were changed so they match the list of most important keywords selected in the analysis.

url addresses update seo for french market case


Off-Site SEO

The off-site process, meaning external linking, is a relevant complement to the on-site activities. From the very outset, we do our best and use valuable websites to create a strong link profile.

German Market

Domain parameters at the beginning of the cooperation:

domain parameters seo case study

Link profile at the beginning:

link profile seo case study

Domain parameters after 10 months of cooperation:

domain parameters after the cooperation seo case study

Link profile after 10 months of cooperation:

link profile after seo case study

Domain rating increase:

domain rating increase seo case study

French Market

The off-site process was supporting all SEO activities also for the french website. However, in this case, our aim was to build a strong link profile from scratch.

The process was based on selecting high-quality linking domains, that would be relevant to the website topic and would be in the local domain (french, in this case). All links were created manually by our team.

As a result, the majority of backlinks come from the french market:

linking domains french market

Delante is responsible for SEO for 4 of our European domains (DE, ES, IT, FR). It's convenient to have one point of contact for all those processes. We definitely see a steady growth in our online visibility.

Agata Jasinska

General Manager


German Market

  • Website visibility increased by 919%. At the beginning of our cooperation, the page was ranked on 67 keywords. Now, the number reached 683 keywords.

January 2020:

seo case study so lovely box results

November 2020:

seo case study results

Visibility improvement:

seo case study results visibility increase

Changes in the positions of the most relevant phrases:

  • Jack Daniels geschenke:>/i> 33 -> 5
  • wein geschenke personalisiert: not indexed -> 2
  • personalisierter wein: 71 -> 7
  • geburtstag sekt: 47-> 3
  • other phrases:

seo case study keywords result

  • We’ve increased organic traffic to 4000 users from scratch. The first improvements were visible already after the first month of our cooperation.

seo results traffic

  • Organic traffic in November 2020 vs. organic traffic in November 2019:

organic traffic year to year seo case study

French Market

  • Increasing the initial organic traffic on the website. After 6 months of cooperation, the traffic reached the level of 1851 visits per month.

seo for french market case study

  • An increase of online visibility built from the beginning of the cooperation:

visibility french market seo process example

visibility with seo for french market

seo in france visibility boost

Exemplary changes in linked keywords ranks:

Whisky Personnalisé (en: personalized whisky)

Starting rank: out of index

Current rank: 1

Bouteille de Vodka Personnalisée (en: personalized bottle of vodka)

Starting rank: out of index

Current rank: 1

keywords visibility change

Rhum dictador 10 ans (pl: rum dictador 10 years old)

Starting rank: 18

Current rank: 12

french maret keywords

SEO Specialist’s Comment

So Lovely Box is a popular website that wasn’t particularly recognizable in the foreign market. This was mainly due to the fact that it was hard to find most of the website elements in the organic search results. The Polish language version was loaded in the majority of cases which hindered effective SEO in Germany or other countries. Moreover, CS Store isn’t the best CMS when it comes to multistores. We focused on the appropriate translation of website elements and the selection of keywords matching specific language versions. Thanks to the cooperation of the So Lovely Box developer and our specialist, we’ve improved many technical parameters and implemented global settings that have been bringing spectacular results when it comes to the visibility of every language version of the website. Currently, we’re working on four language versions and we’ll definitely let you know about the effectiveness of our activities – stay tuned! 🙂

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

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