Long tail SEO

Do you want to increase traffic quickly? Optimising your site for multiple search queries Positioning of multiple extended search terms (Long Tail keywords) is the best solution to attract high-converting users.

Long tail SEO and long keywords are good for your business

Long tail keywords are good keywords

Our way of using the Internet change as it develops. The same happens with search engines. When we want to buy new shoes, we no longer type “shoes” on Google but we make it more specific and look for “black elegant oxford shoes”. Currently, majority of search phrases used on Google consist of 4 and more words. This is what we call long tail keywords. Users want to find answers to their questions faster and are satisfied only with precise responses. Google algorithm has developed and responds to such searches more and more precisely and effectively. This allows users to find detailed and specific response to their search phrase in a shorter period of time.
That is why, in Delante, we approach our Clients’ websites’ optimization exactly this way. It is the most advanced form of SEO because we are not only after achieving the highest position for several, fixed phrases. The main goal of our long tail SEO is to increase the total organic traffic on the website by improving the long-tail position (hence the name) of a list of key phrases.
This type of SEO works perfectly for online stores and websites that have large amounts of content (news websites, blogs, portals etc.). Since we know that this is an effective method, we suggest it to the majority of our Clients.

How does this work?

  • When starting a new cooperation, individual business goals of the Client should be well defined at the beginning. Usually, the main goal is to increase page visits that generate expected conversions (purchase, sending a quote query, contact etc.).
  • Then, based on the analysis of the website and its analytics, we select key phrases, that will best suit your business, are most frequently searched by users and have the greatest chance of improving their position in a short time.
  • The most important factor supporting long tail SEO process is appropriate optimization of all the pages of your domain and their development. Before we start the process, we examine your website carefully to determine the items that need to be prioritized. It is important to keep in mind that the process of such technologically advanced optimization is constant and requires systematic engagement and testing of new, innovative solutions. Not everything that works on one website will give the same results on the other. Unfortunately, there are no ready-made recipes for successful SEO.
  • For the best possible results, you should constantly enrich the website with new content. Its main advantage from the SEO standpoint is that it can contain many long tail key phrases that potential users of the website are looking for (we encourage you to take a look at our SEO Copywriting offer).
  • The websites we optimize should also be linked externally to increase the search engines’ confidence in your content. Of course, these links should be created manually and come only from high quality sources. Advanced Link Building process is a factor that strongly impacts SEO.
  • Most importantly for you – we are constantly in touch with you. We keep you up-to-date with the activities we perform on your website. We will always gladly and fully answer your questions. It is important for us that we work on your website together. We will inform you in detailed reports on what increases in organic traffic your website generates and what are the positions of monitored phrases on a monthly basis.   

Tools used

To ensure the highest level of service in the long tail SEO process, we use, among others, the following tools:

Benefits of doing it with Delante

You should choose our long tail SEO, because from the moment we decided to focus on it, our clients observe significant increases in visits on their websites, which more frequently translate to potential sales situations.
Delante is the best example of how long tail SEO positively impacts the increase of organic traffic.
What is important – we are one of the first Polish SEO agencies that use this method. We have generated growth in organic traffic for many companies that way: both online stores and small company websites.

Here's what you get with Delante's long tail SEO process



Google loves you and you love Google. Your website is high in search results for a variety of long tail phrases, which are most important to your business goals.



People, who have found in your offer exactly what they were looking for on Google. This impacts your sales growth and positive feedback your company receives.



Long tail SEO, since it is targeting long tail phrases, reaches exactly the needs of Google users and causes effective increases in organic traffic on your website.



Is a response to higher positions you rank for on Google and greater organic traffic. Sales of your products, services, etc., is rising, which you can notice even after 2-3 months.