Long tail SEO

Thinking of increasing online visibility and traffic? Optimizing for more detailed, long tail keywords will do the trick to attract high-converting users to your website!

Long tail SEO and long keywords are good for your business


The way we browse the internet constantly changes. With the immensity of information, users need to keep looking for a more effective way of getting relevant information. It’s well visible in search engine queries where more specific, detailed phrases often replace general ones. Nowadays, the majority of search queries used in google consist of 4 or more words, and that’s what we call longtail phrases. It’s long tail keywords that allow for a more precise search. On the other hand, long tails allow websites to appear in more searches, reach an adequate audience, and Improve the performance.


More detailed search engine queries make the traditional SEO approach less effective than before. Aiming at achieving the highest positions for several, general phrases limits the possibilities of reaching vast potential customers group. With such a strategy, the website is being displayed only for a number of keywords that, in reality, aren’t even typed in Google as users tend to be more specific with what they look for. The chances Google crawlers will see that website relevant for such query lessen.

Long Tail SEO for business

That’s why Delante bet on long tail SEO – the most advanced form of search engine optimization. With long tail SEO, our goal is to increase the total organic traffic on the website by improving the long tail position of key phrases. From experience, we can say it works perfectly for all industries, including online stores and websites with a large amount of content.


In Delante, at the beginning of each cooperation, the crucial element is to define the client’s business goals. Clarifying whether the priority is to increase page visits, boost conversions, defining the desired actions on-site (purchase, sending a quote query, etc.) is a base for further strategic planning.

long tail keywords choice

Based on the initial website SEO Audit, we select key phrases that will best suit your business characteristics and are most frequently searched by users, and have the best potential to improve the position in a short time. With long tail keywords, we create phrases with more words as they’re less competitive and, therefore, works for better website positions.

long tail keywords competitiveness

In the audit, we carefully analyze what technical elements need to be fixed and prioritize them. In long tail SEO, proper optimization of all the pages in the domain is a key supporting factor for its success. It’s an ongoing engagement to keep your site top-notch technically wise.

long tail keywords content

Another important element of long tail keyword SEO is enriching the website with new content. The ongoing content publishing allows us to constantly includes long tail key phrases that users search for and show Google crawlers the website is still relevant and alive.

Long tail SEO link building

For the best possible results of a long tail SEO strategy, it includes advanced link building. External links from high-quality, created manually by our team, increase search engines’ trust for the website, contributing to a better ranking position.


SEO strategy tailored to your website’s needs based on extensive initial website SEO analysis

Long tail keywords that are chosen based on your business goals, business characteristics, and their potential

High-quality content, including relevant long tail keywords, and optimized for a better position in Google

An experienced team working on your website’s technical side

Advanced link building. We’re manually increasing your link profile using proven and high-quality source domains

Constant monitoring of your website’s performance using globally proven analytical tools

Each month you’re provided with a full performance report, including changes in keyword positions

We stay in constant touch. An SEO specialist assigned to your project is always there to catch up on the progress, answer your questions, and address concerns

Technology Stack

To ensure the highest level of service in the long tail SEO process, we use, among others, the following tools:

Most frequently asked questions about long tail seo

Long tail keywords are detailed, extensive phrases that precisely describe a product or service, and because of that reaching more decisive search engine users. That eventually contributes to better conversion on the website. Usually, a long tail keyword contains more than 2 words. Also, such keywords have less search volume, making it easier to rank higher in search results for that keyword.

Here’s an example of a long tail keyword phrase:

  • general keyword: sport shoes,
  • Long tail keyword: white sports shoes for man.

Long tail SEO  is based on optimizing many long tail keywords used in the search engines by more decisive users. We choose appropriate keywords individually for each business. Thanks to that, we can achieve satisfying effects like online visibility and valuable traffic increase much quicker (compared to the traditional SEO optimizing for general phrases).

Long tail SEO is a great choice, especially for online stores and websites containing a lot of content.

Many! The most crucial advantages of SEO based on long tail keywords include:

  • quicker effects (a result of more precise optimization and less competitiveness),
  • increase in conversion/online sales (optimizing for long tail phrases you reach out to decisive, better-converting users),
  • increase in general phrases positions,
  • lower risk of being penalized by Google (it’s more natural to optimize for more and various keywords),
  • lower costs (general keywords require more time and effort of SEO specialists, making them more expensive to optimize for).

The price of the Long Tail SEO process varies. It depends on many factors, so it’s really hard to tell the exact numbers you’ll have to pay. SEO price is a highly individual matter, influenced by elements like:

  • the current website’s visibility in the search engine,
  • the current state of on-site optimization,
  • domain history and its authority level,
  • website size,
  • industry and competitiveness in a specific field.

If you wonder how much would it cost to implement Long Tail SEO on your site – get a free quote!