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in organic traffic

in 6 months

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Client Goals


Increase the website’s organic traffic

Superloko is an online store selling housewares, kids products and garden supplies. Having gained some experience on the Polish market, the client launched another online shop designed specially for German customers. In September, before we employed our SEO strategy, the organic traffic on reached 64. The number of impressions equaled 362.

SEO Team

Optimizing online stores for the German market is a bit tricky. What makes it tricky? Because a regular German customer doesn’t usually trust products that are delivered from other countries than their own. A website that hasn’t got enough reviews or lacks proper certifications is also often ignored. That’s why our SEO strategy for Superloko focused on building authority and trust.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager

On-Site Strategy

Setting up the Analytical Tools

Before we could roll up our sleeves and get on to work, we had to figure out which elements of the client’s website needed to be improved. To do this, we had to integrate basic analytical tools to

Why we did it

Analytical tools – e.g. Google Search Console and Google Analytics – provide raptors and solutions that facilitate measuring a website’s performance, and keep an eye on various metrics such as traffic. Without the data collected by the analytical tools, it’s impossible to identify the problems, or to make the right strategic decisions.

For the SEO audit to be carried out correctly, we needed reliable data that only analytical tools are able to collect. That’s why the very first step we took was integrating Google Search Console and Google Analytics to the client’s website. Only on the basis of the reports generated by analytical tools could we plan out the most effective SEO strategy for Superloko.

Fixing Meta Descriptions

As the analytical tools were collecting information on Superloko performance, we could work on the meta descriptions. They clearly needed to be rewritten as they weren’t optimized for the German market.

Why we did it

Meta description is one of the attributes that makes up a result displayed in SERP. It appears under the headline and is used to describe the content or main subject of a page. When written in a compelling way, meta description can encourage a searcher to visit a website, thus increasing the click-through rate.

The client operates on multiple markets, having a separate store for each country. All of them are connected by being a part of a bigger multistore.

From what we have discovered, there was just one type of meta description set for all stores. This means that the same meta description was displayed in all language versions of the client’s website.

On top of that, the metadata used to generate the result for the German language website on SERP showed the domain set for the Polish language version of the website: instead of, which was misleading and confusing for the searchers.

superloko serp title

Here is what the German searchers had seen before we fixed the meta descriptions:

superloko site serp

Here are the meta descriptions created for the German market:

superloko site after change

How did we handle that? We focused solely on the .de domain, creating global metadata settings. From that moment, meta description have been generated automatically, following the below pattern:

  • category pages

superloko meta categories

  • product pages

meta products superloko

The misleading meta descriptions made the Superloko phrase take the second place on the search engine result page. When we successfully optimized this attribute, this brand keyword made it to the first place.

superloko branded keywords positions

Installing an SSL Certificate

Next there was the time to add a Secure Sockets Layer – one of the digital certificates that enables an encrypted connection for the users, and confirms the authenticity of a website.

Why we did it

Nowadays, SSL certificates are considered as a web standard. They help keep the data secured, and prevent attackers from creating fake websites to pass them off as genuine websites. Additionally, SSL certificates build trust in the user. Most of all, however, they influence the website rankings on Google.

Using our guidelines, the client installed an SSL certificate to Once it was added, we created the new domain addresses and updated them in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

When it comes to the German market, there is yet another type of certificate that the majority of users look for when doing online shipping – Trusted Shops. Why does it matter? According to the Trusted Shops: “80% of Germans recognise the Trusted Shops Trustmark, which focuses on e-commerce brands.”

trusted shop certificate badge

This label indicates that the online store is trustworthy, and therefore has a positive effect on making the purchasing decisions by German customers.

Creating More Web Content

Later, we could focus on the web content, or rather the lack of it.

Why we did it

Value-adding and keyword-rich content improves website performance in SERP. Without it, there is no chance for the website to attract a bigger number of visitors, nor to keep them engaged.

When the client reached out to us, their website had almost zero texts published on the pages. Knowing that Google likes content, especially when it’s unique, we started working on creating and later filling the website with relevant content that matched the target audience queries.

Our copywriting team was systematically writing more and more copies, at the same time minding the formatting and correct text structure.

We published keyword-rich copies on the homepage and on the majority of category pages. Effect?

Let’s take a look at two graphs:

  • the long-tail keyword gartengeräte online kaufen started getting stronger from the moment we added more texts to the website

superloko main page keyword graph

  • after filling category pages with relevant texts, the keyword kaffetische also started gaining in strength

superloko keyword graph

Creating SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Having more texts published on the website, we could focus on how the items sold by the client were presented to the customers and, of course, Google bots.

Why we did it

Optimizing product descriptions for search engines is an important element of the entire SEO strategy for ecommerce. When well-written, product descriptions help get a website rank higher in search engines and generate more organic traffic.

Undoubtedly, the non-optimized product descriptions caused quite a serious problem when it comes to website visibility. More often than not the products were named incorrectly as the keywords used for that didn’t have any search volume. For example, a product was named a bike painted red instead of a red bike. The latter has a significantly higher search volume than the former.

After discovering that the zero-search-volume keywords were used in product names, we rewrote them. Here is an example::

  • a product name before optimizing: Lauflernrad Kinderfahrrad Chicco Scrambler Ducati
  • the same product name after optimizing: Chicco Scrambler Ducati Lauflernrad Kinderfahrrad

IdoSell automatically changed the URLs (pointing to the product items), making them more SEO-friendly.

keywords graph superloko

Improving Loading Speed of the Website

Our audit showed that it took a bit too much time for the client’s website to get displayed on a screen properly. Therefore, we absolutely had to speed up the loading process.

Why we did it

Loading speed is yet another key factor that affects website ranking. It also affects user experience.

Finally, it was time to improve the loading speed of the client’s website. Using the Page Speed Insight tool, we were able to check how serious the problem was. In this case, it sufficed to reduce the image sizes By doing just that, we successfully speed up the loading time of

Here is the loading speed before our modification was introduced:

  • on PCs

page speed insight on desktop before optimizations

  • on mobile devices

page speed insight on mobile before optimizations

Here is the loading speed after downsizing the images:

  • on PCs

page speed insight on desktop after optimizations

  • on mobile devices

page speed insight on mobile after optimizations

Let’s work on your SEO strategy!
Off-Site Strategy

From the start we were expanding the net of referral traffic that pointed to from authoritative websites. Naturally, all the websites covered the topic that revolved around the industry our client works in.

The number of backlinks were steadily growing, which helped us minimize the risk of getting a penalty from Google.

backlink increase graph


backlink increase graphs in ahrefs

The more backlinks we received, the higher the client’s page authority was getting:

page authority increase graph

Here is the link profile before we carried out the off-site strategy:

ahrefs statistics before

Here is the link profile after 6 months of running the continuous off-site strategy:

ahrefs statistics after


RESULT 1 462% increase in organic traffic after 6 months

organic traffic increase graph

RESULT 2 313% increase in impressions in SERP after 6 months

visibility increase in gsc

RESULT 3 Improved visibility in

visibility increase superloko

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