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Case study - Standar

Standar is a Polish manufacturer of formal wear for men and boys, that specialises mainly in boys suits. Its core product is communion suits.

See how in a year we increased the organic traffic during the low season by 76%.






Monthly organic traffic


Growth in October 2019, comparing to October 2018


We started the cooperation with Standar on the 1st of October 2018. The domain was already 18 years old but was never really optimised for search engines.

The website was managed with a dedicated CMS. We worked with its developer, who supported us with the implementation of recommended solutions on the site.

Standar site itself was not an e-commerce store, but it redirected the visitors to the actual online shop after they clicked on specific product pages,

A few facts for starters:

  • A dedicated CMS
  • Seasonal industry
  • A low number of backlinks
  • A lot of challenges when it comes to technical SEO
  • Lack of content on the website


Despite the fact that was not an online store, it had a lot of category pages. The clothing industry is very competitive, which is why we chose many detailed keyword phrases apart from the general ones. These were strengthened mainly with blog posts. Such an approach is called a “broad-based” one, which aims to increase the visibility of the site for multiple phrases at the same time.

On-site process

We started the cooperation from conducting a detailed website audit which showed us what we had to focus on in the first place. When auditing the site, we took into account both technical aspects of the website and its content, analysing every subpage and all backlinks that directed traffic to the site.

At the very beginning, we also prepared a list of keywords which were chosen after the analysis of both keywords that the website was visible to, and those which had the potential for it.

At the same time, we already started implementing the first changes during the audit.

Problem no. 1. Lack of content on the website

Having the right content on the site is crucial, for multiple reasons. It’s precisely where you can include your keywords, which the site will be displayed for. In fact, it’s often said that Content is King – and rightly so.

The site content was also one of the elements that we analysed carefully during the SEO audit. On the Standar website, the content was missing especially on category pages. Additionally, there was no blog which could be a good source of regularly updated content for the website.

After our recommendation, the site developer implemented the modules that enabled us to add content to category pages (blocks of texts above and below the actual products, to be precise). We added the content to those blocks of texts, and formatted it properly – including the right keywords, as well as internal and external links (to the online store).

content on the webpage

We also requested adding the “Blog” section to the website. Thanks to that, we were able to publish there the content that responded to what potential clients were asking and looking for. By choosing the topics and optimising them wisely, we were increasing the number of site visits coming from the blog.

Blog pod SEO

SEO blog standar

Problem no. 2. Improperly implemented sitemap

Or rather: wrong sitemap. In Google Search Console, there was a German sitemap for the Polish site uploaded.

Sitemapa Standar

We advised adding a proper sitemap which supported the optimisation of the site:

Polska sitemapa na stronie standar

Problem no. 3. Wrong structure of headlines

There was only one H1 headline on the category pages, and that was pretty much it. It was definitely not a proper headline structure.

Nagłówki H1 na stronie

Therefore, we also took care of the structure when adding and optimising the content on the category pages.

Przykład prawidłowych nagłówków na stronie

Problem no. 4. Improper internal linking

The main issue was with the main page, which had links to every product category. The anchor, however, was always “Learn more” – without the name of the respective category.

We added the right category names with the rel=”nofollow” attribute to all “Learn more” links.

Linkowanie wewnętrzne na stronie

Problem no. 5. Titles and meta descriptions

The titles on the subpages were basically copying the H1 headlines and, in the majority of cases, were too short. The meta descriptions were also too short, or even non-existing. We added new titles and descriptions, all well-optimised for the right keywords.


Tytuły stron Standar


Tytuły i meta opisy po optymalizacji

Off-site process

At the beginning of the cooperation, very few domains actually linked to Standar. That’s why we started building links right from the start – paying attention to the quality of linking domains once we were at it.

As a result, we were building backlinks from different sources (catalogues, Q&A sites, blogs, NAPs). During our cooperation, there were changes in URL Rating and Domain Rating algorithms, though, which resulted in the illusive decline of these metrics.


Wykres linków przed współpracą


Wykres linków po roku współpracy


  • An increase of organic traffic by more than 76% – when comparing October 2019 and October 2018.

Standar - organic traffic growth

  • 134% increase in visibility in Google

  • Increase in visibility – as seen in the SEMSTORM tool 

Standar - visibility in semstorm


SEO Specialist’s Comment

Working with young, polish companies is always a pleasure. Especially, when I know (and in this case I’m sure) that products they provide are of the highest quality and at the best price. Optimizing the Standar website wasn’t easy itself – it has a custom CMS with a limited number of subpages, based on the narrow assortment. To optimize it for long-tail phrases we suggested blogging strategy which is perfect for building additional content for generic keywords and for generating additional traffic to the website. Despite the low, as for the clothing industry, budget and some technical limitations we encountered, we managed to achieve really good results 🙂

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

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