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14 December 2023
If you want to do SEO in the USA, you need to: make your content fit the diverse American crowd, understand how business relationships work, use Google Business Profile wisely, respect privacy rules, and stay on top of what’s popular. These are a couple of ideas that can help you get your brand noticed by your prospects living in the States. Here is how to do SEO in the USA to get more visitors.



Can you believe that in 2023, a stunning 223 million people were engaged in online shopping across the United States alone?

Hold on to your socks because the forecast for 2026 is even more impressive. Statistics estimate that in two years, a staggering 230.6 million people living in the USA will be ready to look for things to buy online every single day!

a chart showing how many americans shop online

source: Oberlo

This chart isn’t just a collection of data – it’s a testament to the colossal scale of the US market and the immense opportunities it holds.

So, if you’re considering entering the American market with your brand, you can simply partner with an agency that offers SEO services in the United States. Alternatively, you might want to do it on your own. For that, you need to know how to do SEO in the USA, right? Let’s find out right this moment!

5 Great Insights into the Unique Characteristics of SEO in the USA

Doing SEO in the USA depends to a great extent on American user behavior and preferences. Although they can vary from one state to another, generally, you can expect your target audience living in the States to appreciate:

  • user-friendly interfaces,
  • quick and efficient online experiences,
  • mobile responsiveness, and
  • content that is concise and visually engaging.

Additionally, Americans often value personalized and relevant content, as well as transparent and secure online transactions.

Besides these pretty universal principles that – let’s be honest – apply to optimizing websites for any country, doing SEO in the USA also requires you to consider the following:

Domain Choices: .us vs. .com

Choosing the right country-specific domain is like finding the perfect storefront for your online business. Among dozens of domains that you have at your disposal, there are two preferred options – .us and .com – that clearly stand out.

🚨 Despite the .us domain extension appearing U.S.-centric, Google favors the international .com domain. Also, going for .com will most likely boost your global recognition and connect you with users in English-speaking countries faster.

TIP: If targeting the American market, set your domain in the International Targeting tab on Google Search Console for optimal impact.

Tackling Time Zones

Another issue that is often neglected by many online businesses is that the USA spans multiple time zones, with variations extending by several hours – did you know there’s a 5-hour difference between laid-back Hawaii and bustling New York?

source: giphy

🚨 To keep things running smoothly, make sure your website displays the correct time and delivery details for each state. It’s the little things like this that make your website feel right at home, no matter where your visitors are in the country.

USA Is an Incredibly Dynamic Market

The USA isn’t just a market – the USA is a trendsetter. New solutions often debut there first, that’s why catching up with all the novelties requires adaptability. Oftentimes, being agile and constantly checking what is happening in your niche could be your only solution to keep your head above water.

Unlike some other markets where we can predict changes based on experiences elsewhere, the USA operates on its own tempo. Stay flexible, be open to change, and understand the fact that what works on American soil might soon be the next big thing in Europe. It’s highly unlikely to work the other way around.

Teaming Up with American Businesses

Now, let’s talk about partnerships, American style. If you’re offering services and looking to team up with U.S. businesses, you need to be prepared that Americans often go for short-term projects and partnerships. It’s a bit different from what you might see in Europe.

In the USA, the B2B relationship is often a bit more casual. Unlike the strong, long-lasting bonds you might find across other countries, American businesses are more ready to switch things up if something doesn’t quite click.

Here are ready-made and proven SEO tips for a B2B to increase website visibility, strengthen keyword positions, and build organic traffic by 964%!

See the Mazer Space case study

So, if you’re a service provider, be ready to hustle for those short-term wins. It’s not about forever; it’s about making each project a success. Keep things sharp, stay flexible, and show them what you’ve got. In the fast-paced world of American business, adapting quickly can be the key to building those successful partnerships.

Data Collection: USA vs. EU

In the USA, collecting data on internet users tends to be more straightforward compared to the EU. The difference lies in data protection laws, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) placing more stringent controls on data collection.

In the USA: In the EU (Under GDPR):
Data collection is generally easier. Stricter rules on collecting and processing personal data.
Various laws govern specific sectors, offering flexibility. Requires explicit user consent for data collection.
Less comprehensive regulation for internet user data. Emphasizes user rights and privacy protection.

Here’s a quick summary of how the data protection laws affect website owners:

  • USA: Website owners may find it simpler to gather user data. Compliance focuses on sector-specific regulations.
  • EU (Under GDPR): Website owners need explicit user consent, and they must adhere to strict guidelines for data collection. Non-compliance can result in significant fines.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between data privacy laws in EU and US, give a read to this article.

Strategic Content Tactics for Attracting the American Audience

To attract American customers, you absolutely must adapt your web content and marketing messages so that they resonate with your future prospects. And it’s not even a matter of making sure the content you publish is written in American English, instead of British or Australian. To win their hearts, you should relate to American pop culture, trends and culture. It’s basically what localization is about.

You see, when you’re doing SEO in the USA and entering the American market with your brand, you can’t just replicate the keyword strategy you developed for non-American markets. That’s why you absolutely need localization – it goes beyond mere translation.

Instead of focusing on translating keywords and texts, you need to consider the culture to create an effect similar to the original text.

Moreover, you need to realize that there are different ways of searching behavior you’re dealing with.

Understanding American slang, idioms, and unique search habits – which can differ across states – is like striking gold. It’s about getting into the minds and hearts of your American audience, figuring out what drives them to click.

Besides, if you want to optimize your website for the USA market, you need to know the exact words your target audience uses to find the services or products you offer.

Why? It’s all nicely explained in The International SEO Keyword Research Guide. The main idea is that what works for the British or Australian market, may not work for the American market. Example? Car shop, barbie and flat, are just 3 keywords that bear different meanings in those English-speaking countries.

While talking about keywords, don’t forget to take advantage of emerging keyword trends. In short, when you manage to find new search terms that are gaining in plurality in the USA before your rivals do, you will attract tons of free American traffic to your website and improve the ranks. How to stay on top? Read the How to Find Trending Keywords to get the step-by-step manual.

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On- and Off-Page SEO for the USA

When it comes to on-page SEO for websites targeting the USA, the strategy you’re going to design should largely align with those created for other countries. Technical SEO and optimizing for mobiles remain pretty the same. Also, make sure to publish high-quality content that resonates with your target American audience.

See how fixing technical issues helped one of your clients increase their website visibility in the US market – quick tips and SEO solutions included!

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While bringing up the matter of content, there’s a particular thing that you should take into consideration while designing your website. With a multitude of people in the USA speaking languages other than English as their first language, investing in a multi-language website could significantly improve accessibility and engagement of your future clients living in America.

Now, let’s talk about making your website popular, which is what off-page SEO is basically all about. Building backlinks from reputable domains is crucial for enhancing your website’s authority.

Google places importance on links from American sources for websites targeting the U.S. market. That’s why strive for links from influential American websites, news outlets, or industry-specific publications to boost your website’s credibility.

Also, keep in mind, in the world of off-page SEO for the American audience, quality is more important than quantity.

If you haven’t started doing off-page SEO for the USA yet, a good first step is to list your business on Google Business Profile. Also, you can improve your backlink profile by adding your business here:

SEO in the USA: 5 Things to Remember

Here are main takeaways for you:

1️⃣ Speak your American audience’s language. Customize your content to connect with the diverse American audience. Think about how different regions talk and what they like to see.

2️⃣ Stay flexible in how you work with American businesses. Unlike some places in Europe, be ready for quick projects and partnerships.

3️⃣ Make sure your business is on Google Business Profile for local searches. Keep your profile updated for trust, and it helps your website show up better on Google.

4️⃣ Mind the privacy laws. Understand that rules about collecting data are different in the USA compared to Europe. It might be a bit easier to gather data on internet users in the States.

5️⃣ Roll with the trends. Pay attention to what’s hot in the USA and adapt your marketing messaging and web content accordingly. Using the latest search terms can bring more people to your website without costing you a buck.

Whenever you’re unsure if your SEO strategy for the US is paying off, or you just need a helping hand with attracting more American visitors to your website, feel free to get in touch. Our proven experience in doing SEO in the USA can really help you get your online business where you want it to be. Although doing SEO in the USA is time-consuming, a proper strategy and consistency will certainly deliver the desired results in the long run!

This is an update of the article published on June 15, 2020.

Gosia Chłopicka Marketing Delante
Gosia Chłopicka


She has been working in marketing as a translator, copywriter, and content creator since 2015. Also a trained English teacher, she knows how to make complex ideas easy for anyone to grasp. In her spare time, she enjoys being active and captures moments at weddings and sports events through photography.

Gosia Chłopicka Marketing Delante
Gosia Chłopicka


She has been working in marketing as a translator, copywriter, and content creator since 2015. Also a trained English teacher, she knows how to make complex ideas easy for anyone to grasp. In her spare time, she enjoys being active and captures moments at weddings and sports events through photography.


  1. I have small e-commerce with handmade toys for little kids – Do you think I should try optimize my website for the US market to get more sales? We’re originally from Berlin.

  2. The factors and strategies for SEO in the US market are given precisely in the blog. Moreover, SEO is such a domain where you can sit at home and do it for your client in another country; you need some insights into how the local SEO works. You can find the best practice to do international SEO by studying and researching it on the internet.

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How to attract customers on the american market?

How to reach potential clients in the US? There are many answers to this question: starting with understanding the local market, researching and analyzing buyer personas, through social media activity, to a well-targeted PPC strategy. However, one really good solution that will work for years is SEO in USA. By getting the right position in Google and fighting for the attention of American internet users, you can win their recognition without moving from behind your desk.

How to do SEO in USA?

The key in SEO in USA is to understand the specifics, shopping habits, and nature of local users, choose the right keywords in the right version of English, purchase a local domain, have good content and a mobile version, and optimization of your website. This is just a starting point – there are many, many more tasks in SEO!

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