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Client Goals


Increase visibility in the U.S. market

MCS Rental Software is a company operating in many markets around the world. When they approached us, they were keen to increase their presence in the USA market.


Increase sales in the U.S. market

MCS Rental Software has been operating in the USA market for some time, but they were not getting satisfactory results. Therefore, one of the goals they wanted to achieve with us was to increase sales in this market.

SEO Team

MCS Rental Software is a customer that knows exactly what it wants. It has its own in-house team that dynamically implements our recommendations and does not hesitate to ask questions. This makes our cooperation not only fruitful, but also really pleasant.

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Our Cooperation

We started our cooperation with MCS Rental Software by conducting an audit of the website, which revealed several on-site problems. As the client has its own DEV team, we are responsible for preparing recommendations, which are implemented by the client independently on an ongoing basis.

On-Site Strategy

Title & Meta Description Optimization

Why we did it

Title and meta descriptions are important elements of on-site SEO, as they attract users to the website. Therefore, they must be well optimized, contain keywords, and CTAs.

We started by checking how the website’s titles and meta descriptions looked like in the search results. In the case of titles, the problem was their length – they were either too long or too short and generally did not contain the keywords most important to the client.

seo for it us market title before optimization

As for the meta descriptions, they were also too long and did not contain any Call to Actions that would encourage users to visit the website.

too long meta description - before optimization

Title and meta description after implementing our recomendations:

title and meta description after optimization

Correcting the Headings Structure

Why we did it

Correct headline structure is important not only for users, but also Google robots. It helps in understanding the text and gives it the right structure.

On the MCS Software Rental website, the header structure was partially correct, but needed to be improved and optimized according to the best SEO practices.

First of all, the headings were marked incorrect -, those that were marked as H3 should be H2, and H4 should be marked as H3. Such a structure is potentially misleading to Google and website’s users.

Example of incorrect header structure:

incorrect header structure seo case study

The headlines lacked keywords relevant to the client and tailored to the specific subpage. On top of that, the level of headers duplication was quite high as they repeated through the website.

H1 headers – 14% duplication level

duplication in headings H1 seo in us market case study

H2 headings – over 90% duplication rate

duplication in headings H2

We recommended making changes to the headings on the website including fixing the overall structure, adding the most relevant keywords and creating unique heading for each page.

Fixining the Incorrect URL Structure

Why we did it

URLs should be simple and clearly specify what the page is about. This is important for the users, who might be suspicious of a long URLs containing a string of letters and numbers, as well as Google’s robots.

The URL structure was incorrect. Over 23% of the addresses had a repetitive path where an element in the URL address appeared at least twice. Such a situation is incorrect from the SEO perspective, because the addresses should be simple and logical.

it company seo case study Example of incorrect URLs

We recommended making changes to the URL structure to simplify them and remove the repetitive elements. That implementation of changes is still in progress.

Incorrectly Implemented Hreflangs

Why we did it

Hreflangs help Google robots distinguish between language versions of a website. This is especially important if you have sites targeting different markets that speak the same language and the content is not very diverse.

A big problem on the MCS Software Rental website is the incorrectly implemented hreflangs. The company operates in several markets and has a dedicated website for each of them.

incorrect hreflangs on msc software rentals website

There was a line in the hreflang structure that was unnecessary and should not appear. Additionally, some of the hreflang address of the US page created 404 errors and many pages were missing hreflangs all together. Some of the addresses also were missing the X-Default attribute.

example of incorrect hreflang structure

We recommended taking a closer look at the hreflangs and implementing them properly, as it is a good way to protect the website from the increased level of content duplication.

Unfortunately, the client’s unusual CMS makes it very difficult to implement hreflangs correctly, so it is still work in progress and might require an SEO migration to a different CMS.

All of the mentioned recommendations were prepared in the form of Excel Spreadsheat to make the change tracking easier.

Example of recommendations prepared for MSC Software Rental

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Content Strategy

Content Optimization

Why we did it

Optimizing content for search engines, can help increase the chances of ranking higher in search results, driving organic traffic, and reaching a wider audience. Moreover, optimizing content for user experience, relevance, and readability enhances engagement, encourages user interaction, and ultimately helps achieve business goals.

One of the most important tasks we are carrying out for MCS Rental Software is helping with the content creation and content optimization process.

During the site audit, we discovered a significant internal content duplication which amounted to 46% of all the content on the website.

Such a high percentage of duplicate content was a result of 2 main things. As we mentioned before, the hreflangs were badly implemented, and as a result, Google does not perceive the English versions of the website as websites targeted for different regions (US, UK, and Australia), but as duplicated versions of themselves.

Secondly, most of the content on the pages concerning the available softwares was repeated on many pages.

Example of duplicated content:

example of duplicated content software seo case study

In order to boost the website’s visibility and traffic we prepared a content strategy that included a content plan and keyword research to support the content creation process. We also prepared recommendations for optimizing the existing content.

Keyword research spreadsheet

Keyword research results presented in the form of excel spreadsheet

Keywords are blurred due to the confidentiality policy

One of the main problems was the lack of content diversity on software subpages. Even though they were meant to describe different software options the content on those subpages was pretty much the same. That resulted in high content cannibalization.

We recommended creating unique content for each subpage optimized for specific keywords and adding some regional information to the content on each language catalog to help differentiate the content across the different language versions.

Example of optimized content on one of the software subpages:

Example of optimized content on a software page seo case study

We also recommended adding more text on the main page that would describe the company and its goals.

content on the main page mcs rental software

Improving the Website’s Blog

Why we did it

Blogs are essential for SEO as they offer a platform for regularly updating content, which search engines value. They allow for keyword integration, encourage backlinks, and enhance internal linking, boosting a website’s authority and search engine rankings.

When we started our cooperation blog was already present on the website but was not regularly updated, and articles were posted sporadically. We recommended posting at least 2-3 articles per month, using appropriate keywords, text formatting, internal links, etc.

Our recommendations included adding some UX and SEO improvements to the blog itself to make it more user-friendly. We opted for improving the navigation on the blog page by adding at least three tiles of the latest blog posts, as marked on the screen below. We also recommended adding the author with a bio, photo, a Call to Action, related posts section, table of contents, and a rating system.

Example of blog improvements seo case study for usa market

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Off-Site Strategy

We are continuously conducting link building activities for MCS SOftware Rentals in order to acquire quality and valuable links. This way we increase the website’s authority and strength as well as increase visibility and traffic.

Furthermore, each month we produce 2 sponsored articles published on reputable websites from the client’s industry to increase the brand recognition.


 Before our cooperation, the website mcsrentalsoftware.com/us had 161 backlinks from 31 referring domains.

link profile before cooperation

reffering domains and pages before cooperation

Link profile right now

Website mcsrentalsoftware.com/us has 184 backlinks from 26 referring domains and dispalysin organic search results for 401 keywords in the TOP3.

Link profile in ahrefs now

reffering domains now

organic keywords in ahrefs



RESULT 1 70 % increase in page views year to year

RESULT 2 64 % increase in TOP10 keywords year to year

Current website visibility and estimated organic traffic (SEMRUSH)

graph from semrush showing visibility increase

increase in organic keywords mcs software rental

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